1-40) Growing Pains and Inconvenient Questions

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School was out for the weekend for Vivian, and it was Love Day, so we decided to take her to the mountains, to our old cabin for a special weekend away for all involved. Addy had offered to watch the pets.

Vivian had oodles of fun in the great outdoors. She had been here once before with her older sister and cousin Alexis.
07-28-18_4-18-11 PM.png

Obviously our ventures were at night, which mattered little as vampires see in the dark as well as humans during daylight and the moon was full. She played by herself or read and explored most of Love Day to give us some privacy to be romantic without too many inhibitions. While she was used to mommy and daddy exchanging affections, we were careful about what she would get to see.

For Love Day, just like every year, we gave each other thoughtful and romantic little presents, and kissed, snuggled, made out and what not more than usual.

07-30-18_11-50-31 AM07-30-18_11-56-13 AM07-30-18_12-04-10 PM

07-30-18_12-19-15 PM
Blaine: “Look Vik, those clouds over there look like a giant set of …”       Vik: “BLAINE!”

At night we did family things again and went on a lovely hike, Vivian ran about discovering flowers, while Blaine and I strolled hand in hand, talking about flashbacks to our youth, when we had come to this place before.

Upon returning home, I was making breakfast for our girl, who still ate like a human, while it had become harder on both of us adults. The longer you are a vampire, and the higher you rank, the less effective the potion allowing you to eat becomes. It was nearly impossible for Blaine now, and I just kept throwing up every time I tried. Soon it would be over for me too, with or without potion. Since Viv had been born a vampire, at the very latest as a young adult she would lose that ability too, and no potion would be able to help her.
Vivian and Blaine were on the couch talking about the vacation so far.

07-30-18_11-44-23 AM

“It’s really cool here. Totally love it. And the cabin is really awesome.”
“Yeah, your mother and I have lots of great memories here. We used to come here as children, as teens, and as adults. And you were conceived here.”
“Daddy, what does conceived mean?”
I suppressed a laugh. Good luck with that one Blaine. I pretended to be extra busy.
“It’s when … uh, you were ordered. From the stork.”
‘Daddy, I am not a baby anymore. I know the stork does not bring babies.”
“Oh, you do, huh? Then you tell me where they come from.” Good one Blaine, I thought.
“From the mommy’s belly. Duh! But what I do not know is how they get in there. So, how DO they get in there, daddy?”
“They … uh … Viktoria, little help here.” Blaine looked a bit overwhelmed now.
I grinned at him “So sorry, honey, I am really busy. You got this.” I was *this* close to sitting over here with popcorn.

His eyes narrowed with that ‘I’ll get you back for this’ smile.

“Well, honestly I have no idea, my angel! I just remember kissing mommy a lot and poof, there you were.”
“Oh no! You are still kissing a lot. You need to stop that!” Vivian was dead serious.

I had to turn around, tears were running down my face from trying not to laugh.

“Why, my angel? Do you not want a little brother or sister?” I heard Blaine ask patiently with a smile sounding in his voice.
“Oh no!” Vivian pulled a disgusted face.
“And why not?”
“Because babies are super-annoying and they don’t do anything other than lay around and scream.”
“That’s not true, my angel. They also poop a lot.”

Now it was over for me. I burst into some truly unflattering laughter, joined in by Blaine. Vivian did not appreciate it.

“Man, I cannot have one serious conversation with you guys.” She got up and stomped outside.
“Now you’ve done it!” I gargled.
“Me? You are the one who started naying like a rabied horse over there when I was trying to have a disturbing talk with our daughter.” Blaine laughed, came towards me and put his arms around me.
“Blaine, horses don’t get rabies becau…” I was interrupted by Blaine kissing me. When the kiss ended he said
“No lessons today, smarty pants.” He kissed me again.

“Oh man, you are doing it again. If you do get another baby, it will live in your room, not mine! And I am not going to babysit!” Vivian, who had returned for her book, protested.
“Vivian, honey, you are all over all the toddlers, uncle Ezio and Melissa’s babies and Addy’s baby belly. How come now you do not like babies anymore?”
“I do like babies and little kids. Just not at our home.” she explained it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
OK, can’t argue with that logic, I thought.
“You definitely are your mother’s daughter!” Blaine laughed.
“Well, duh, daddy!” Vivian rolled her eyes, shaking her head.

