1-6) The Hurdles of Love, Work and Language

07-04-18_6-02-55 PMFrederico stormed into Ezio’s office, the door bouncing off the wall and back shut with force.
“Have you lost your mind completely now? Dio mio, if father were here to see this!”
“Oh good afternoon Frederico, sure come on in. In my part of the family business, which father left for ME to run as I see fit, it is customary to KNOCK before entering an office and we do not slam doors, but open and close them like civilized people. And I agree, father would be appalled at your lack of manners in an office setting.” Ezio replied calmly, the stern expression of his narrowed eyes belying his calm. Anybody who knew him better knew he was fuming on the inside.
“You hired that ‘cane’ into our office?”
“The official business language is English and I do not recall hiring ANY dogs into this office.”
“Your wife’s lover! That no good deadbeat sperm-fountain with less sense than a common cockroach!”
Ezio rose from his chair and walked around his large desk, halting immediately in front of his older brother, whom he towered over by several inches. He brought his face inches from Frederico’s and hissed “I am going to ask you for the very last time to lower your voice and adjust your behavior to suit a place of business. I further FORBID you to ever come into my office and insult my family or me like you just have, and I also reject and resend any involvement by you in my hiring process. I have just about HAD IT with your explosive temper. And you should not throw with rocks when sitting in a glass building, dear brother, especially if it comes to manners and likewise for your ‘sperm-fountain’ comment. May I remind you that you have five children at home, none of which really know their dad as you seem to prefer the office to a playground or PTA meeting, and leave all of that to your very much overwhelmed wife? So tell me again, about how I should micromanage MY wife, whom I love more than life itself and who is a very intelligent person with a lot of integrity to not only me and this company, but also her friends when they need her. And one more thing, you judgmental prick: if I even sense as much as you trying to trip up Blaine Cameron I will alert the Board to your unethical behavior and make sure that you will find yourself without a company to hide behind! If you do not think I can, go ahead and TRY ME!” Ezio stepped back and straightened out his suit jacket.
“Did you just threaten me?”
“If the shoe fits. I spoke my peace. If you now excuse me, I have to check on some work I requested done. After you brother.” Ezio gestured his brother out of his office.
“Stronzo!” Frederico muttered on his way out.
“I am going to buy you an English dictionary!”
“Viktoria I need the financial analysis for the South East market and the scenario for Faulkner in aggressive and passive-aggressive and I need it fast.” Ezio poked his head into her office and left as fast as he had come in.
“No problem, we’ll have it to you in less than 15.” she called after him.
“Is he always so … slave-driver-y to you at work?” Blaine looked bewildered.
“It’s work, Blaine. He can hardly ask for what he needs while nuzzling my neck now can he? It’s dry, it’s financials, it’s the end of a quarter and some days are fast paced. But it’s all good, you are going to do half of that. I think you are ready.”
“Oh boy. I could imagine him asking you for what he needs while nuzzling your neck though … ” I can and I have and I hate that thought more than hell itself, Blaine thought, although me nuzzling your neck … Phew!
“Oh jeeze, just when I think you are finally cured …but back to work. Remember those macro files I told you about? And that large file we downloaded earlier? Run all of the macros on that file and then email the output to me. And – Blaine … no Emojis this time, please.”
“Yes, boss! Right away boss! Nothing cutesy boss-lady! And macro-thingies with analysis whatchamacallits coming right up!”
“Thanks, hey you got a minute?” Ezio asked as Viktoria dropped off the binder with all requested items just ten minutes later.
“Sure. A quickie minute or a talk about something minute?”
“Unfortunately the latter but after my boring call in 5 minutes I am wide open for the first one too!” Ezio flashed bright white even teeth in a truly charming smile.
“We are talking about my question, right? Not the other … option?”
“OMG Ezio, if anybody hears you… seriously!” Viktoria giggled, thinking he sounded a lot like Blaine. Tssk, men.
“I was wondering how your new trainee is coming along?”
“Blaine is surprisingly dedicated and he picks this up a LOT faster than I dared to hope he would. You really do know people, Mr. Auditore. Color me impressed!”
“One of my secret talents. What I have seen and heard thus far confirms what you say. He is a good fit. Thinking about moving him out of your office into the analysis group. He may even be able to focus better yet, just a bunch of dusty bone dry men in suits, so the distraction factor of a beautiful woman in a very flattering pencil skirt would no longer impede his progress.” He smiled again and winked at her.
“Why Mr. Auditore, could you possibly be flirting with me? In a place of work? My my, how unprofessional of you.” Viktoria thought about how many times she had to hit Blaine with the “Code of Conduct” binder till he quit play-flirting with her or other females in the office.
“See, even I am distracted by your great beauty, bella mia!” he stood up and started towards his wife when the phone rang.
“Darn it, does business have to interfere now of all times?!”
“So, did the Pope sanction our work?” Blaine asked when she came back.
“Ezio told me he is VERY impressed with your progress. So much so that he is going to move you to another group, where you will learn faster.”
“Vik, no. I like working here, with you. I have so much still to learn… I am not ready yet.”
“Ezio thinks you are.”
“Ezio wants me away from you…”
“Oh not that spiel again! Blaine, really. This is a great compliment. Besides, you would literally be down the hall from this office, not at the North Pole. This is work, not a play date anyway.”
“I know that, if it were a play date, I would have to launch a complaint, cos I did not get to play at all! Especially not with you!” Blaine grinned.
Viktoria rolled her eyes.
“See, and this exactly is WHY you need to sit with men in suits. Less testosterone to cloud your brain!”
“All it takes is just the thought of you…. ummm…. cacca mia?”
Viktoria burst into laughter till tears ran down her face.
“Why is that so funny, he calls you that all the time and you never have a seizure!” Blaine was truly surprised by her reaction, even though he did only say it to get a rise out of her.
“He calls me cara mia, when others are around, or mia cara when not. It means my dear or my darling. You just basically called me a piece of shit.” Viktoria laughed again.
“Oops, that what I get for stealing another man’s lines…. I’ll just call your sugar tits then, ok?” Blaine grinned and winked at her.
“If you want to eat only soup through straws from now on forward, go ahead.” Viktoria still folded over laughing.

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