1-55) Secrets & Surprises

He was driving and by the exit he took I finally figured out that we were going to San Myshuno. Blaine was still tight lipped about why, but since we both had to dress up, I assumed a nice night out. Maybe a movie. Blaine was not the type for museums, exhibitions, and such events. I had tried to pry information out of him but all he would do is give me that evil grin, shake his head and wink.

Finally he started looking for a parking spot. So, the Fashion District then. A-ha.

08-30-18_6-01-09 AM.png

As we had exited the car and started walking, my mind was racing trying to figure out the rest until he pulled me into an embrace and whispered
“Just stop. You will never figure it out. Just wait.”
“Not even a little hint?”

He took me by the hand and pulled me along. Oh, I know. That little karaoke bar we liked so much. Check. Would not have been my first choice since we currently made a living by performing, but sure, for old times sake.

08-30-18_6-01-31 AM.png

But when we passed by the tall high-rise I used to live in, he pulled me back and told me to turn my back to him. OK. Then I was blindfolded. Why that now? Blindfolding vampires is not the same as doing it to humans, we’d never be fully without direction and we sensed hurdles and never fell or tripped. So whatever this was supposed to be good for, was beyond me.

He pulled me with him. I heard people but nobody familiar. Then he stopped me, and took the blindfold off. I looked around. OK, the plaza by my old apartment building. They would often hold events here, festivals. Like the one when Blaine and I reconnected here again after many years apart. But why? It was nighttime and no events scheduled.

“Wait right here. Count till ten and then go across the plaza to the other side, ok? I swear it will all begin to make sense then.” he left me standing there. Hmm. So 10, 9, 8, …

I did as told and when I turned the corner by the bushes hindering my view I saw Blaine standing by a wedding arch, the path leading up to it covered in rose petals, the speaker above playing … wedding music? Oh my God, what?! I started walking towards Blaine.

08-22-18_3-41-13 AM.png

He turned to me and smiled.

08-22-18_3-41-42 AM.png08-22-18_3-45-05c2a0am.png

I was still in awe and speechless when suddenly our friends appeared and collected by the arch. I saw Melissa, Ezio, Vivian, Adrianna, Vitto, Blaine’s grandson Benjamin even Eric!

08-22-18_4-31-47 AM

08-22-18_4-12-54 AM.pngBlaine took my hand and kissed it, then asked me “Will you marry me – again?”

Now, I may not be the most romantic of all girls out there but this did it. I was speechless, about to cry while grinning like an Emoji and a variety of other emotions all at once.

08-22-18_4-13-26 AM

“Well … will you … or did I just shoot myself in the foot real bad here?” Blaine grinned, teasing, well aware that I was just too discombobulated to function. He kissed my hands again.

“Yes. YES! Yes, of course I will!”

08-22-18_4-34-31 AM.png

Addy did the honors performing the wedding renewal ceremony, yes some ridiculous online ordained minister thing. But she is my daughter and it was sweet. Ezio was present physically, but kept looking at his cell phone and sneaking off. Some things never changed. Luckily Melissa, ever the romantic, didn’t even notice as she was engulfed in our ceremony plus my old friend Eric and she really clicked and laughed together, ended up in some love petal throwing war. Hey, I never claimed we were normal, so do not look so surprised now this far into the story.


08-22-18_4-34-51 AM.png

08-22-18_4-36-35 AM.png

08-22-18_4-38-23 AM.png

Afterwards we all danced, our wedding menu was Chinese takeout for the few humans there, sorry guys, but you do what you can afford right?

08-22-18_4-48-09 AM.png

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