2-12) On The Road Again

Time passed, Liam finished the rest of his sentence and resumed daily life. He did not turn into a horror teen again as we had feared in the back of our minds, but instead was incredibly sweet, albeit unusually quiet and calm. No sign of any bad behavior. The good news was, he kept his... Continue Reading →

2-11) Shambles

He had walked around the house from all accessible sides on the sidewalk and checked for lights. Once everything had been dark for a while, he went back to the window around the corner, picked up pebbles and threw until light went on and Leonie's face appeared in the window. She smiled and opened it,... Continue Reading →

2-10) Secrets

Spring was turning the world around us into a lush colorful paradise, birds were singing, people were in a great mood, our dogs were excited to go outside each chance they got. Life was grand. At least so I assumed, as I was here, in our bathroom, hugging the toilet bowl - again. I do... Continue Reading →

2-9) Idiocracy

Hesitant, I inhaled deeply, then stuck my key into the lock and turned. A faint 'click' and the door was open. I walked straight into our bedroom, on my way there through the glass of the patio door I saw the dogs so engulfed in play out in the backyard that they did not even... Continue Reading →

2-8) Crashed And Burned

Things were going well, for everyone, everything just seemed to be on the up and up. For once. This was rare enough for all of us, it seemed. Addy and her family were doing well, she spent less time at work now and more with her family, and was training Vitto to eventually take over... Continue Reading →

2-7) The Intern

Driving into work one morning traffic was backed up and I ended up stopped. Looking around bored I saw an advertisement for volunteer opportunities for younger people and had what I considered a brilliant idea. As soon as I made it into work I rushed up to Ezio's office after quickly checking the incoming email... Continue Reading →

2-6) It Ain’t Easy …

They were at the club, just the guys for a boys night out. Liam was glad to finally have some time to fully get away from Tara. At school she popped up everywhere, he could not get away from her on the way to and from school on the bus, where she would fuss until... Continue Reading →

2-5) Nuisances

"Hey Liam ... look at this one. Isn't that just amazing?!" Tara held up a magazine, Liam barely looked up from the TV. "Yeah, that's cool." he muttered, continuing on as before. "You didn't even look!" Tara protested. "Did too!" "OK, what was it?" she laid the magazine face down into her lap. "Something that... Continue Reading →


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