1-16) Romance On The High Seas – Blaine & Viktoria’s Wedding

07-09-18_5-17-10 PMTime passed, as it does. 
Our situation was odd and for that reason we never really expected our life to be average. I kept in touch with my kids, who had their own lives now. Adrianna was off to college and Marco would not be far behind. Ezio buried himself in work. My brother had passed, the older one. My younger was about to get married. Blaine’s son was our biggest fan and came to see us frequently.

Blaine and I went out quite a bit, obviously only when it was dark. After the initial adjustment phase, it no longer bothered me much. We went on many romantic walks. Ezio had never been much for walks during our relationship, it was wasted time to him, which he could have spent working. Blaine and I spent many moonlight kisses and – Blaine being Blaine – sometimes much more than just kisses in some public spots. Once I realized his keen senses made getting caught highly unlikely, I was okay with that too.

One night he took me on a romantic boat ride off the pier in Brindleton Bay. It was Spring now. Suddenly we landed at some abandoned pier to enjoy the beautiful scenery against the bright moonlight, Blaine acted odd, even by his standards. We had been out for cocktails, and were all dressed up. Blaine did look sharp and I didn’t look too shabby either in a brand-new floor-length cocktail dress, if I may say so myself. He took me aside and waved over the old man who commandeered the small boat. 

“He is a captain, a REAL captain.” Blaine stated.
“Thank you Mr. Obvious, but I kind of figured that out already.”
“You know what a real captain can do?”
“Steer a boat?” I acted like I really had to think about this.
“Yes, smarty-pants, but you know what else?”
“Hopefully not sink a boat?”
“Hmm… good point but no. They can ordain weddings. On that note… would you do the honors, Captain Michaels?”

Yep, you guessed it. We got married on a small wooden pier, covered in bird shit, but the scenery was romantic as can be. Waves crashing was out wedding song, the full moon was our illumination. I got my floor-length gown and Blaine got his eloping. And I cannot say that I regretted it one bit.


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Afterwards we shipped back to Brindleton Bay’s main harbor, and strolled back to the car, hand in hand.
“You know the only thing that is missing?” Blaine asked me.
“A slice of wedding cake for me and someone’s neck with some frosting on it for you?” I joked, which earned me a slap on my butt.
“No, you little beast. It would have been so great had Mama been able to see this.”
“She would have been so distracted by all that bird shit on the pier, she would have missed the whole dang thing.” we both laughed. My mom had been all about clean and tidy.
After a few steps in silence I halted.
“You know where I want to go now, Blaine?”
“My wild guess would be home, but something tells me I am wrong.”
“Take me to the cemetery!”
Blaine’s eyes widened, before he burst into a hearty laugh “You know, I am supposedly the scary vampire here, but that comment alone makes me wonder if I should fear you. Why in the world would you want to go to the cemetery in the middle of the night on our wedding day?”
“To see Mama! Let’s go and tell her.”

07-08-18_3-27-41 PM.pngSo yeah, here we were. Just a year ago, this would have frightened the living daylights out of me. But now, especially with Blaine by my side, it was no different than being here in the bright sunshine. Except then my new husband would not last very long.

We stood by the grave and I told Mama about everything. When I finally got to the wedding, Blaine interjected
“Yes, Mama, I finally got her! Took her a while to come to her senses, but I got her now!”
“And Blaine has managed to not go to jail for a year, now of course that is only because he is technically dead … but still, deserving of standing ovations!”

We were probably the only people in the world who have ever visited a cemetery and left holding our bellies for laughter. 


At home we celebrated the rest of the wedding night, just like millions of other couples do. Once we were done and laying contently next to each other in bed, my head snuggled up against Blaine’s shoulder, I asked him if he was happy.

“Of course I am happy! I have everything I need, everything I ever wanted right here. And of course the ‘making baby Vivian’ part was a wonderful end to a wonderful day.”
“Don’t even joke about that. A baby at our age. Good thing that is no longer a possibility.”
“It’s not?”
“Well, of course not. Duh.”
“Did I miss a memo?”
“Yeah, the one where you are a vampire.”
“And what? Vampire no worky that way.”
“Says who?”
“Says YOU.”
“I never said vampires cannot have children.”
“Yes, you did. You said your bits are just for decoration!”
“I said my intestines are just deco. I never said anything about other parts on me. And I really thought after all the putting them to the test we have been doing, you figured that out.”
“Wait. So you are telling me you are fertile?”
“Not like I have any kind of doctor’s certificate of glory or anything, but I have three kids, Vik. I think I have an okay track record.”
“That was BEFORE you were turned.”
“Umm… you know Caleb has THREE children and he is a vampire MUCH older than me. And his sister has one. I am thinking I am still working as advertised, love.”
“OH SHIT!!!!!”
“Care to elaborate?”
“What’s there to elaborate?! I stopped all birth control, thinking you were … safe!!!”
“OK. So you may be pregnant. Or not. No reason to freak out.”
“BLAINE, I am too old for children!!!” I was mortified.
“Well, take a test and see if your body agrees. But really, babygirl, you need to calm down.”
“Calm down? Why, does it bother you if at least ONE of us is responsible?” I jumped out of bed to to get dressed to go get a pregnancy test NOW.
“No, because it’s bad for the baby…” Blaine smirked. I threw every pillow, piece of clothing and anything that would not shatter on impact at him.

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