1-42) Facing the Facts

Blaine was playing his guitar when I finally had gotten the nerve to go upstairs. The rhythmic sounds of his music filled the house when I opened the door from the cellar to the bedroom.

I had neither slept nor hibernated but laid in my coffin downstairs trying to avoid life altogether. I did not need to be able to recall much to know that something bad had happened, I could feel it. What I did not know was how to fix it, undo it, if that was even an option. Which it probably wasn’t at least not as far as I was aware.

08-03-18_5-45-11 PM.png

I would have to face Blaine and tell him what happened. Oh man, he would be mad. So, so mad. Ugh. But nothing helped, it had to happen sometime and now was as good a moment as any.

“Hey babygirl, listen to this, just came up with it!” Blaine proudly strummed on his guitar. Just like always, it sounded great.  He always had been a talented musician.

“Sounds great!” I said encouraging while sitting down on the couch.
“Wait for it … here goes … listen carefully now!” he was fully engrossed in his newly composed piece.

08-03-18_5-11-46 PM

I wished I had the nerve to appreciate it but just didn’t even feel like music right now.

“Where is Vivian?”
“Out, with friends.”
“WHAT!? You okayed that?”
He looked up at me, continuing his song.
“Sure, why not?”
“I am sure there will be boys there.”
“There are boys in her school, and you don’t mind her going to that now.” he grinned.
“A party is something different than school, don’t you think?” I said sharply. I would have never let her go.
Blaine ran his fingers over the strings and put down the guitar, plopped down next to me as it was his style and put his arm around me, pulled me close and kissed my forehead
“What are you afraid of? That she’d mess around with a boy again? I am pretty sure she has learned her lesson, and even if, she can’t get any more pregnant than pregnant, can she?” He smirked and kissed me.

08-03-18_1-04-53 PM
Vivian with her cousin Devin at the ruins for a dance party

I exhaled audibly.

“OK, what’s on your mind, babygirl.”
“Oh … nothing really.”
“Out with it, or I will tickle it out of you!” he playfully threatened.
“You are in a good mood.”
“Why wouldn’t I be? I have tonight off, no teen watchdog to interfere, just a romantic night with my girl!”
“You got over the news remarkably fast.”
“Why not? It’s not like any of us can do something about it now. At least not something we would want to do. So, I say, what the heck and on with life. Come here.” he pulled me into his lap and embraced me tight.
“Blaine, I have something to tell you.”
“Oh wait, before you continue, let me get some alcohol first.”
“Last time a female started out like that I found out she was pregnant …”
“Oh no, don’t worry. I am not. But there is something else … I kinda messed up too.”
“You did? How bad?”
“Pretty bad.”
“Did you cheat on me? Or are you leaving me?”
“Of course not.”
“Than it’s not that bad. Did you kill somebody?”
“No. I mean, maybe. I don’t know. Oh Blaine!” I started crying. He comforted me.

Once I was somewhat calmer again, he made me tell him the story. Or at least what I remembered. No more smile or smirk.

“Blaine? Say something. Please.”

“Well, did you call him?”
“Call him. If he picks up, you at least know he is alive.”

Right about now the doorbell rang along with pounding on the door, while we heard Ezio calling for me.

08-03-18_12-50-19 PM08-03-18_12-54-22 PM

“Never mind. Good news is, your ex-mafioso is fine. Bad news, he sounds pretty pissed, so I guess the other question is answered too.”
“What am I gonna do?”
“Answer the door before he breaks it. We really cannot afford a new door, we have maternity wear and baby stuff to buy.”
“What if he is really mad and wants to hurt me.”
“I am pretty sure he is mad, but that man would never hurt you. THIS I am sure of. Besides I am here. Nobody in their right mind would even dream of laying a finger on you while I am alive. Or living dead, whatever.”

08-03-18_12-54-45 PM08-03-18_12-55-21 PM

I answered the door and immediately Ezio let out a wave of words at me. At least I got my answers now. Because evidently, HE remembered everything in great detail.
After several minutes of listening to Ezio’s frustrations, Blaine came to the door and pulled both of us with him into the kitchen, poured coffee and sat down.

08-03-18_4-05-09 PM

“Listen man, I know this is not the stuff dreams are made of, but at the end of the day, you got what you wanted. You wanted to become one of us, so you have time for your family planning and shit. Well, congratulations, you are on your way to eternal life. Wheee.”

Blaine took a sip and winked at Ezio.

By and by the mood changed, for the better, and when Ezio left he was in much better spirits. This was when Blaine pulled me aside and began to explain to me what awaited me soon as the creator of the vampire version of Ezio. Man, that sounded like a lot of work and things to remember. But funny though that I would officially be known as his “Master”. Tee hee hee. Couldn’t wait to tell him about that.

Now how Melissa would feel about that, I could not say. Either extremely pissed at me, or happy that she would have her husband, or a version of him, for longer than expected. That was great news, right? How Ezio would go about his business, I did not know, but he was so far up the food chain, if he wanted to, he could change all office hours to night time .. or just work from home. Or retire. I mean, he did not need any more money.

I wanted so much to call Melissa. Or see her and hug her, but was truly afraid of her reaction. Especially now, that she was pregnant. I knew first hand that this would be most inconvenient. Either she had the baby at the hospital without him, since vampires were prohibited to enter and all entrances/exits at all hospitals were secured against vampires, or a home birth, which those were a whole new kind of scary. I really hoped that my mistake would not cost me a great friendship with someone very dear to me.



Finally it was here. Rebate day. We needed baby stuff and new clothing for our baby who was going to have a baby, but tried to make things work until rebate day. If you are low on funds, you start thinking this way.

08-03-18_4-39-54 PM

Blaine and I got a bunch of eye rolls from Vivian when we were nearly rolling on the floor walking into IKEA, as we were remembering the last time he and I were here on Rebate Day. Many, many years ago now. Luckily stores were open late on this day, so we could actually take advantage of it. We bought a bunch of cute baby things and would spend the rest of the weekend assembling, painting etc. We were a good family and aside the usual bickering, the three of us had a strong bond. If anybody could pull this kind of drama off, it would be us. And we did it without financial help from the unwilling baby daddy. He would pay child support once the baby was born, and that was the end of that. Blaine and I would handle the rest and Lucca could go and bite all of us, pun fully intended.


Doing the dishes one day, my mind wandering between my mess up and Vivian’s issues, when my cell phone buzzed.


Melissa inviting me over. A good sign, right? Phew. I didn’t even bother replying, just went right away.

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  1. Another game SNAFU. Actually the moment I learned that if you ignore vampires low thirst, they just go nuts and drink uncontrollably. With the right MOD setting, you create new vampires. Decision was made for me again, while I was dancing around the “should I, shouldn’t I?”. LOL

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  2. That’s still a problem from relocating the blog. Some sequential things are off. Vivian’s story became a side story and there are supposed to be links and it’s supposed to be the next chapter up. Didn’t realize that was still off, will have to fix that when I can.


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