1-25) Family Time



07-20-18_9-37-48 AM

“Stop, you fiend..” I giggled while gently fighting Blaine off, who was persistently trying to nuzzle my neck and/or kiss me intensely, obviously with ulterior motives in mind.

“Whyyyy?” he mumbled, still kissing me anywhere he could reach, while holding both my hands to thwart off further efforts by me to stop him.

“For one, Spunky needs out, he keeps staring at me and secondly, Vivian will be home any minute now.”

“I am just thrilled that it only took a few years for you to let me anywhere near your neck again without you getting all stiff and tense …” he giggled.

“Whatever!” I laughed.

“Hmm.” he made while lifting me up in his arms, carrying me, presumably to the bedroom.

“Blaine no! Put me down! Now!”

“Nope. Spunky can shit on the floor, I’ll happily clean that up for my chance to get lucky and Vivian will not be home for at least 15 more minutes with this snow! She rides an old school bus, not a Lear Jet, you know! 15 minutes is all I need…” he smirked that Blaine smirk I loved so much.

He elbowed the bedroom door open and continued on to another door, then down the stairs towards his coffin. He willed it open, gently placed me into it and already started peeling my clothing off. Truth was, that I enjoyed this as much as he did, but unlike him I had a very solid idea of priorities. My child would be hungry and my dog probably would be uncomfortable. But Blaine was persistent. Right as things were getting really intense, Spunky started barking up a storm outside the closed coffin, banging into it vehemently.

07-20-18_10-26-44 AM
Once Blaine and I were finished he rolled onto his side next to me,  while I climbed out , getting dressed immediately, ignoring his begging to lay with him for a while.

“You make me feel like a cheap one night stand, babygirl…” he chuckled watching me pull my sweater over my head.
“Well, some of us have priorities, not just some one track mind. Get up and let the dog out!”
“Fiiine….” he complained, but did as I asked “Come on you love-killer, let’s change your diaper. Just know that if you ever find a nice doggie girlfriend, I will be there for payback, buddy….”

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I had just started lunch when Vivian came in.
“MOM!” Vivian blurted out at me.
“You would not believe what Jessica did today …”
I listened to tales from school, commended her for good grades and later we all played in the snow as a family.

07-19-18_2-32-40 PM

Vivian did not seem bothered by being different at all. Ezio’s vampire son Vittorio, who was in her classes, was a different story. A very quiet child, always seemingly sad, no friends aside from Vivian. Poor kid. Hopefully Ezio would get his ducks in a row quickly, for his son’s sake. Vivian made friends left and right, often had some over for dinner and to do her homework with.

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Blaine surprisingly turned out to be an excellent husband and father, as well as pet owner. As careless and willy nilly as he had always been for as long as I had known him, ever since we got married, he was very focused. With Vivian in school now, we both had started working again. He tended a bar at night, I worked in an office again.

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Blaine had his vampire society meetings on and off, but seemed to be doing better with everything.

Oh, remember the old grump who invited me over? Yeah, obviously I am still around, and he was but a perfect gentleman, believe it or not. Caleb’s first guess had been right. A lonely old weirdo. Who knew vampires could get lonely, too? He still gave me major creeps and I was hoping not having to repeat that anytime soon.

One thing that had always bothered Blaine, and secretly me as well, was that he could not eat. Evidently though, as he learned during one of the meetings, there was some potion of some sort, allowing him to eat again. According to Blaine it tasted much like a mix of toilet bowl cleaner, kitty litter, lemons and hot peppers, but it did the trick. I did not know how food tasted to him these days, or if he even tasted anything at all, but for the sake of normality, it was well worth it.

I just always wondered that if blood sounded delicious to you, a grilled cheese sandwich probably would not.

07-19-18_2-49-33 PM

Christmas came and went, it was a delightful and quiet fest for just the 3 of us, well, 4 counting Spunky. New Year’s was lovely as well. As the three of us were counting down to midnight, I kept thinking and hoping that the New Year would bring pleasant changes for a lot of people who were dear to me. Us included.

07-19-18_4-04-01 PM

07-20-18_12-47-02 PM
The New Year’s kiss

As one of her first official acts when the New Year was mere minutes old, Vivian begged us to get a cat. She was Blaine’s child and just as charmingly persistent, so within a few days, we welcomed Roxy, an all black kitty into our home.

07-20-18_12-39-35 PM

We met up with Addy a few times, were invited over at Ezio’s … just a normal family life …

07-17-18_5-31-23 PM
Blaine, Vik, Addy, Vivian at Adrianna’s childhood home
07-17-18_5-13-51 PM
Dinner at Ezio’s mansion. Vittorio, Vivian, Julia, Blaine, Vik. Not in picture: Ezio

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