1-11) To Dream Or Not To Dream

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Again I was at Blaine’s grave. I cleaned it up, told him the latest gossip and cried another round, like I always did.
It was winter now, and already dark even though it was just late afternoon. Once I got over the creepiness, I actually preferred it. Nobody else was ever here, no chance to run into someone I knew.
No empty platitudes when people caught me crying, no lies trying to explain WHY I cried, as there seemed to be a timeframe for mourning friends and I was well past that.
My tears ran freely, when they finally seemed to dry up, I fondled around in my pockets for a tissue, unsuccessfully.
Suddenly one appeared from my right. I looked up and screamed, while stepping backwards, tripping over my own feet, landing on my butt, still screaming.

“No, no, please … don’t fear me, please … here take my hand…”

I crawled backwards trying to jump up, finally managed and just ran for the exit. I made it, tore open the gate and ran right into someone. Trying to push them out of the way, unsuccessfully, I looked up and screamed again when I felt a strong grip on each upper arm as I was dragged with against my will. My voice had meanwhile tipped over and utterly left me, I tried to scream more but no sound would come out. All I was able to do was watch with eyes wide open as I was being dragged back into the cemetery and there into one of the small halls where the dead were normally presented for the final rites. This one was empty. It smelled of death, cold and moldy.

“Sorry to manhandle you like this, but I need to lay low a bit as I am sure you understand.”
I just continued to stare, my mouth open.
“Please say something.” he now pleaded.
“Who … WHAT ..are you?” I stuttered, shaking with fear.
“Well, how quickly we forget …” he joked.
I stood, pale, eyes still wide.
“It’s me, babygirl. It IS me.” the figure now continued more serious.
“No.” I stated.
He raised a hand to touch my face and I stepped backwards, away from him. He seemed saddened.
“How can I proof to you … oh, I know! Here is something nobody else can know. Remember that one time, we were like 8 or 9 and I found that hole in the hedge by that tree, we crawled through and it was this abandoned garden we thought was magical?”

I just stared at him. Then I decided to go for it. I jumped forward, wanted to shove the man out of my way, pull the door open to run for my life. Well, at least that was the plan. It failed right at the beginning. I leapt towards him, shoved with all my might, but nearly fell over, while he never even flinched, yet he caught me and pulled me into a close embrace. Cold radiated through his clothes, he smelled of … decay. I was going to die. No, no I wasn’t. I had gone mad. That was it. Oh man, I had lost my marbles.
“Oh babygirl” this stinking, ice cold figment of my imagination now whispered into my ear. I stiffened. No, I would not go down THAT easy.
I struggled till he released me.
“No.” I said. “You are not real. End of story. And am just going to go home now.”
“Wait, please. I have waited so long for this moment. I needed to regain enough strength … and then I had to wait for the right moment. Please, don’t go. Not yet. Please.”
The way he sounded, was so much like Blaine. My Blaine. The real Blaine. No no no no no.
“Oh no. I am not falling for this. You are my mind on overload. I can overcome this. I am strong.” I brabbled to myself.
“Now you sound like me most of my life.” The man laughed, his lips parted and revealed fangs. My heart stopped, then beat a hundred miles an hour. Evidently my facial expression changed, as he stopped immediately.
“Yeah, I was going to lead up gently to this … sorry babygirl. I am me, good ole Blaine. And I am back. But a little bit different than before … on the bright side, I am no longer puking my guts out every few minutes. Still obnoxious though, sugartits.” he smirked that signature smirk.
That was too much for me. I felt darkness encase me and then the lights went out for me.

I woke up in a bed. Ah, much better. Such an idiotic dream. Wow. But wait, that’s not our bedding. This room, it’s familiar. I sat up in bed. This was Blaine’s home. Or my childhood home. I jumped out of bed. Immediately I ran into the bathroom to inspect my neck. Nothing.
“I would never do that.” I heard from behind me. Nobody behind me in the mirror, so I turned and there was Blaine. I shrieked. Looked in the mirror again, no one. But he was here. Oh no.
“You … you …”
“… am a vampire. Yes.”
“Can I explain?”
“I need to go home.”
“If I make it quick?”
I cried. He comforted me. I didn’t fight it. Eventually I hugged him back. So cold. But felt so much like Blaine. What was the appropriate way to react to this? What would Ezio say? What about Blaine’s kids? How? When? Caleb?
He pushed me away from himself a bit and gently wiped my tears. I noticed he smiled again.
“Why are you smiling? You cannot feel anything. Caleb said so…”
“Oh angel, I do still feel things. Just differently. I still love you and would like to do naughty things with you.” he winked at me and smirked before he continued “that was a joke. Admittedly ill-placed but at least you know it’s really me.”
“You want to know how? And when? I guess I do not have to explain the why?”
“I saw you dead! I found you! You were DEAD. Cold and dead. You did not move, you did not breathe, you did not blink… the emergency doctor checked on you and tried to resuscitate but you were DEAD! You left me messages telling me you would die.”
“Babe, I did die. But I came back.”
“Uh uh.” I shook my head.
“Caleb told me he could not do this, after you died.”
“True. That is why this started BEFORE I died. Look, I know this chick, we used to … umm … you know. She is a master vampire. When I realized I had no other choice, I found her and had her help.”
“We spent the entire Saturday OUTSIDE, in the bright SUN. No no no no.”
“Sun did not affect me then. That happens AFTER you transform.”
“But why did the doctor not notice?”
“There was nothing to notice. I died. You die. It is what happens. But then you come back. It takes a while.”
“So you crawled out of the ground …. eeeww..”
“No, I crawled out of the coffin, before the funeral, as a matter of fact, in the very room I pulled you into at the cemetery. After the viewing nobody looks in there anymore. You’ll have awoken by then, you can sense when every human left, and you make your exit. Mythia told me so. That’s my vampire -ahem- friend.”
“Then why did you not just tell me instead of letting me go through all of this for SO LONG?!”
“At first I did not believe it would work. Afterwards there is a LOT of adjusting. You do not just come back and live on like before. A lot changes. And then I did not know how to tell you. I was waiting for the right time. Every time you came to visit my … grave… sounds weird, recently, I was there.”
“You were?”
“Every time. See, I can only be outside when it is dark now. In the sun I burn to a crisp. Limits your activities, but then again, I was more of a night owl all my life anyway.”
“This just cannot be real. OUCH!” he had pinched me. It hurt.
“Just trying to help.”
“By giving me bruises?”
“Pinching you, to make sure you know that you are not dreaming. That’s what they do in the movies, right? Whatever gets you to believe me. I was hoping after the initial shock, you’d be happier. A lot happier.”
“I’ll let you know when the shock finally wears off. I need time. I am going to think about this and figure things out.”
“Ok, I understand.” he seemed disappointed. “But please Vik, don’t tell anyone. For .. obvious reasons. And, please don’t take too long to come see me again. I miss you terribly.”

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  1. ~ Are the pictures meant to be so small,can hardly see them,love your Story,but a suggestion put the pictures through-out the text I kept scrolling down to look at them once I knew they were there!(but really did not know were they were meant to be? )~ I will look forward to more!♥


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