1-50) Staking Claim

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“Poor Melly…” I said looking at my phone after the call ended.

“She preggers again!?” Blaine grinned, while watching me slip the phone into the back pocket of my jeans, before handing me a mug of the coffee he had brewed while I was on the phone.

“No, come on now. But she is very overwhelmed with the kids, the complex life as an Auditore and adjusting to Ezio’s ‘condition’. It’s just a lot all at once. Poor thing just sounds desperate for a break!”

“Oh no, sweet cheeks. I can see the wheels turning. Not us. We already got one of those homemade love-killers of our own with Liam, we are not babysitting the entire Auditore crew. They have a nanny, butler, maid … and about 5 dozen relatives. Let them handle the kids to give the parents a break!” Blaine shook his head while wagging his finger at me, the amusement sparkling in his eyes, despite it all.

“Yeah, I know.” I agreed, mentally still running through all possible scenarios to help my friend.

“Speaking of, where is that older kid of ours and the grandmonster? We need to leave soon!”

“Don’t look at me, I raised her reliable. Tardiness is all daddy!”

“Oh yeah?” he grinned while wrapping his arms around me and kissing me, when the kitchen door opened and Vivian entered carrying her toddler son Finn who was babbling happily.

08-22-18_5-14-47 AM.png


“Oh perfect, just in time for more parent-porn!” Vivian rolled her eyes, but smiled, before planting kisses on both of us.

08-22-18_5-14-32 AM.png

“About damn time young lady. Your mother and I have to leave. Your brother just ate, is changed, should be a breeze to babysit.” Vivian would usually come over with Finn and babysit Liam while Blaine and I went to work. On rare occasions Addy or Melissa would take over if she couldn’t.

08-22-18_5-54-26 AM.png

“I think I can handle a baby, daddy. You may not have noticed, but I have one of those too.”

“I thought that was just a really young date of yours…” Blaine joked kissing his grandson’s chubby cheek, while I was kissing Finn’s soft hair fuzz.

08-22-18_5-59-13 AM.pngBlaine was right, we did have to hurry now. We still worked as the live evening entertainment of the bar Blaine used to bartend at, and sometimes he still would help out there again. On and off we had some other gigs, just onsie, twosies, here and there. We’d perform for about 3 to 4 hours at a time, not exactly making the big bucks but it paid the bills. And we had fun and were together. As we always were.

Blaine was still a hit with the ladies, and oddly, once in a club setting with a few drinks in them, the women were a lot more obnoxious and aggressive about throwing themselves at Blaine than the male patrons were about hitting on me. Luckily I wasn’t excessively jealous or this job would have been hellacious. For the most part I just smiled to myself at the way some women threw themselves at Blaine, who mostly let it all pearl off of him nonchalantly, barely acknowledging it with a ‘thanks, but no thanks’ smile.

08-20-18_7-08-58 AM.png

Every once in a while, depending on gig and setting, he would do oddly romantic typical Blaine things, like this once as we were doing some rock cover songs, most of those were all Blaine for guitar and vocals, when he pulled me close then ‘locked’ me into some sort of embrace on stage with the guitar before beginning to play an old rock ballad, making not just my heart melt and knees go weak when he sang in his raspy voice and got to the lines

“…you’re the only thing that I like about me … and in this world where nothing else is true, here I am, still tangled up in you … how long has it been since this storyline began? And I hope it never ends and goes like this forever …in this world where nothing else is true …(*)

I heard moaning and ‘awws’ in the audience, otherwise mostly quietly listening on. I didn’t need to read minds to know that several ladies shot their partners glances of ‘why can’t YOU be like that?!’.

During the break Blaine lead me to the crowded bar, the bartender was busy, so Blaine went behind the bar and made our drinks himself, nodding at Dave, the bartender on duty. A perk of working here was free booze.

“You are positive that you are not pregnant, right?” Blaine basically had to yell near my ear.

Instead of a reply I just grabbed one of the drinks and took a sip, before opening my eyes wide. Blaine made great drinks, but he liked them strong.

As we were laughing at my reaction a woman came over and literally asked my husband to sign her mostly already revealed and obviously surgically enhanced chest. Even worse, Blaine grinned at me, winked and did as requested. You have to understand that while we had a small following that liked our music, we were nowhere near stardom, so this was way over the top.

As I said I was not the most jealous person but this just pushed all buttons. Once he was done signing, I grabbed him by the collar and kissed him in a way that would make a hooker blush. Blaine was all game, and just handed back the pen without looking, before embracing me, pushing me up against a wall.

“I have some places for you to sign” I whispered near his ear.

