1-53) Friendly Advice

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Blaine opened the door after the first knock. It was Melissa.

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“Aww, sorry Lissa, Vik’s not home.” Blaine said as they hugged.
“You let her go somewhere without you? I am shocked!” Melissa teased him.
He grinned.
“Yeah, as enticing as sitting at the hair salon with her sounded, while holding Liam who has been fussy these days, I passed this time to punish myself for ruining your evening recently.”
“Ha ha ha, what a martyr! And no worries, you didn’t.”

Blaine and she sat down in the kitchen, after she politely declined Blaine’s offer to wake Liam so she could say hi. As much as she loved kids, she did need a break sometimes. Instead Blaine offered coffee, which she also declined. She seemed to have something heavy weighing on her mind.

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“You know we can go sit down in the living room…”
“No, this is good. I like your kitchen. So cozy and small. Makes everything a lot less … surreal.”
“Still not used to the wealth and riches, huh?”
“Not even close. You know, him being rich is one thing, which girl would hate that, right? But all the other stuff that comes with it. He is such a workaholic. And every time we go somewhere it’s so pompous, so overly fake-friendly, all eyes on us. Sounds so much fun, until it happens all the time. Now it’s just so annoying. And he has such a distorted view about quality. Everything always has to be top brands. Last time I went to the nail salon I picked up some Cheeto’s on the way home, I don’t know, they just sounded good to me at the time. When Ezio came home and caught me eating them on the couch he just about had a stroke and ordered the chef, who was about to go home, to stay and handmake me all sorts of savory finger foods from ‘quality’ ingredients. I mean, it is sweet and all, but so annoying. All I wanted was some childhood comfort food. Instead I got a lecture about preservatives and bad nutrition!” Melissa talked herself into an almost rage.

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Blaine laughed, she relaxed a bit and joined in.

“I don’t mean to complain, really. I have never been as happy as with Ezio. And part of me loves being spoiled. But he is so rigid sometimes. For example, do you know what the top reasons for fighting among couples are? Money and kids. We have NEVER fought about that. We get to the verge of fighting frequently about stuff like interior design. I love the house, initially you walk in and are wowed, I get it. But living there, especially with small children, so much white and light colors and everything is so expensive and exclusive … when all I want is for it to look more cozy. Like a home. Traditional. But if I even suggest to change anything he goes into a defensive spiel about how hard it was to get that certain architect and designer and item, he completely misses the point. But I can wake up in the dead middle of the night and have a craving and he will go or send for it immediately. He is the most attentive man and – sorry – lover I ever had, which is why I feel so bad complaining at all. And after the scare with that blonde, I realized I am so afraid of losing him to someone who would NOT complain.” Melissa sighed.

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Blaine got up and just hugged her, held her for a moment while she sniffled her frustrations into his shoulder.

“You know what his problem is, Lissa? He is a man. We really are just a bunch of knuckle-dragging mutated monkeys without concepts.”

Melissa burst out laughing against Blaine’s shoulder when she sat back up and he released her, as she was laughing and crying for frustration at the same time.

Blaine grabbed a few paper towels from the counter and handed them to her, then crouched down before her.

“Look, that Mafioso loves you, and he won’t stray, not even if you did nothing but complain, that I am sure of. He’d die for ya – I mean, he already proved that, but I mean for good. Still, he won’t listen until he is ready to listen. Because he is a stubborn ol’ man. And I know you hate hearing me talk about such stuff, but you know when a man is too relaxed to talk back or walk away, yet more than ready to listen? Catch him after nookie and you have his full attention, plus he’d probably agree to just about anything then. Beauty about male vampires is they don’t fall asleep after nookie. So, get that list ready in your head, do the dirty and spoon-feed it to him with your feminine charm. I betcha you’ll have your remodel soon. And it’ll still leave him with a smile.” Blaine winked at her, Melissa hugged him.

That was the moment I entered the kitchen.

“Umm, ok … what exactly am I walking into here?” I grinned, as Melissa let go and Blaine turned to greet me.

“Our lips are sealed, right Lissa?” he winked at her and made a locking motion with two fingers before his lips.

“Oh, now my two best friends have secrets from me?” I teased.

“Blaine was just giving me some advice.” Melissa hugged me now “By the way, your hair looks great!”

08-29-18_1-26-32 PM.png

“Thanks! At least SOMEBODY noticed! And my advice about Blaine’s advice is: do the opposite!” I barely got all that out before Blaine pulled me into an embrace and blew raspberries on my neck, making me giggle.

Melissa stayed for a while longer until she had to go home to put all the kids to bed, something she had insisted on doing since the twins were born. While she let the nanny help, admirably she still handled most of the childcare and raising herself.


She seemed in good spirits when she left and something told me that there was some sort of plan brewing in her head. Hopefully that advice my hubby had given her worked and didn’t make things worse … because with Blaine you just never knew.


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