1-48) Husbands And Babies

Blaine walked into the living room with two cups of coffee, placed them on the coffee table then in some artistic maneuver slid one of his long legs behind me and before I knew it he was behind me on the couch, pulling me into a backwards embrace while nuzzling my neck. That man never grew tired of this kind of stuff and if I didn’t stop him every so often, we would never get anything accomplished.

“Is Liam asleep?”

“Yes Ma’am. I still got it. Been successfully boring babies into submission and instant sleep for decades now. And sometimes wives, too.” He joked, while I leaned forward to grab our coffee mugs off the table, handing him one.

“Wives, huh, plural?”

“Maybe I need to edit that part of my resume. Cannot really claim much about Olivia, considering I was mostly in some alcohol or drug induced daze during that stint. But I am sure I was pretty boring back then too.”

Hearing him talk about his ex wife just always gave me a sting, even though it was no secret, given the fact that I knew her before he did, I was the one that introduced them, had been through it all with them, the wedding, the babies, the break up. I wondered if this was how he felt when I mentioned Ezio.

“So, what’s planned for us today?” he asked in between sips.

“Not much. Debating on whether to call or just swing by Melissa and Ezio’s. She should be giving birth soon too. Kinda eager to know what they are having. Drives me nuts that they always want it to be a ‘surprise’. ”

“Ah, snuggling with dear old Ezio again.  I cannot wait! Actually, yes I can, so I think I will stay home with Liam and let you go do the snuggling by yourself.”

“Nope. We are all going. If I show up without Liam both will slam the door in my face, you know how much the Auditores love babies. And you are going too, hubby, I am not listening to your bitching about all that you think I do when over there alone.”

“Not like my ‘bitching’ is so unreasonable. Last time you went over alone you bit that dang Mafioso, after I explicitly had asked you not to.”

“Thanks for bringing that up again.” I grimaced. Still a sore spot. Not my finest hour.

“My pleasure. Want some salt rubbed in there too? I am sure I can think of something juicy.” Blaine brought his face forward so that I could see his grin from the corner of my eyes, before I kissed him.

“Only if you want a severe spanking!” I warned jokingly.

“Sounds raunchy, I am game!” he chuckled, when I play hit him.

My phone rang, buzzing around on the table. Blaine grabbed it, caller ID claimed it to be Vivian, our daughter. He put it on speaker.

“Hey mommy, hey daddy. Just wanted to check in, tell you two I love you and that everybody here is still alive. Well, except me of course.” She laughed. Lame jokes like this were a customary thing in most vampire families.

“Same here, still all dead. Your mother is making us go over to the Auditore’s today. Please say something to save your old dad, kiddo. Say you need a babysitter.”

“Sorry daddy. I am gonna be home all day studying. Finals coming up and a big test on Monday. Tell everybody hi from me.”

“Jeeze kiddo, who raised you so boring and responsible. You are a disgrace to your dad.”

“I know daddy, purely despicable. Hey, gotta go, Finn’s getting into something, love you both.” She made kissing noises into the receiver and hung up.

“She’s a great kid, our lil girl. Let’s hope that next one isn’t a dud either.” Blaine joked while leaning forward to put my phone back, when it rang again. Vivian was notorious for calling back, forgetting something. He just pushed the speaker button without waiting for the caller ID.

“Hey baby” he said cheerfully.

“Ummm… hello …. ahem …. Blaine…is ….erm … Viktoria available?” Ezio’s voice blared from the phone now, sounding taken aback, while I burst into laughter.

“Ah, there she is…” the voice continued sounding relieved, while I was still laughing loudly, watching Blaine pull faces.

“Hey Ezio, what’s up?” I pressed out, while Blaine was making fun of Ezio’s usual proper behavior. Those two could not be any more opposite.

“Melissa is suffering from severe cabin fever, but I don’t think we should leave the house given the current circumstances, so I was hoping you and Blaine wouldn’t mind coming over. And bring that baby of yours!”

“Sure, we were basically already on our way anyway, weren’t we Blaine?” I nudged him.

“You bet.” He growled rolling his eyes while using his fingers to ‘shoot’ himself in the head.

“Great. I have some sparkling cider, since neither of you girls can drink and just accepted a new shipment of the Bourbon Blaine likes so we can celebrate. See you shortly!”

“The Bourbon I like? Like there is a Bourbon I don’t like.”

“Blaine-y, be nice. He is trying.”

“Yeah, he is trying something all right.”

“Blaine Cameron! Behave yourself. Go get Liam. At least I know you won’t be hitting Ezio when you are holding your son.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure … I have been thinking of a new routine … I have about 10 seconds if I throw Liam high enough …” he joked, gesturing a throwing motion straight up in the air.


“Yeah yeah, let’s just go. What a nice girl like Melissa sees in that arrogant hoity toity spaghetti wrangler is beyond me … just like I never understood what you …”

“Blaine, Liam now!”

