1-20) A New Addition to the Family

I heard the door unlock and seconds later, Blaine peeked into the living room. Smiling.
“I have something for you.” he said now. His arms were behind his back.
I got up off the couch and went over to him in the dark hallway, when he pulled his arms to the front and held something out towards me.
“Oh goodness! Look at this! What have you got there?!” I cooed, beaming for joy.
“Not sure, but it pretty much barked at me the entire way home and constantly demanded my attention, so either it is another wife or a puppy.” Blaine laughed.
I stuck my tongue out at him, ignored his joke and grabbed the little ball of fur snuggling it then lifting it up, bringing my face about 10 inches from his belly, trying to see in the twilight.
“Aww, it’s a boy I think!”
Blaine chuckled, pet the puppy’s head and told it “Don’t take it personal, but at least now we know now why she hardly had any dates in high school!”
This time I hit his shoulder, then snuggled the puppy while walking back into the living room.
“Don’t believe him a word. I was just busy learning things rather than seeing how many times an hour I can have sex.”
“How is that not learning? Applied studies, right?” Blaine smirked.
“So what is your name little guy?”
“He says his name is whatever his mommy wants it to be.” Blaine answered.
I looked up at my husband, still snuggling the wiggly, licky furball and said
“Ok, then welcome home, Spunky.”

07-12-18_8-19-53 PM.png
I had always wanted another dog. After my dog Rudy died when I was 17, Mama did not want another pet. I went off to college, then moved into a small apartment and with a few detours I lived with Ezio, who disliked pets.
Rudy was another reason, why I never let anybody try to tell me Blaine was as bad as it seemed. Rudy was a large male mutt, shaggy and black as the night, fiercely protective of me, and probably just as rowdy as Blaine was. Moreover, he did not like males. Of any species. Other dogs, humans and especially not cats, the fur on his neck would stand up, the tail would go stiff and then it was best you ran as fast and far as you could. But he always liked Blaine. With him, he was some sort of 90 pound giant lap dog.

Currently, I spent most of my time playing with and training the puppy, often Blaine would join me. We had more than enough time. I quit my job again and made Blaine quit his after I decided to sell my childhood home after all. The proceeds were not too shabby, and since we lived a fairly humble life, we could live off that for a very long time.

Spunky did very well, and promised to grow into a large and fierce protector one day. Tiny and helpless as he was now, he showed little regard for that fact and was brave.
My pregnancy began to become uncomfortable. Blaine often joked about that I should have had him turn me into a vampire too before getting pregnant, since then none of this would bother me and I would not feel pain. There were days where I begged him to do it now, but he told me that it was against the rules for any vampire to turn or even drink from a pregnant woman. Darn it!

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