1-44 Reconnecting

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“Mom, dad, seriously, I am fine, I am not 12 anymore and I can totally be alone!” Vivian shook her head, annoyed by our many questions and assurances, as she was in the kitchen doing her homework.

“No parties. No orgies. Don’t set the house on fire, do not drown the cat, don’t watch scary movies, …” Blaine rattled on, grinning, just trying to push her buttons, earning himself one of those stares.

“Blaine, come on. They’re not going to wait for us with the show!” I pulled him with me towards the door, told my daughter to behave and that we would be back before sunrise.

A bunch of us adults had decided to meet up and see a new theater play, a rendition of “Phantom of the Opera”. The Vatore’s, Ezio and Melissa, Addy and Casey and even Eric plus one was going. We still didn’t know who his mysterious beau was, but would find out tonight.

“Man, those parents. I swear I am going to be so different, little dude!” Vivian said, rubbing her baby belly.

She had just sat down to finish her homework in her room, after texting a reply to her older sister Addy,  when the doorbell rang. She sighed.

08-04-18_10-58-33 AM

“Soooooo, what did you forget now, my beloved geriatric parents?” she grinned when opening the door without checking who it was first. Big mistake.

08-04-18_11-01-00 AM

“Wha … What the hell are YOU doing here?” Vivian hissed, once she initial shock wore off.

“Well, hello there, mother of my child!” Lucca flashed his smile, his professionally whitened teeth contrasting against his tan skin.

“What. Do. You. Want?”

“Can I come in?”

“Nope!” Vivian stood in the doorway, arms crossed.

“Can I feel the baby?”

“Try and you’ll lose your hands.”

“Meow, kitty’s got claws tonight.”

“Got boots too, which I will sink up your ass if you do not muck off now.”

“Ok, ok, chill. I come in peace. Can we talk for a moment?” he seemed serious and genuine.

“Fine. But only the hallway.” she stepped aside and let him in.

08-04-18_11-02-47 AM

He stood there for a moment, looked around and when Vivian was distracted for a second by Roxy, Lucca went into the living room and sat down.

“Hey! Wait a minute! Please get out now!”

08-04-18_11-09-55 AM08-04-18_11-03-57 AM

“Why? Just wanna talk, that’s all.”

“OK, fine, talk. Make it quick.” Vivian had pulled the cell phone from the back pocket of her jeans as she sat down on the couch with him, yet a safe enough distance away.

“I just thought it does not need to end this way between us. I mean, we had fun, right? And now we kinda always have something in common. You know … a mutual child binds you …” he laid his hand on her thigh, she swatted it off immediately, jumped up.

“I need to … use the restroom!”

08-04-18_11-10-08 AM

Instead he went into her bedroom, locked the door and dialed.

Just about two minutes later she heard loud voices, scuffle, some muted moans of pain, then silence. Soon after a knock on the door.

“Viv, you in there?”

She quickly unlocked the door and threw herself into the boy’s arms.

08-04-18_11-24-10 AM

08-04-18_11-15-17 AM


“Thank you Vitto! You are my hero!”
“You ok?”
“Hmmm. Thanks to you. You didn’t kill him, right?”
“Nah, just roughed him up a little. His mommy will kiss his booboo and he’ll be his dumbass prick self by tomorrow. Plus maybe a shiner. Free gift.” Vittorio grinned.
“Man, he is so frigging creepy.”
“He’ll think creepy after I got in vampire style. Bitch was tripping big time. And he is definitely not too creepy to sweep all the girls off their feet. Literally.”
“Thanks.” Vivian frowned.
“Sorry, Viv, I didn’t mean it like that. I forgot that you .. and him … yeah. Topic change. Can you make sense of that history homework? They lost me completely.”
“Yeah, sure, come I’ll show ya.”

08-04-18_11-33-14 AM
They went into her room, she explained the problem to him. After taking notes he looked around her room and shook his head.

08-04-18_11-18-49 AM

“Couldn’t help but notice that you have the under 18 population of the entire town on your wall, except me, even though I think I am kinda your oldest friend. And hero, as I may add.” he smiled.
“You are right, wow! We are going to change that!”
“Nah, that’s all right. I am not exactly bred for beauty.”
“Oh zip it! You look like a proud rich vampire dude should. Now pose and flash those toothies!”
“Cheese platter!”

08-04-18_11-16-34 AM
Both laughed. It took several takes but soon he was in her ‘gallery’ too.

08-04-18_11-23-04 AM
Vivian giving Vitto his own framed copy of the selfie together

“Hey, I hope this doesn’t sound weird and all, but … can I feel?” Vittorio pointed at Vivian rubbing her belly, the baby had kicked again.
“Yeah, sure, I think he’s playing soccer in there right now.”

08-04-18_11-25-11 AM08-04-18_11-33-23 AM

Vittorio left about an hour before sunrise, and just about 15 minutes later Vivian’s parents came home.


08-04-18_1-34-36 PM
YEAH, bowling with friends, baby!
08-04-18_1-39-54 PM
Selfie time!
08-04-18_1-43-17 PM
UH OH, something is REALLY wrong.

08-04-18_1-45-22 PM

“Come on! Pick up, pick up, pick up!”

Finally the call was answered, a tired “Huh?”

“VITTO! HELP ME!” Vivian cried.

The reply sounded wide awake and alarmed as you could hear the person on the other end scrambling out of bed

“Viv, what’s wrong?”

“The baby! I think my water just broke. I need you to come and get me!” she sounded panicked and whiney. Vittorio naturally had a car. She didn’t.

“Where are you?”

“In Newcrest, at the bowling alley.”

“WTH are you doing there?”


“Be right there.”

After a felt eternity Vivian’s cell phone beeped. A text message from Vittorio.

Can’t find ya. Where r u?!

She texted back “Ladies Bathroom!!!!

The reply “Seriously?!?! Come outside so I don’t get arrested for being some creep in the girls’ bathroom!”

Vivian labored herself up from the stall she had hidden in and waddled outside, where she fell into Vittorio’s arms and hugged him tightly, then Vitto helped her onto a nearby couch.

08-04-18_1-51-47 PM

08-04-18_1-52-53 PM

“Why did you call me, not your parents?!” he sounded taken aback and worried.

“I told them I was going to your place tonight.”

“Oh super!” he shook his head

“Sorry, I wanted to go bowling with some friends, I needed some distraction. I texted you an invite, but you didn’t answer….” she smiled shyly.

“Where are your friends?”

“Down there, bowling.” she pointed.

He shook his head again.

“OK, let’s get you to a hospital. Come on.”

“Vitto, no… hello?! Vampire and all.”

“Oh shit, right. Ok, I’ll take you home then.”


Blaine opened the door, his eyes widened, he screamed for Viktoria then lead Vittorio, who was carrying Vivian now, to the bed in the master bedroom where it took less than half an hour till the baby came.

08-04-18_2-10-51 PM08-04-18_2-05-54 PM

“Oh man … I still don’t have a name …” Vivian moaned exhausted.

“Oh, don’t worry about it baby, it will come to you, you need to rest now!” Viktoria gently stroked her daughter’s cheek.

Blaine was holding the baby boy, whom he had cleaned up and handed him now to his mother, Blaine was paler than usual, and said nothing at all.

“How about Finn? I always kinda liked that name…” Vittorio, who stood towards the back of the room, said.

“All right, welcome to the world, Finn Cameron!” Vivian smiled while snuggling her new baby boy.

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