Blaine picked me up and headed into one of the dark corners of the club. “There, problem solved,” I thought to myself. If one thing was reliable, it was Blaine’s insatiable desire for certain physical entertainment. He was up for it. Always. With me, that is. I had never heard anyone even hint, nor had I personally ever seen him even remotely interested in another woman since we had become a couple. Thankfully. Caleb once mentioned that this entire soulmate business was pretty serious to vampires. I had always been the loyal type anyway, the kind of person that would not cheat when in a relationship.

We didn’t get around to sealing the deal; Dave had one of the bouncers find us, begging Blaine to help out at the bar. I followed him, sat at the bar and ordered another drink when casually looking at my cell phone. A text message. Melissa.

You busy? Going crazy here, could use company! P.S. MOSCATO for days! 

Oh, sorry girly. We had another hour to go after the break before I could go home, and then it would soon be getting light. I decided to text her back, some encouraging words and the promise to hang out the next day. I cared about my new bestie very much, which was a bit odd, if you really thought about it, considering she was married to my ex-husband. Customarily that never went too well for most people. But none of us four were like most people, all with our special kind of baggage.

I slipped the phone back into the small clutch I had to carry despite not being a purse-girl at all since the club dress code did not allow casual clothing with pockets. Suddenly I felt watched. Looking up I caught the stare of a woman wearing heavy make-up and a barely there dress that looked like a sequin fairy had a seizure all over it. When she noticed me looking she came over and slid onto the free barstool next to me her short skirt barely keeping her decent.

“You’re one of the singers, right?” she addressed me.

“I am.”

“The guitarist, is he seeing someone?”

“Worse, he is married.” I smiled.

“Shit. The good ones always are. Are you two… you know…. have you guys ever? I know I would if I had that man-candy next to me as much as you do…”

“Yeah, we have. But shhhhh.” I winked, placing my index finger against my lips, deciding to have some fun. So sue me.
“So what’s he like, you know, in the sack.”

“I’d give him a solid 9.5” I grinned, she laughed.

“Have you met his old lady?”

“I’ve seen her.” Yeah, once upon a time in a mirror, prior to the vampire days, I thought to myself, amused.

“Probably some fat old homebody. Either that or some stripper named Candy. Those musicians are all the same, really predictable.” she ‘educated’ me.

An evil grin crept onto my face, I had too much fun with this cat and mouse game. Looking around the club, I caught Blaine’s gaze, he smiled.

“He likes you. Hopefully his old lady won’t find out, or there will be T-R-O-U-B-L-E! Trust me I know. I am on my fifth boss slash sugar daddy now, and his old lady is onto me. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but it is always me who gets the shaft, never the missus. But one day, I am telling you, one day I get lucky and get a piece of the cake, get them to put a ring on it, like I deserve. Musicians are just a hobby of mine; most of them have no money, and the ones who do have expensive baggage or habits. Ooh, here he comes now. ” Her attention was all on Blaine.

“Ladies, how about a refill?” He leaned forward against the bar, placing both hands on it.

“Sure, handsome! Your colleague and I were just talking about your relationship status.”

“Is that so?” he looked at me, I winked at him, and he caught on that I was up to something.

He put the drinks before us, and then leaned casually up against the bar from the barkeep side again.

“So what’s the verdict?”

“About what?”

“My status.”

“Your colleague here said you were hitched. Too bad, but if you ever need some variety, your co-worker here and I would be willing to help out, right girl?”

“Absolutely, if he thinks he can handle it.” I grinned at him.

“Oh, he can, but only one at a time. How about you first?” Blaine pointed at me with his chin, ignoring the still flirty complaints of the other woman.

“Let’s go!” I said. Blaine came around the bar grabbed my arm and pulled me along.

Downstairs he pushed me up against a large closet.

“So, enlighten me what all that was about.”

“Just a little fun with one of your groupies.”

“What if I had chosen her to have some fun?”

“Then I hope you’d enjoy it while you can before I emasculate you! With my bare hands!”

“I’d like to see that!” he grinned before placing hot kisses all over my face.

“Hey Blaine?!”we heard a deep male voice.

He stiffened, growled as he pushed slightly away from me.

“What?!” he growled at the bouncer.

“Boss said to find you two. You are on again in 5.”

“F-ing hell!” Blaine was not amused.


Once our last part of the gig was done, including two encores, I was beat. As a vampire you did not get exhausted like a human, but you eventually would run out of steam as well. Plus, my voice was almost gone now.

Blaine was held up by the boss who was going over something with him, while I went on to the bar to get something to drink. Dave was busy, but suddenly some man sat next to me, placing a mixed drink in front of me, smiling.

