1-41) Losing Control

Few days later, I had just finished cleaning, Blaine had just left for his night job as the head barkeep, my phone buzzed with a message. As I looked at it, it was just a photograph of a bottle of my favorite Moscato and a question mark, sent by Melissa.

‘Heck yeah!’ I replied, checked on Vivian who was exhausted and asleep in her room, then left towards the Auditore Mansion.

Melissa must have been waiting behind the door, as I didn’t even need to ring. It wasn’t hard to do, there were two long windows on either side of the front door and an open seating lobby area behind.

We sat down on the comfy couch in the beautiful living room with the even more beautiful view when little James came to join us, very talkative and so friggin’ adorable, which made me think that maybe, just maybe, Vivian’s pregnancy was not all bad after all.

We hugged and talked, she hugged me again extra tight when we talked about Vivian’s disaster and told me to talk to Ezio about that, so he could talk some sense into his great-nephew.

I told her I’d think about it, but in reality, no way Jose!

Melissa poured wine in my glass when I realized she had sparking water instead.

08-03-18_11-16-17 AM08-03-18_11-14-02 AM

“Umm, Melissa …” I pointed at her glass.
“Yeah … ” she grinned from ear to ear.
“Does this mean what I think it means….” I raised an eyebrow.
“Yeeaaaaah!” she bounced excitedly on the couch next to me, only to hug me again.
“Well congrats, Momma! When, what, how, who, where?” I joked, we both laughed.
“All righty, still early on, so when would be many months from now, what, not sure, but other than that I will only tell you you know who and the rest is strictly confidential!” she expanded on my joke and we both laughed.

James eventually wore himself out, we tucked him and his sister in, Melissa got another bottle for me and I poured my lil heart out to her. She let me vent, cry, laugh and everything in between. It felt so very good. The more wine I had the better I felt.

Eventually we were joined by Ezio, who suggested bundling up and moving the ‘party’ out to the raised deck. No need to ask me twice.

08-03-18_11-36-10 AM08-03-18_11-41-13 AM08-03-18_11-30-33 AM

I told the story again, a lot less coherent now. At some point Melissa got tired and asked Ezio to see me home, as I was very very loopy now and felt off.

Another hug and our paths separated. Man, thinking was hard.

08-03-18_11-49-54 AM08-03-18_11-48-15 AM

And I was so very very very thirsty. No, not for wine. Blood. That urge .. it became so strong.

I must have blacked out, when I came to I was sitting on the ground outside the front of Ezio and Melissa’s home. I looked around, groggy, and saw Ezio toppled over near me. I scrambled up, or tried to, but instead crawled over to him. He was unconscious. I shook him, then turned him over on his back to pat his cheeks to wake him when I saw bitemarks on his neck. Who? Slowly my brain came up with a possibility. I licked my lips and tasted blood. Oh god! What had I done!?


I panicked and in my daze and malfunctioning mind did the worst possible thing: I ran home!

Once there I leaned against the front door from the inside. What had I done?! Poor Ezio! Poor Melissa! How much did I drink of him? Hopefully not too much! He was still alive when I left him. Oh God, I just left him there in the cold of winter. I had to go back. What if he died? Because of me?! Oh God, oh God!

I inhaled, opened the door and went back.

When I got there, the spot was empty. I looked through the nearby bushes and the front yard, and he was not there. Hopefully he had recovered and went to bed and was just weak. Hopefully he would not die. And hopefully I had not accidentally turned him. If only I could recall even a fraction of what had gone down!

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