He walked off towards the nursery, still grumbling on and on. Some days he was excited to go see them, and he and Ezio just babbled on and on about sports, cars, home repair ideas like best buds …. Then there were days like today when Blaine was a total baby about it, and from Melissa I knew Ezio was the same way. ‘Men!’ I sighed to myself.

We walked up the narrow, sandy path to the Auditore mansion, bypassing the large impressive gated front and slipping in from the side, leading straight to the front door. We rang and the maid opened, leading us to the large living room. It took poor Melissa several attempts and Blaine’s help to get up off the soft couch to hug us. Poor thing, I thought to myself. She was still human and had to deal with all the tough times a pregnancy brought on. I have to say, my last pregnancy was a breeze. The large belly and limited mobility towards the end was the worst of it all. Other than the morning sickness in the very beginning, I had no pain, no issues, no nothing. The birth was ridiculously easy. To tell the truth, since we were both vampires, and Blaine meanwhile pretty high ranking, there was not much chance that our baby would be human, so I could have drank alcohol throughout the pregnancy without it affecting the child negatively. Our daughter Vivian’s child, our grandson Finn, was human like his father. Vivian herself had been born a vampire, even though I was still human when she was conceived. So it was always a hit and a miss if one parent was human, but with two vampires, there was no question. I was eager to see what Melissa and Ezio’s baby would be, human or vampire. Hugging her now, she was huge and I swear it felt like she was about to give birth any second. The baby had dropped already.

We all sat down, made small talk, I shot some ‘stop it’ glances at Blaine when he downed the exclusive and pricey Bourbon Ezio was so proud of like it was tap water. Evidently today would be another complicated day with the two husbands behaving like tired toddlers. How right I was became apparent not long after. Liam became fussy, so Melissa, who was holding him, suggested putting him down in the crib already awaiting the arrival of her own baby. When we came back into the living room just minutes later, the two men were already measuring each other up, staring each other down face to face, ready to throw punches, and they did, even though both of us girls called out to them. We decided to let them fight it out. They were both vampires, so no matter what, nothing too bad could happen to either.

Finally the men seized their scuffle and lay on the floor, exhausted. Blaine was the first to get up, offering a hand to Ezio.

08-18-18_11-44-22 AM.png

When both stood they looked around the room.

“Where’s Vik?” Blaine asked Melissa, who was sitting on the couch.

“Went home.” She answered testily “And I am going to bed. Night all.”

“Uh oh, I think we are in trouble.” Blaine told Ezio.

“Sounds like it. Want another glass?”

“Sure, why not.”

Ezio poured, they sat down, and both drank, already pouring the next.

“Wonder why she just left without me.” Blaine slurred.

“Hormones. Makes them even less reasonable. I should know.” Ezio slurred back, trying to pour another, almost missing Blaine’s glass.

“Wait till that girl of yours becomes a teen. Then you have two unreasonable estrogen bombs blowing up your days, when you least expect it.” Blaine slurred, shaking his index finger at Ezio.

“Already had that, remember? Addy is a sweet girl, but man, as a teen she nearly drove me into the psyche ward. And I don’t have to tell you about Vik and her weird antics.” Ezio slurred, chuckling.

“Leave my wife out of that.” Blaine warned, still slurring his words badly, while almost sliding off the couch.

“Was my wife then … not like she is reasonable nowadays …” Ezio shrugged.

Blaine took a swing at Ezio, missed by a mile and fell to the ground, where he moaned, a feeble attempt to get up and then just started snoring.

When Melissa got up the next morning, she found both men still in the living room. Ezio sprawled out on the couch, Blaine on the floor in front of it both snoring in near harmony. ‘Lovely!’ she thought. While the windows in the house all had a special tint, appearing like normal windows from the inside, but shielding the sunlight from the outside, it was daytime and no way to get Blaine home until later. She instructed the maid to clean up the living room but leave the men be, while she poured herself a coffee, when she dialed my number. I sounded drowsy, as I had been asleep already.

“Hello bestie. Did you forget something here last night?”

“Oh no, he’s still there? I figured he snuck in and was just hiding from my wrath.”

“Still here, passed out in our living room and snoring a duet with my own special someone. Just tell me how I am supposed to keep them from fighting all day long once they wake up, in my condition, plus I have work to do today and cannot babysit two grown men on top of my kids!” Melissa vented.

“Sorry girly. I thought for sure he would come home. I’ll make it up to you, promise. Maybe you can tie them both together somewhere and stick pacifiers in their mouths…” we both giggled, imagining the elegant business man in his expensive tailored suit and my tattooed rocker bound together to one of the columns sucking on pacifiers, while the Auditore’s household staff stood around them with question marks above their heads.

“Don’t give me any ideas now. Gotta go. Talk to you later.” Melissa laughed before she hung up.

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