I looked back at Blaine who was now talking to two barely clad girls, one of them fanning herself while he was signing the décolletage of the other. *sigh*. Today was one of those days, I suppose.

“I got this one for you!” the guy next to me tapped on my shoulder and shouted against the noise of the club, pointing at the glass in front of me.

‘Oh why not?’ I thought and grabbed it, taking a healthy sip. If it was ok for my hubby to sign boobs, I could accept a drink.

“So, what’s your name, baby?” the man now asked against the noise level of the club, his breath reeking of alcohol. Plenty of it.

Urgh. My mood dropped. One of those dudes. Yep, definitely not my day.

“I call her ‘wife’.” Blaine now said from behind us, while grabbing my sponsored drink, downing the rest of it in a single gulp. “Thanks though, buddy, very thoughtful!” he smiled at the man, while pulling on my upper arm. I slid off the barstool and followed.

Once we were outside, ears ringing from the sudden quiet, Blaine turned to stand in front of me, forcing me to stop short.

“So, mind telling me what that was about?”


“The drinks with your beau in there?”

“My beau? Surprised you even noticed, as busy as you were signing breasts!” I snapped.

“Ah, so that’s it. I got too close for comfort to some chick and you go and pimp yourself out for a drink, which ironically, we get for free here anyway?”

“Pimp out?! He just offered a drink. I was thirsty, Dave was busy. No more pimping that what you do, besides he didn’t ask, just put it in front of me. He was just being nice. So what’s your problem?”

“OK, few things, and I cannot believe I am having this talk with you this late in our lives, but what I did is not comparable to what you did. He offered, you took, basically he paid you for services not yet rendered, while me, I got me a feel and signed my name and that was it. 99% of men offering drinks in situations and places like this, are not being nice. They want something. Something that is all mine. Which is where this becomes a problem.”

“Ah, so what if one of the many chicks you gave temporary Blaine-tattoos too wanted more, which I think they did!?”

“They can want in one hand and shit in the other, we’ll see which one fills up first. I already gave them what they asked for. Everything beyond that would be up to further negotiations, which I am in no way bound to.”

“Oh really? Is that some ‘manwhoring-in-bars-code’?” there was a distinct sharpness in my voice.

He grinned, pulled me close, which I tried to resist, but he just pulled me in anyway and kissed my forehead.

“No, that is Blaine-code. I suggest you take notes, as I would really hate to have to ruin some poor dude’s day, because my wife slept through that class.”

I laid my head up against his shoulder.


“Hmm hmm?”

“Do you really have to sign other women’s boobs?”

“I don’t have to. But show me any man who would decline offers like that.” His face was nestled up against the side of mine, so I could feel his grin and knew he was just teasing. I pushed back against him, pointed at his chest and said.

“This one!”

He smirked, winked at me, kissed the tip of the index finger I had used to point at him, then he put his lips next to my ear and whispered

“You got it, jealous Nelly!”

“I am not – hmph!” Blaine suffocated my protest with more kisses.


I had just closed the lid of my coffin when it was opened from the outside. Blaine without even a thread of clothing on, already climbing in, without even waiting for an invite or me to make some room.

“Hey, careful, and don’t you have your own? I am tired from work and the baby…”

“Too bad, I am here to cash in on the promise!”

“What promise?”

“In the club you felt like you needed to use me as some pawn in your little game. You promised delights aplenty, now I am here to collect! And don’t even try that ‘not tonight honey’ business. Won’t work.”

He did not allow any more talk back.


I sighed contently, placing my head onto Blaine’s chest afterwards.

“Penny for your thoughts, babygirl.”

“I was thinking about Melissa.” I replied honestly.

He chuckled. “I am really glad that I am a very confident man, or I’d be in a fetal position sucking my thumb half the time after sex. At least you didn’t say the ‘E-word’ this time.” Blaine was referring to Ezio.

“She texted me at the club, seemed so down, depressed even. I feel like a horrible friend.”

“I would be depressed too if I were married to that old Italian meatball with fangs who keeps knocking her up any chance he gets. He gives new meaning to the expression ‘pain in the neck’. Vampire does not become him, needs anger management classes.”

“Hey, I thought you two made up and were BFFs now?”

“He’s a good guy generally, but will always be a very special kind of pain in my ass. Especially since every time I ask my wife about her thoughts after we did the naughty, his name or someone in his family comes up.”

“So quit asking.” I laughed.

“Superb logic, babygirl. Trying to put out the bonfire with a marshmallow.”

“Let’s get some rest before Liam decides he needs something.”

He wrapped his arm around me and we drifted off to slumber together.




(*) “Tangled Up In You” by Staind

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