1-21) Time Marches On

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“Oh boy!” I sighed, lowering the card in my hands into my lap.

Blaine sat next to me, looked at me.
“Read.” I handed it to him. He shook his head.
“No need, I got one too. And we are going.”
“Oh no we are so not going.”
“Sure we are.” he smirked.
I shook my head.
“So, you are trying to tell me that after an eternity of you complaining that you feel excluded from our children’s lives, you now want to turn down an invitation to a party?” Blaine grinned, evidently sure that he would get his way.
“Yup. I am just not that keen on ending up on Jerry Springer or something like that. My daughter lives with your son, raising his boy together. Yikes. I just KNOW they are back together, must be. Aren’t they technically siblings now. URGH! I can’t even begin to try to justify that.”
Blaine laughed now.
“When you got involved with me, you should have known that normal is out the window for good.”
“Now you tell me … ”
“Look, they purposely are starting the party late so I can be there. We are going.”
“I have a feeling Ezio would be there. I am not interested in another caveman encounter between you two.”
“As long as he leaves his paws off my wife, he is golden. Promise.”
“Fine. We’ll go.”

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Addy hugged both of us and so did Blaine’s son. It was weird to think they lived in our old apartment. When Adrianna heard that Blaine and I were looking to move, she called dibs and moved in when we vacated. Being back now was so strange. She and Blaine Jr. had been broken up for a long time, but by the looks of it, were back together now. Ben, Blaine Jr.’s son and with that my Blaine’s grandson, had his own room. It was his birthday today. Behind us Marco now walked in. He greeted me, frostily, and just pulled a face at Blaine. Good to know that all is good between all of us, pardon the sarcasm.
And there was Ezio now. I braced for impact. But all remained ok. “Hello Viktoria. Blaine.” he nodded and walked past. OK, so far so good.

We sung happy birthday, watched Ben open his presents, had cake. And then the inevitable happened.

Blaine Jr. got up for a toast. The usual at first, thanked all for coming blah blah. Then he addressed Addy, and then he proposed. My eyes got big as saucers. Generally, I totally was on board with that. I was sad when they broke up, and always thought they were the perfect couple. But now they were the kids of me and my husband. Just way too awkward. I applauded when everybody else did, I hugged and congratulated. But it was just iffy.

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At some point the tiny apartment was too small and I disappeared into the hallway. I stood for just a few seconds, gently rubbing my aching back, when the apartment door opened and Ezio came towards me. No, not again. I glanced at the elevator, which was half way between us, but no chance that lame old thing would make it in time.
“I come in peace.” he smiled now. I never had a good poker face.
“Looks like we are all related now somehow.” he smiled.
“Don’t remind me.”
“I … wanted to apologize to you.”
Not THAT again.
“Ezio … I really don’t think that’s necessary.”
“No, it is. Last time we saw each other I let my feelings get the best of me. What I said then was the truth, I meant it, but I also know that you have to live with your decisions. I made mine out of anger and bruised pride, but knew better then. I always told everybody to step back and think things through calmly and soberly. What happened, happened. I cannot undo it, cannot travel back in time or believe me, I would have. But I realize that all I can do now is move on. I am getting older, and I need to start getting my life in order again and stop pining after you. And maybe, just maybe, you and I can be friends one day, truly friends, instead of just barely civil for the sake of our children.”
“You have no idea how glad I am to hear you say this. I’d like that.”
“Not sure your husband will.”
As if on cue, there was Blaine. Once he noticed who I was talking to he hurried to my side.
“Everything ok here?”
“Everything is fine, Blaine. Ezio and I are just talking as …. friends.”
Blaine raised an eyebrow, shot Ezio an ‘I’ll keep an eye on YOU’ look, but said nothing.


I was in my last trimester of pregnancy when Addy and Blaine Jr. got married. The wedding was beautiful, an evening wedding, and everybody was there. Ben was a really sweet kid and we all got along fine. Ezio kept his promise. Blaine’s girls were friendly-ish, just Marco remained very distant.
I overheard Adrianna ask when we all stood together whose brilliant idea it had been to invite Nicole Vanderbilt. When she found out she was Marco’s ‘plus one’ she rushed over and I saw both of them argue in a corner. But Marco seemed really enamored with Nicole. Not the girl I would have hoped he would find. Pretty as a picture but a rotten core. Secretly I hoped that flame would burn out soon. And it did. It nearly killed Marco when he proposed to her and she just laughed at him. They broke up soon after. Emmy was there to console him and that flame rekindled. They got married on some island, while Blaine and I didn’t get as much as a postcard.

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Blaine’s youngest daughter got married too, to some guy Blaine was never introduced to. Like Marco, she remained distant. We invited her a million times, not once did she come.

But the biggest shocker was Ezio. He started dating again, and now even had a girlfriend. You would not believe, whom. Lilith. Yup, his brother’s very aloof ex-wife and vampire. There are no words for all this.

How is that for trailer park?

At first I was so embarrassed about all this. Then I just quit caring. I had Blaine, I had the cutest puppy, and we were going to be a little family soon.

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