1-45) Intimidating Surprises

This was the fifth time I had thrown up today alone. Same with the past few days. Did vampires get stomach bugs? I felt ok otherwise. Weird disease. The only times I had something like this was when … oh no. No. Absolutely no. Hundred percent no.

I dug around in the drawers for a hair elastic before taking a shower and found a package of pregnancy tests, from Vivian. A multipack of four, two were gone, two left. Oh, what the hell.

08-05-18_12-37-14 PM.png

What the hell indeed. I took the other one that was left. Same result. Positive. I was pregnant. But we had done everything to make sure that would not happen. Had Blaine…? No, no he wouldn’t. He was not the type to sabotage birth control.

He was the type that would butter you up until you finally agreed to just about anything, just like he had done with Vivian.

Oh man, Blaine. Having to tell him about this now… phew. We really could not afford this. And Vivian would not like this either. Oh boy.

08-05-18_12-46-50 PM.png

“Oh Blaine, good thing you are here!” I said when he entered the kitchen while I was at the coffee maker.
“Yeah, imagine that, tell you a secret, I actually live here.” he smiled.
“Umm, can I talk to you for a minute?”
He raised an eyebrow.
“Uh oh, what did I do now?”
“Ok, uh oh, what did Vivian do now?”
“Blaine, just sit, ok.”

I sat down first.

08-05-18_12-48-04 PM

“Yes Miss, right away, Miss.” he bowed down and joined me at the small kitchen table.

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How to start? Maybe straight forward would be best.

“Blaine, I am pregnant.” There, the hammer into face method. Sorry, Blaine.

08-05-18_12-52-48 PM
Blaine just stared at me, without a smile, smart remark, anything.


He just scratched his head.
“Blaine, please say something.”
“Something other than that. Actual words. Please.”
“I was waiting for you to start laughing.”
“No laughter. I feel more like crying, I think. I don’t know.”

08-05-18_12-53-03 PM
Blaine now got up off his chair, pulled me up too and into his embrace. He held me like this while I sobbed a little, when he whispered by my ear.
“Don’t cry babygirl. This is happy news.”
“We cannot afford this! We have no room! And so much more is wrong with this … ” I sniffed.
“Baby, we have weathered worse storms than that. People have been having babies since the beginning of time and not all were financially sound. We can handle anything, especially a cute little baby. Or two, or three.”
“Not even funny!”
“Let’s go tell Vivian.”
“If we must…”
“We must.”


08-05-18_12-54-40 PM

Vivian was in the living room strumming on Blaine’s guitar. She had shown interest and he had shown her how to play a few chords.

“Hey Viv, mom and I have something to tell you real quick.”
“Uh huh ..” she replied, distracted, trying to get a certain chord just right until Blaine took the guitar from her.
“Later, my angel, talking first.”
“Ok, so what’s up?”
“You or me?” Blaine asked me.
“Go ahead.”
“Ok, your mother is pregnant.” Blaine said.
“Oh my gawd.  No way. Please tell me this is a joke. It’s not a joke, right? Oh man, how could this happen?”
“I’ll draw you a picture …” Blaine smirked.
“No thanks! Actually, you know what? I knew this was going to happen sooner or later, the way you two are always all over each other. Truthfully, I am surprised that I do not have like 14 brothers and sisters running around here already …”

“So we are good?” I asked carefully.
“If I said no, would you do something about it?” Vivian asked and shrugged.
“Ummm..” I was trying to process the question.
“What you mother means to say is ‘hell no!'” Blaine intervened.
“Right, so what’s the point. I am going to have a little brother or sister soon, yay. Ah, you know what, congrats you two. Seriously, I mean it. Yeah, it’s cool. I actually do think I like it in a very weird, odd, unexpected, kinda rednecky way.”

08-05-18_12-56-08 PM

A family group hug ensued, soon to be interrupted by the youngest member of our family, Finn, screaming in his crib demanding his lunch.

Vivian went to take care of him, while Blaine just held on to me, telling me everything would be all right.


I called Melissa the same evening to see if she was up for company. She just had her little girl and had been recovering. I thought I would combine meeting her little darling with dropping my bomb on her and Ezio.

Ezio, all gentleman, waited for me outside their home with an umbrella, as he knew in 90% of all cases I would forget mine. And I had. Absentminded I gave him a peck on the cheek, then blushed, but he just laughed it off

“That’s new.”

08-05-18_1-03-46 PM

I met little Stefania Auditore, cute as a button and all smiles when I held her.

08-05-18_1-05-20 PM

Soon we all assembled in one of the living rooms, even their twin toddlers and Vittorio when I gave them my news.

No surprise that Ezio was uber-excited for me, that man could not have enough kids around, Melissa was too and Vittorio just grinned, shook his head and started texting, presumably Vivian. The toddlers of course paid little attention and were much to busy trying to get ours for their little antics.

08-05-18_1-17-30 PM


That night in bed, yes, bed, Blaine and I had decided to sleep next to each other in a space intended for that rather than try to squeeze together into one coffin, which we often would do. I was snuggled into Blaine’s shoulder on his arm which he had wrapped around me like so many times before, when I sighed.

“Still worried, babygirl?”
“Don’t be. We’ll make it work, it will all be fine, I promise.”
“Yeah…” I sighed again and kissed the tattoo on his chest.
“You know what though?”
“I kinda hope this one will be a boy. I’d like to have a son. Never realized that until Finn was born. And if it is another girl, I’ll be just as happy, so do not start worrying about that now, please!”

He tipped his index finger on my nose, then we kissed.

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