1-37) Winterfest and New Year’s Eve

07-27-18_11-36-23 AM.png
Home, sweet home (Ezio’s mansion in the background)

The three of us went to another wedding together. A vampire wedding, no less. The vampire elder and Nicole Vanderbilt. Oh yeah! BWAHAHAHA!

Blaine and I embarrassed poor Vivian and ourselves by giggling like school kids whenever we couldn’t keep it contained, earning annoyed gazes and being shushed more than once.

Honestly, I am all for respect and courtesy, but the vampire wedding between the elder and Nicole Vanderbilt was just the single most ridiculous and gaudy thing I have ever witnessed. For starters, vampires normally did not do weddings at all – period. And if an ancient vampire with a very old fashioned idea of such and a gaudy taste and a spoiled and greedy brat get married, it is just not to be taken seriously.
Addy had begged us for photos, but that was just too risky.

Why the sudden wedding, you wonder? Just like I suspected, Nicole went to see him and came out a changed woman. No, not for the better, but possessed with the wish to marry him. His magic or her greed? Who knows? And frankly, I did not care.

Nicole Vanderbilt’s older brother, a divorced career politician as so many of the Vanderbilts, was looking for a new place to live, he was not the youngest anymore, he loved kids but had none of his own, so she chose him to take over her seat in the political involvements, awarded him the family estate as the executor until her son Bryce would come of age and inherit it, so he could get married and continue the tradition, while the girl, Brooklyn, would get a handsome dowry payment when she married. Since they were barely toddlers it would take a good time till all that came to be, giving her brother a comfortable place to live for the remainder of his days.

How different he was from ice-princess Nicole became evident the day after her wedding.

Just the next day after she officially wrote everything over to him as the executor of the estate until her son came of age, her brother came round to Ezio’s, then Blaine and my place and Addy’s to have the kids introduced to everyone. The kids were allowed to play outside and he even rehired the maid and nanny Nicole had fired. The kids were allowed to be kids. We all saw them frequently now. Really a happy ending.

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Winterfest came and we decided to have everybody over in our tiny house. ‘Everybody’ meant Addy with husband Casey and their daughter Lauren, Ezio with a very pregnant Melissa and Vittore, and late Marco’s two kids, Brooklyn and Bryce. It was so much fun, albeit very tight. We laughed so much, exchanged presents, ate a good meal (I had made it vegetarian because of Addy).

07-27-18_1-04-36 PM
Melissa snapping some pics
07-27-18_12-56-17 PM
Lauren, Ezio, Vivian, Bryce, Blaine, Melissa’s baby bump, Casey, Vik, Brooklyn and Addy
07-27-18_12-58-14 PM
L to R: Ezio, Santa, Brooklyn (partially hidden behind Santa), Lauren (sitting), Vik, Casey, Melissa, Blaine, Bryce

At some point we found out Addy and Casey were expecting another baby. Another girl. 

Adrianna and Casey will be parents again

Naturally Ezio and Blaine ended up in another brawl. I really do not understand them. One minute you see them trading jokes and folding over laughing, the next they are beating the brains out of each other. Nobody was hurt, they got it out of their system and the next thing I saw is both of them with Casey in the kitchen drinking coffee talking sports. *eyeroll*

Why would you taunt a vampire, Ezio?!?! Why?!
07-27-18_1-47-02 PM
Yep, Blaine won that one again. No surprise.
07-27-18_1-41-37 PM.png
And now we’re all friends again.

And yes, as usual, after all had left Blaine started dropping hints about us having another child. Urgh, would this NEVER end? In our miniscule house, where we barely made ends meet as is. No. The next baby for these Camerons would be born to Vivian, not me. End of story.

Speaking of being born, Melissa gave birth a day before New Year’s Eve. Beautiful twins they named James and Juliet. Of course we went to see them right away, with Addy, Casey and Lauren. The new parents looked exhausted but were beaming. And once more I was shutting down Blaine’s subtle and not so subtle hints left and right. He was all over those babies. Instead of beating on each other, he and Ezio kept hugging like newlyweds this time. I really would never make sense of those two. Never. All Melissa had to say was “Boys will be boys”.

James (left) and Juliet Auditore
07-27-18_3-44-24 PM
Blaine feeding little James


New Year’s was a quiet day and night spent at home with just the three of us. Well, five, of course Spunky and Roxy, too.
We had fun, sung New Year tunes, Blaine and I cheered to the New Year, we all made resolutions and watched the countdown. And the usual New Year’s kiss.

07-27-18_5-43-07 PM.png

It was tough getting Vivian to go to bed this year. She was definitely approaching her teens. But for now, she was doing great in school, straight As and joined the scouts. A very smart and popular girl.

07-27-18_5-43-43 PM.png
Lil scout Vivian



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  1. Blaine feeding James was so cute! I have been watching Jennifer Lang’s Let’s Play about scouting .. I cannot wait to play one of my littles as a scout


  2. Blaine’s gonna eventually win out and they will have another baby. It’s funny. Viktoria never wanted children and vothnof her husbands did. She p’s such a good mom too.


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