1-56) Just Another Day

Blaine had gotten up to assist Spunky with a very evil Roxy, who kept stealing each and every toy he wanted to play with,then vehemently defending it against repossession. Spunky was way too sweet to fight that kitty, even though he was about 10 times her size and could have just sat on her to win any argument. Why did we still have Roxy when neither Blaine nor I are cat people and she was actually our daughter’s cat, who has her own home now? Because we tried and Spunky as well as Roxy had the worst separation anxiety. Plus, Beryl, remember that stray I once picked up? Yes we still had her and her babies, and Viv took all of them. Beryl and Roxy were never besties. But Beryl died a few months ago, now Roxy was possibly fixing to move after all. We’d see.

08-30-18_8-53-57 AM

As Blaine turned to sit back down next to me he found Liam had climbed up and defiantly grinned at his daddy. Oh yeah, the same mischief as Blaine, hints of his dad’s crooked smile and self confidence for two people, while being very charming. He even looked like an exact clone of Blaine. I saw not even a hint of myself in him. Vivian had turned out to be a definite 50:50 of her parents, as did my children with Ezio. People looked at Addy, and while she had Ezio’s beautiful complexion and chestnut-colored thick hair, the rest was all me and they just instantly knew whose daughter she was. Marco had taken after Ezio more, but had my eye color and nose.

Blaine grinned at his son.

“Excuse me Sir, but I believe you have my seat.”

“No no no no no no no no no! NO!” Liam decided, sliding off the couch, shaking his finger at daddy before crossing his arms.

08-30-18_9-15-37 AM08-30-18_9-15-51 AM

Blaine raised an eyebrow as I burst into laughter.

“I see I am easily replaced.” he smirked at me now.
“Well, you know, I didn’t how to tell ya, but I went with a newer model. Sorry old man, but a girl needs to upgrade sometimes.”
“Is that so?” Blaine leaned in to kiss me when we heard Liam next to us
“No no no no no no no no! No!”

We were both laughing tears as Blaine grabbed his son and tickled him. Vivian had always been sweet but with opinions for days and never shy. Looks like we did it again. Oh boy, the next decade plus would be fun. But truth be told I was more than proud of all my kids. As I mentioned many times now, had I had my way there wouldn’t have been any, but now I was glad fate had other ideas. Well, fate and Ezio, but let’s leave that in the bottom of the bin.

08-30-18_9-11-48 AM

Blaine had written a few songs, very popular ones, and received decent royalties. Blaine being Blaine, he had written a song about him and Ezio, titled “The Mafioso and Me”. The lyrics were hilarious, unless you were Ezio I guess, and it played on every station. Strangely though, Blaine received a handwritten note from Ezio one day, thanking him for being included in his art and suggesting to put aside any differences, plus what continued to read almost like a budding bromance between them. When Blaine went to tuck in Liam I took a cell phone photo of the note and sent it to Melissa. We spent a good hour afterwards laughing about it on the phone. Those men.



The next day my laughter faded. For a while. I got a text message from Eric, to inform me Penny had died. Darn it. I was so off the human calendar that I kept forgetting time and that there was so limited amounts of it for humans. I had meant to go see her again. She had called a bunch of times and I had so much going on that I kept putting it off. Now it was too late. Not like Penny had ever been my closest friend, but being my then-neighbor she was the first one I met when I had moved to San Myshuno. Penny was not the best friend type, she was a party girl and her amusement was always her priority. You could not count on her to have your best interest in mind, but if you knew that, she was fun to be around. Strangely, you’d think this would be the old, wild Blaine’s dream girl, but he and she were like oil and water. Blaine did not like her one little bit and to Penny Blaine might as well have been invisible.

But enough of that. Life goes on. I was honestly grateful we were vampires. Wished Adrianna was at all interested to be turned. My beautiful, smart girl. I know that Ezio had that talk with her on a few occasions as well. But Addy was stubborn. It was a no from her. Then I thought of Melissa. While I had never brought it up, I knew from Ezio that he was gently leading up to that. I know that he was considering bringing it up during their trip to Italy. I told him to be careful not to ruin the vacation. He gave me that certain smile and I just shook my head. I knew him too well to not know what that was about. He was ready for another child with her. And I was caught in between two good friends. I did not want to abuse Ezio’s trust by tattletaling on him, but I felt the responsibilty to warn her. When I went to Blaine with this for advice he laughed out aloud.

