1-14) New Year, New Life

It was New Year’s eve. Despite an invitation from Ezio, to the both of us, mind you, Blaine and I decided on spending the day quietly, just the two of us.  It was late, most people would have gone to the city to party and watch the amazing fireworks, so aside from the older population who mostly stayed indoors, we had Windenburg to ourselves. So we decided on a walk in the snow. Here and there you heard music from the houses, occasionally you saw premature fireworks in the distance over San Myshuno across the bay. We were holding hands and it felt so much like many years ago, when we were both so very young, full of hopes and promises. Neither of us would have ever guessed how our lives would turn out.
While I was feeling so reflective, I brought up something else that had been bothering me.
“Yes, my sweet?”
“I am seriously considering on changing my last name. Being Viktoria Auditore just does not seem right anymore, and I would really like to close that chapter of my life. Do you think my maiden name? Or shall I go with something completely new, like Smith or so ..?”
“How about Cameron?”
“I have been thinking too, for a long time really, and I was just waiting for the timing to be right. Actually, I was going to wait a few more months, but I do not want to miss my opportunity again. I think this may be it. So … Viktoria, my love, would you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?”
07-09-18_3-39-21 PM
While he spoke he had walked in front of me, so I stopped, as he got down on one knee before me, now holding out a small box with a shiny ring.
I stared at it. For a while.
07-09-18_3-40-00 PM
“Vik, normally the girl says something right about now …” Blaine sounded slightly worried, still on one knee before me.
Instead of words I knelt down before him and just hugged him tightly, then kissed him.
“So, that does mean ‘yes’ right?” he asked when the kiss was over, he had pulled the ring from the box waiting for my hand to put it on. I was now crying for joy and nodded into his shoulder.
“Not to be paranoid, but … could I hear you say it?”
“YES! YES! YES YES YES YES YES. A thousand times YES!!!” I laughed as he hugged me back and we stood, while he twirled me around, kissing me.

“Hey baby?”
“Yes, fiance?”
“Here, look at this.” Blaine held up a newspaper.
“Wow, a newspaper. I did not know they still made those.” I joked.
“You beast.” He pulled me onto his lap, then pointed at a circled ad.
I read.
“Are you looking for an apartment?”
“Not me. Read the address.”
“Oh wow, that is MY old apartment in San Myshuno. Man, the memories.”
“You know, I love this house, it’s kinda where it all started for us, but life would be easier for me in the anonymity of the city. Besides, there, nobody knows I am supposedly dead. Since you are thinking of a new start, this may be it….”
I grabbed the phone and handed it to him.
“Make the call!”

It was still winter as we moved, but a new year had dawned and was already several weeks old. Man, my life sure had been turned upside down several times over in just this one season. Oddly enough, Blaine still had all his documents. Somehow his status had never never been changed to “deceased”. Well, worked for us. As long as nobody looked too closely at some remote cemetery and noticed the name and birth date on some certain empty grave, all was good. Made trying to get married easier. Turns out, necromancy was frowned upon.
It was a Sunday afternoon, Blaine and I were cuddled up on the couch, TV was on.
“Life is really odd sometimes.”
“Is that just a general statement or is there more coming?” Blaine asked.
“There is more. I never wanted to get married at all. Now I am about to do it for a THIRD time.”
“You have always been an overachiever.”
“Are you nervous at all?”
“For the wedding? Not one bit.”
“I am shaking in my boots. And people all have been reacting so weird. You know, the timing and all….”
“So we elope. I do not need a big wedding.”
“That’s kind of what Ezio and I did. This time around I was kind of hoping to be wearing a floor-length gown …”
“And I have been hoping you’d not be wearing anything at all. So let’s meet in the middle and elope in something knee length.”
“A knee length dress would look gorgeous on you, Blaine Cameron!” I laughed.
“I’ll wear whatever you want me to wear, as long as I get to marry you.”
“Aww, why do you have to say something sweet when I am trying to yank your chain?”
“Hey, if you feel bad now, I have a few suggestions about things on me you could yank to make it up to me ….”
The rest of the conversation was really none. We fooled around like rabbits.

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  1. Making up for lost time. But now, that begs the question, just WHEN will Viktoria decide she need to become a vampire, because she’s gonna get old and die and well, Blaine is young forever….

    Liked by 2 people

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