1-57) That Bay

"... I am just worried that Vivian, well she and Vitto both really, may need our support this time. Melissa thinks so too. So we are not ... oh my God, look how cute!!!" I interrupted my speech to Blaine to point at a cute dog that came towards us, wagging excitedly. "Vik no ..."... Continue Reading →

1-56) Just Another Day

Blaine had gotten up to assist Spunky with a very evil Roxy, who kept stealing each and every toy he wanted to play with,then vehemently defending it against repossession. Spunky was way too sweet to fight that kitty, even though he was about 10 times her size and could have just sat on her to... Continue Reading →

1-55) Secrets & Surprises

He was driving and by the exit he took I finally figured out that we were going to San Myshuno. Blaine was still tight lipped about why, but since we both had to dress up, I assumed a nice night out. Maybe a movie. Blaine was not the type for museums, exhibitions, and such events.... Continue Reading →

1-54) Vacation Instigation

Once more, as so many times in the past and certainly also in the future, Blaine and I were over at the Auditore mansion to spend time with our friends. We kinda always alternated meeting places, but with few exceptions it was one family's home or the other. As liberating as being vampires was, there... Continue Reading →

1-53) Friendly Advice

Blaine opened the door after the first knock. It was Melissa. "Aww, sorry Lissa, Vik's not home." Blaine said as they hugged. "You let her go somewhere without you? I am shocked!" Melissa teased him. He grinned. "Yeah, as enticing as sitting at the hair salon with her sounded, while holding Liam who has been... Continue Reading →

1-52) Fun With Friends

We rang the doorbell. It took longer than usual for the door to open. When it finally did, it was Ezio along with the obvious explanation of why it had taken him so long to let us in even though we were expected. There were distinct lipstick marks on the side of his face and... Continue Reading →

1-51) Sometimes Blondes Are No Fun

“Oh man. Finally!” I sighed as I sat down on the couch, pulling off my heels. “Coffee?” Blaine asked, I nodded gratefully, while attempting to rub my own shoulders as he left the living room. Why my shoulders ached from standing around singing all night was beyond me. We had just gotten home from a... Continue Reading →

1-50) Staking Claim

“Poor Melly…” I said looking at my phone after the call ended. “She preggers again!?” Blaine grinned, while watching me slip the phone into the back pocket of my jeans, before handing me a mug of the coffee he had brewed while I was on the phone. “No, come on now. But she is very... Continue Reading →

1-50) Straight Talk

“Hey punk.” Ezio greeted Blaine as he walked into the living room. “Mafioso.” Blaine nodded at Ezio just briefly taking his eyes of the TV show he was watching. “You mind?” Ezio gestured at the couch. “Nah, park away.” Blaine replied. Ezio sat down on the couch in some distance to Blaine. “Where’s your wife?”... Continue Reading →


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