08-30-18_9-32-28 AM

“You think you need to ‘warn’ Lissa about Ezio wanting to have sex on their late honeymoon? Babygirl, sometimes I feel like I have to explain life to you. Besides, have you met them? Don’t let that innocent appearance fool ya, those two could probably make us blush sometimes!”
“That’s not the point! Of course I know that. I meant the part that he wants another kid. Their fifth, by the way, in case you lost count.”
“Babygirl, Melissa has been married to him for many years now. If we know, she knows. Lissa is a smart girl, give her some credit. Besides, she’d probably love the idea. Those two rabbits over there are going to out-populate us soon. Best we start a counter-attack, hint hint.”
“Hint all you want. We have our hands full with Liam and until he is older and more self-suffient THAT won’t happen on my watch.”
“WOW, that was not a strict no. I do declare.” Blaine started fanning himself while pulling duck lips.
“Ha ha ha, it was not a no. It’s a maybe, baby.”


I was re-reading the same line for the 7th time now, when Liam got tired of just throwing his books around in the office and babbling loudly to himself. Or me. I purposely tried to ignore it, while keeping one eye on him.

08-30-18_8-49-48 AM
“Mamamamamamamamamamamamamamam. Mamma….. MAMA!” he was now pulling on my sweater.
Blaine came in and scooped him up.
“Are you harassing your mom when she is doing the thing with the money on the computer?” Blaine grinned. He loved to play dumb, but he could not fool me. He may not have had any decent education to brag with, but that man was sharp.
“Mamamamamamama!” Liam told him.
“No Mama, daddy for now.”
“NO! Mamamamamaamamamamamaam!” Liam pointed at me.
“Sorry son, not gonna happen. You wanna help daddy practice his guitar?”
“NO! Mamamamamamamama! Mama!”
“But daddy’s got ice cream …” Blaine tempted Liam.
“Oooooh, dadadadadaadadadada!”
“That’s what I thought!” he kissed his son and left with him in his arms. Thank you Blaine!

08-30-18_8-52-46 AM

My ears were ringing. That kid was loud. He never shut up. Blaine kept saying he’d be a politician one day.


Kid was asleep, as were the pets, so Blaine and I had decided to snuggle up outside under the starlight skies and enjoy nighttime over the bay.

08-30-18_10-10-17 AM

“Hey baby?” I started.
“Hmm hmmm?”
“I was thinking it would be sooooo nice to be able to go to Italy, like Ezio and Mel. I am a little bit jealous. Not saying we should, but a getaway would be sooooo great.” I sighed dreamily.
“Sure babygirl. With what I have in my pockets I can take you all the way to San Myshuno to the Stargazer Lounge. We can even share one drink. May have to walk back home though.”
I giggled “Bah, how un-romantic. You could at least dream with me about faraway places, cultures, architecture.”
“If I did, it would definitely NOT be Ezio-Country. The idea that there is a whole land filled with the likes of him makes me cringe. Would have to be somewhere else. Where people actually remove the hangers from the clothes before wearing them, so they’re not so stiff and rigid.”
“Oh, come on, he is not that bad. He runs a company, that is hard work and you cannot be all cool and chill. But he is charming, sweet and considerate if not on the clock.”
“Yeah, he’s dreamy.”


“Man kid, did you manage to get any of the food in your mouth? I should probably make you lick the highchair to ensure proper nutrition.” Blaine stood in awe admiring his toddler’s handiwork, all over the chair, the side of the fridge, the walls, …

08-30-18_10-04-36 AM
“Dadda!” Liam exclaimed and stuck out his tongue, ready to lick the chair when Blaine scooped him up laughing.
“You are a brat, son! But I gotta clean this or your mom will turn me into a woman!”
Now Spunky waddled up and started licking the chair.
“Spunky, you fool, no!”
Spunky looked puzzled. And not convinced. Blaine sat Liam down when he noticed Spunky slowly snaking his tongue onto the table part of the high chair, when Blaine swatted at the dogs butt gently, causing him to turn around and swat his paw at Blaine.
“Jeeze! Now I see why Vik is always so tense. You two are awful. Out of the kitchen now, both of you!”
When he closed the door behind them he heard a loud noise. And another. Roxy was at the sink batting dish soap, sponges and such stuff into the sink. When Blaine walked over to grab her she bounced along the counters on top of the fridge. Looking down at Blaine, taunting him by meowing gleefully.
“Yeah, funny kitty. Have your fun until I turn you into a hat!”

Blaine was still cleaning and Roxy still meowing when I entered to see what took Blaine so long.

08-30-18_7-55-13 AM

“Oh, you’re cleaning, how sexy!” I teased grinning, slapping his butt on my way to sit at the table.
“Not now honey, I have a headache…” Blaine grinned back after grabbing a coffee.

Yeah, this is daily life at the Cameron’s.


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