1-47) Birthdays

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“You know they sell those in bakeries and I’d have been more than happy to pick one up …” Blaine looked concerned, when I dropped the spoon into the bowl again and pressed a hand before my face, turning away from the food.

Once the feeling passed I replied.

“I know. But it’s so much more personal if I make it, even though I have not felt this sick in a long time!”

My nausea rooted from tasting cake batter, as one of the drawbacks of being a vampire was that human food was utterly indigestible and caused severe reactions. Occasionally some illusive tincture could help, taken before exposure to human food, but the longer one was a vampire the less this helped.

With great determination I was baking a birthday cake for Vivian. Not like she would be able to eat any of it, but it was for the semblance of normality for all the human guests we had invited. Our baby’s birthday was tomorrow, she would officially be a young adult, all grown up. Many months ago she had moved out of our house, and she and Finn did very well. Most people could not understand that Blaine and I would allow our teen daughter to live on her own with a toddler, especially since she had moved to a different town, but vampire children were not like human kids. Weeks ago Vivian had graduated high school with honors and would attend college soon, fine arts to be exact, which was really no surprise with a talented musician as a father and she had a natural talent for instruments as well. As proud as we were, it was still hard to let go. When I got too melancholic, Blaine liked to remind me of the baby we were about to have within the next few weeks. A boy.

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Now it was the evening of the party, everybody invited had come. The house was way too small for such a large group so we had people in each and every room. Had it not been for the torrential downpour, we could have utilized the front- and backyard, the scenic views would have made up for it.


Melissa waddled in, just as pregnant as I was. We laughed so hard trying to hug each other, later we both cried inconsolably when Vivian blew out the candles. Blaine and Ezio exchanged ‘it’s the hormones’ eye rolls. As long as those two would not end up brawling again, fine by me.  It turned out to be a great party, well worth the vomiting from trying to bake that cake for my baby and everybody seemed to like it. Once upon a time I used to be a good cook, which helped. Vivian had fun and that was worth every effort.


To my surprise even Blaine’s estranged daughter Madison had come. It was obvious that we all would never grow incredibly close, but at least we were on good terms now. Blaine’s sister and his niece were there, Blaine’s grandson Ben, a real sweetie. I had always loved that boy, well; he was a young man now too. He was also very musically inclined, so he and Viv had a lot to talk about. Caleb and Grace Vatore came, Addy and Lauren were there, sadly her hubby and youngest daughter Autumn had camp and were unable to come. Vitto was there. He and Vivian were still best friends but with her moved out we hardly saw him anymore. He was about to attend college too, but obviously business and finances, as he would eventually make a career in Ezio’s business.

Everything was absolutely harmonious. Like a movie. Made me suspicious, but eventually everybody left and still no drama, not catastrophes, no fights, just harmony.

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Blaine blowing raspberries on my neck rudely pulled me back from the forest of worry, doubts and thoughts.

“Hey, what the hell?!” I protested, pushing his head away as he grinned at me.

“Welcome back to reality, babygirl.”


“I asked you three times if you wanted coffee. Knowing the coffee addict you are, I felt that desperate times called for desperate measures.”

“Right, and the adult in you decided, THIS was the way to go?”

“No, but it seemed like the most fun option.”

“Well, that is of course the most important thing. My husband is entertained.”

“Your husband would like to be entertained still.”

“No more raspberries!”

“I wasn’t thinking about raspberries …” he had that twinkle in his eye, that I was more than familiar with.

“Oh no, no no. Down boy. I am ‘this’ close to giving birth. No way you fiend.” I threatened playfully, giggling, when he crawled carefully atop me, grinning, pushing me backwards onto the couch.

“Oh! Blaine, stop… urgh!” I felt really weird and off so I pushed against Blaine’s chest, who realized immediately that I was not playing anymore, and within seconds knelt next to me on the floor, a worried look on his face.

“What’s wrong babygirl? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Blaine seemed worried.

“Blaine … I hope you are ready to be a daddy again, because I think your son is ready to meet!” I told him when I felt warm wetness below me.

Blaine swept me up in his arms and ran into the bedroom.

Not half an hour later I was holding little Liam Cameron in my arms. Man, if I had needed another pro point for being a vampire, giving birth was definitely it. Did not hurt a bit. And super quick. Slight discomfort for a while, but not an idea of pain. I made Blaine laugh when I joked about neither of us ever mentioning that part to Ezio, or poor Melissa would find herself turned and with a dozen kids in no time flat.

So we had one baby that just left the nest and a new one to fill it already.

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