1-18) Taking a Hike

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“No peeking!” I warned, while steering the car on the very dark country road. Streetlights were sparse all the way out here, some were broken, making the darkness denser for the headlights of my car to cut through.

Finally we arrived and in one piece. Phew. I parked and as I was undoing my seat belt, and Blaine’s, don’t ask me why I even bothered with that on a man who was technically already no longer living, I noticed the smirk underneath the blindfold.
I guided him out of the car and now carefully up a pretty complex hiking trail, carrying a backpack with our supplies and a small flashlight. Blaine was strangely surefooted, while I nearly tripped and fell twice. A third time he scooped me up in mid air and carried me.
“I am wondering when the right time would be to tell you that blindfolding vampires does not work. We don’t need our eyes to find our way around.”
“Aww… why did you not say something sooner?” I complained, disappointed. That darn vampire business again.
He laughed, while I pulled the blindfold off.
“Maybe we should blindfold you. Who knows, it may help you, and you definitely could not get any worse at night time hiking.”
“Nice Blaine. No good deed goes unpunished. I should just ditch you and drive home.”
“You would break your legs after only two steps, I am afraid…” he laughed loud, which echoed off into the silence all around us. Truth was, I would NEVER even dream of creeping around the dark woods at night without him. As always, in life or in his current state of being, he made me feel safe. And brave.

We finally arrived at the cabin, our cabin, which was probably not a surprise to anybody at this point anymore. Just like last time we were here, I handed him the key. He unlocked the door, flipped on the lights (obviously for my comfort) and picked me up to carry me over the threshold.
“Aren’t we a bit late for that?”
“Never too late to romance my girl.” he kissed me. Aww.
Over the next minutes we both just gave the cabin the once-over, to make sure everything was working properly, to make sure the shutters all were in place and without holes and all curtains were ok. You know, the usual checks you do if you are travelling with a vampire. I placed the backpack on the floor and this time it was me who grinned.
“Should I be worried?” Blaine smirked back
“I thought you could read minds…”
“What’s the fun in that?”
“All right, then let’s see if you can figure this out …” I took his hand and lead him to the bedroom. Needless to say it did not take him long to get my intent.

After a very enjoyable few hours I finally snuggled up against his chest and was retracing the tattoos on his chest and arm. I had never been too crazy about tattoos but naturally as so often, Blaine had been the exception to that rule. The first time I saw them was when we reconnected after the years apart, when I first moved to San Myshuno. It was still strange to me to not feel his chest moving or his heartbeat. But I cared less and less.
“Penny for your thoughts, babygirl?”
“Lots of stuff, for one, that I like this a helluvalot better than last time we were here. What about you?”
“I would not say that I liked it better, even though I like the way this is going a LOT, for the most part I am thrilled out of my mind we are here together for another visit. THAT I do like better than the last time when I knew I would not leave this place alive.”

I rolled over on my stomach and kissed him, then got up to get the backpack. Yes, we traveled light. We would only stay one day and one night. I did not need many clothes to roam the wilderness, especially not at night, and Blaine pretty much wore the same thing over and over now, which was also not too different from when he was living since he usually had no money for clothing then, now he did not feel cold, didn’t sweat or … much of anything, so his clothing was mostly to fit in with humans but not needed for warmth. He even had winter clothes, but most of the time when we went walking, I was the one ending up with his jacket on top of mine, as I was sensitive to the cold.

Aside from the obvious necessities one needs on a short getaway, the bag contained a few of Blaines food thingies and some things to eat for me. And a small box I now pulled out, then a slightly larger one, both mostly symbolic at this point. Let’s see how long it would take Blaine to figure out this riddle.

I took both with me to the bedroom and handed the smaller one to Blaine. He looked it over, looked puzzled and said
“Pretty sure I am the wrong address for these.” as he placed the box on the small table next to the bed.

I handed him the second box. He looked at it, within a fraction of a second he was on his feet looking at me, I smiled when I asked him
“Think it’s too early for that one?”
He just held me and kissed me.
“Does this mean what I think you are trying to hint around on?”
“It does.”
He kissed me again.
The first box had been my birth control. A new box, unopened. This should have been in use by now. And it was still sealed.
The second box was a pregnancy test. I always knew Blaine was a smart guy. He figured it out very quickly.
We laid back into bed and snuggled for a while.
“Blaine, you do not happen to have some more of your little vampire tricks up your sleeve that could give us some answers a little sooner than the pregnancy test?”
“I thought you hate it when I use my ‘little vampire tricks’?”
“I do, but not when I am dying with suspense as much as you.”
“No suspense.”
I raised my head to look at him, with a question in my eyes.

He had that certain twinkle in his eyes when he winked at me and I knew he was not going to say any more than that, but he had told me all I needed to know at this point.

I fell asleep thinking ‘I hope we are ready for this’.





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