Once we returned home, after getting unpacked and all squared away, Vivian had gone over to Alexis’, Blaine and I headed downstairs as it was mid morning when his phone rang. Ben, his grandson. Blaine was invited over for a family reunion with his kids. It was tough for us to moved throughout daylight, but Blaine had meanwhile made it to Prime Vampire level and was able to teleport and move as a bat now (yes, I know, I laughed too at first, but his latest is to pop up EVERYWHERE unexpectedly – as if he needed help being more annoying). Anyway, Blaine went.

07-30-18_8-03-19 AM
Left to right: on the couch Emmy and her father Blaine, standing is Olivia, Blythe (Blaine’s sister) in the denim shorts, Madison (Blaine’s other daughter), Ben and Alexis.
07-30-18_8-15-37 AM
Blaine and Ben watching TV together, as so often.

Later I found out why. Olivia, Blaine’s ex-wife and mother of his three older children, was there too and the one who originally wanted the meeting, but since she had not made a single bit of effort to keep up any sort of relationship with her children or grandkids, and obviously not with Blaine, nobody would have come had she called. After Blaine she had married one of Nicole Vanderbilt’s impoverished brothers, but the marriage failed not long after. The only thing she had left from it was a status last name.

And now Olivia was sick. Cancer. Advanced stage. She wanted to make amends and get on good terms with everyone before the inevitable happened. The reception to the news were halted. When Blaine told me about it, I felt sorry for her. Liv once was such a nice girl when I first met her when both of us were in our early twenties. But her life not turning out as she had hoped really had turned her bitter. And now this. Blaine had the best relationship with his grandson Ben, had been instrumental in raising him and still was, but the two daughters were still very aloof with him and he had not met his other grandkids, nor had there been an effort on his daughters’ side. Ben had always been the link between them all.

Just days after the meeting we got these messages:


Blaine called Ben immediately, but he was fairly neutral to the news. Why wouldn’t he be, he barely knew his grandmother, who had thrown him and his dad out on the street when Blaine’s soon took full custody of Ben all those years back.


Time passed and it became more and more evident Vivian was growing up. Blaine used to be the one helping her with her homework, but over the past months it had become harder and harder for him, since he had never been much for school himself and never even finished high school.

07-30-18_8-42-49 AM07-30-18_8-44-06 AM07-30-18_8-46-15 AM07-30-18_10-47-16 AM

At some point I just took over and he instead helped her with building school projects and such, something he excelled at. I would be the first to tell you that man was good with his hands. *wink*.

Vivian was doing so well in school and personally.
top student

But now soon Vivian would officially be a teen.


WOW. I dreaded the birthday, where it would be official, but it had been very apparent that she was not just our little girl anymore. She was still quite the social butterfly, I could not even begin to try to count all her friends and she made more and more each day, it seemed, but the dynamic with boys had changed. Subtle at first, then more and more obvious. I could not wait for the day when she would talk about dating. Blaine would probably lose his shit. Although, he was a pretty cool, yet attentive dad, so who knew. I pitied the boy though. One false move and Blaine would probably have his hide.

Addy had her baby, the sweetest little thing again, but no wonder with those parents. They named her Autumn, per Addy after my favorite season.

07-30-18_12-33-44 PM07-30-18_12-35-31 PM.png

According to Adrianna, Ezio and Melissa had been all over the kid when they visited earlier that day. No surprise here. I was expecting a phone call or visit by both or either of them shortly, to tell us they were expecting again. I knew from Melissa that every time she and I met these days at least once the topic would come up.

I had avoided to be alone with Ezio ever since the last meeting, as I really did not want to be the turning wheel between him becoming a vampire or not. Personally, I still cared much more about him than I probably should, but the idea of him as a vampire did just not sit right with me. I also knew him well enough to know, if he decided that was what he wanted, he would do it. One way or another. Never underestimate an Auditore, especially not that one.

We went to the little birthday party for Ezio and Melissa’s babies. Now he had his dreaded toddler stage. Good luck, buddy. I remembered it well.

07-30-18_1-13-09 PM
L to R: Vittorio (Ezio’s son from a previous marriage), Juliet, Ezio, James and Melissa
07-30-18_12-54-59 PM
James, Viktoria, Boomer (Spunky’s son) and Juliet
07-30-18_1-21-34 PM
An exhausted Ezio, finally the toddlers are asleep

Soon it would be Vivian’s turn to age up. Oh man. Teen. One big step towards adulthood, independence .. and being a full vampire.  Something told me that Blaine and I were in for some rough times. As was Viv.

Was she ready for it? Were WE ready for it?

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