1-31) Love Day

Love Day. Ah. One of my favorite holidays these days.

Blaine always thought of something incredibly romantic to do for us, that did not cost an arm and a leg, since we were pretty much on a budget. Funny how life changes. Ezio is one of the wealthiest men near or far. So by being with Blaine I basically went back to my roots. After my parents separated when I was a child, money had always been a bit too tight for comfort for Mama and I. Not as bad as it had been for Blaine, and Mama always managed to get Blaine through as well, but we had never been able to afford vacations or expensive things. Still, I would not have traded my childhood in for nothing.

Ezio. Poor Ezio. I wondered how he was doing today. I knew he was lonely. Today must be exceptionally bad. I felt genuinely sorry for him. He was such a wonderful person, why in the world he could not find a new love was beyond me.

I gave my kisses and gifts to Blaine at home before we left. This time Blaine took me out to the ruins, where they had held dances, concerts and such music events since when we were children. Why was easy to explain, no civilization near or far to be disturbed by the loud music and rowdy masses.

So here we were, dancing our hearts out, making out, just having a fun old time. We ran into a bunch of familiar faces, Caleb and Grace were there, a visibly pregnant and indeed much more pleasant Lilith was there, Ezio’s younger sister Claudia was living it up on the dancefloor, Ezio’s former sister-in-law Jennifer too, both of whom I had always gotten along well.


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Eventually Blaine took me by the hand and we disappeared into the thicket, but surprisingly not to do anything naughty, but to enjoy the view and for him to give me a gift.

07-22-18_6-19-32 PM.png
The Love Day date

We left soon after, I expected to go home, but he had more plans. He took me to Windenburg, my hometown. To my childhood home. The original one, not the one Mama had moved into after I had gone off to college, which was the one Blaine had moved into when he hit rock bottom, the one we sold to afford our current home.

No, the original one. The one I – and actually Blaine to a degree as well – grew up in. So much history here. My brother’s estate still included it, it was still untouched from when Blaine and I last saw it. Sure I could sell this one as well, and it would solve a lot of financial issues, but I just could not get myself to do that. Or to let anyone rent it. Blaine had found the key and this is where we went. I loved him for it. This was so very perfect!

We made a beeline straight into my old room, which looked just like it had when I last saw it. The window, through which Blaine had snuck in hundreds, if not thousands of times. We had thought we were so clever and sneaky back then, but after I was already married, Mama once told me that she always knew. She just trusted us. And we never abused it.

I had the worst crush on Blaine back then, secretly, I was so naïve, so inexperienced and just not the type of girl I always saw him with, so I would have never even dreamt of telling him – or anyone – about it. Now I knew he felt the same way about me back then, but was afraid that he was too messed up and did not want to drag me down with him. Crazy love story. Anyway, here we were, sitting on my old bed, looking at my silly teenage décor in the now so tiny seeming room.

I looked at Blaine, he winked, smirked and did what he had done in this very spot so many times before, all those years ago: he tickled me till I begged for mercy, both our faces reddened for laughter. But this time he kissed me. Yeah, that was new, and I would have had a heart attack had he done that to me back then, when I was 15.

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We ended up reminiscing, eventually sat in the kitchen, Blaine remarked that he felt like Mama would walk in any second, ask him to take the trash out while she and I made dinner.

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Then for a while we sat in the very old fashioned living room, giggling again, him tickling me some more, more kissing.

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Next was a stop in the hallway for a selfie … like the one when we were young..

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Then I took him by the hand and back into my teen room. I pulled him behind me, closed the door, turned to him and said

“I think this is where. Right here. Where it all began.”

Blaine understood. He nodded, then asked

“Babygirl, are you sure? You know it cannot be undone.”

“I am sure. Right here, right now.”

“I will be as careful as I can be, but it will hurt a little. Well, maybe a lot, for a moment. And you will feel a bit iffy afterwards.”

“Are you trying to talk me out of it now?”

“Oh no, I just want you to be absolutely sure. There is a no-money back clause, you know.” he smirked.

“Hey Blaine, never try for a career as motivational speaker, cos, I love you, but you SUCK at that.”

He chuckled, then pulled me close, kissed me, nuzzled my neck, then suddenly it all went really fast. A quick movement, a sharp pain, a burning sensation, I heard faint smacking and sucking sounds, I felt weak and a bit dizzy, my knees gave out a little, but Blaine had me in a tight embrace. Then he lifted his head up and looked at me, I felt faint when he kissed my forehead.
“Are you ok? Do you need to sit?” he asked gently and concerned.
I shook my head.
He let go, then pulled up his sleeve, bit his own wrist and offered it up to me.
It was kind of .. gross. But I understood and sucked on the blood welling from the bites. Really odd taste, made me feel really queasy. When Blaine pulled his arm away, I felt my knees weaken, he scooped me up into his arms and sat down on the bed with me in his lap. I fluttered my eyes, which did not want to stay open, I was trying to focus on the blurred image of Blaine, but then it all turned black.

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When I came to, we were laying on the bed together, next to each other.

Blaine noticed my movement and turned his head to me, smiled and pulled me into his arms.

“Good to know I still got what it takes to knock you off your feet, babygirl.” he joked.

“Hardee har har…” I responded, sticking my tongue out at him.

“How are you feeling.”

“Kinda like I did before.”

“All right. You will feel some cramping and some more dizziness, maybe a bit of nausea, but the worst is over now. Welcome to the dark side, babygirl.”

So that was it. This was how you became a vampire. Well eventually anyways. Few days, maybe, I had left as a human.

Not as spectacular as one would think, no fanfares blaring, no confetti raining down, but my life would once more change tremendously before long.

Hopefully I made the right choice. Hopefully. Cos there was no going back now …

07-22-18_8-39-42 PM.png
Leaving the childhood home in Windenburg a changed woman

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