1-57) That Bay

“… I am just worried that Vivian, well she and Vitto both really, may need our support this time. Melissa thinks so too. So we are not … oh my God, look how cute!!!” I interrupted my speech to Blaine to point at a cute dog that came towards us, wagging excitedly.

08-30-18_10-16-20 AM.png

“Vik no …” Blaine tried to stop me, in vain. I already crouched down, petting the dog who fell to the ground and rolled over, presenting her belly for me to pet.
“Look! How adorable! Come here and pet her too!”
“Thanks, I’ll pass. Vik she is dirty and probably diseased. If not for the gross factor alone, you may pass whatever that mutt has on to Spunky!”
“Oh you are right! Let’s take her to the vet. They are open for another 40 mins and it’s not far!”
“Vik no. Really no! I can see where this is going … we do not need another pet! We finally got rid of that pesky cat, she’s Vivian’s problem now. Come on babygirl no … and we do not even know if Spunky … hey what the …!?!!”

While Blaine was arguing his fact, I had pulled the belt out from his jeans in one swift move and was making a makeshift leash for the dog out of it.

“You coming?” I challenged.
Blaine sighed, but pointed direction vet clinic with his head, then was shaking it.

We only sat in the waiting area for a few minutes until we were shown to the treatment room. A kindly smiling vet appeared asking what brought us in.

“Wife is adopting a new mouth to feed.” he stated grumpily.

“What my husband means is we found this stray and need to give her a once over, get her shots current, check if she’s chipped.”

“Yup, that is exactly what the husband meant. Here, just take the entire wallet, all the cards, I’ll write down my PIN codes …” his words was just dripping with sarcasm. Big baby!


“All righty then, let’s get that pup up on the exam table. Sir, would you mind? She is a pretty big girl …” the vet attempted to ignore the tiff.

“Don’t remind me that of all the mutts out there, my wife is planning on adopting the biggest she can find. Good thing dinosaurs are extinct or she bring home one! Probably forgot my pockets are not as deep as our neighbors’.” Blaine was grumbling while heaving the dog onto said examination table.

Turned out the dog was chipped, but the owner declined to take her back. Evidently she needed some shots, a flea bath and was a Labradoodle, a little bit younger than Spunky. Poor thing had been given an idiotic name so I renamed her “Bay” since that was where we met her.

08-31-18_11-35-14 AM.png

08-31-18_11-32-31 AM.png

So, yes. We adopted a new dog! Spunky was not too crazy about the prospect of having to share everything again, but eventually warmed up to having a playmate, even if Blaine and I were busy.

08-31-18_11-57-45 AM.png

As elated as I was about the new dog, the rude awakening came soon.


08-31-18_11-39-57 AM.png

She was not well trained at all. So along with keeping up with and teaching a rambunctious, very talkative toddler, I was now also running after another dog, teaching her not to drink from toilets, rolling in puddles and even potty training her! Oh dear me and my impulsiveness. All under the gleefully watch of Blaine.

08-31-18_11-59-17 AM.png

08-31-18_11-59-56 AM.png

08-31-18_12-02-27 PM.png08-31-18_12-02-18 PM.png


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