1-59) War Path

09-01-18_9-44-10 AM.pngThe coffeemaker had just stopped slurping and gargling, the little beep announcing it was now ready. I poured a cup when the kitchen door opened. I purposely did not turn around. Blaine came over and hugged me from behind, gently planting a kiss on my neck and cheek before whispering “Good morning” in my ear. Technically it should be good evening, since that was the time of day we had, but most vampires, especially those who had once been human, were accustomed to wishing good morning after rising and so it became more tradition than reality.

09-01-18_9-55-03 AM
“Morning”. I sipped coffee, when Blaine released me.
“You are still upset.” it was more a statement than a question.
“I am livid.”
“Good morning to me too then.” he sighed.

09-01-18_9-45-19 AM.png
I turned around, eyes glaring at him as he looked defeated.
“Too early for a pity party, Cameron, especially about self-induced problems.” I told him.
“Vik, please … babygirl I just cannot …. please PLEASE try to understand.” he looked tortured.
“I can’t. Blaine, you must think me a gigantic idiot if you think I do not know that this is something big, dangerous and I could end up without you in the end.” I was suddenly near tears, and Blaine stepped towards me again and held me, as I hugged him back, now sobbing into his shoulder, as he sighed and buried his face into my hair.

09-01-18_9-57-14 AM.png
“Don’t cry, babygirl. I never meant for this to hurt you. This is to make a difference, better things. But there is a risk, I cannot deny that. I promise you, I will come back to you. Promise!”
“What about the others? Caleb, Ezio .. and even Silas?”
He pushed me slightly away from him then lifted my chin to face him with both hands.
“How do you even know about that?”
“I told you, I was resourceful.”
“HOW? Did I talk in my sleep?”
“Tell me.”
“Oh, like you tell ME everything?” I gave him my best evil grin, the tears from earlier still on my face.
“You evil woman.”
“You have NO idea.” I took my coffee and left him standing there. As expected, he followed and sat next to me on the couch, where I intently was sipping my coffee, him staring at me waiting for answers, until he had enough and just took the cup from me.

09-01-18_9-36-31 AM.png
“OK, you win. I have to know. You show me yours, and I will show you mine. Tell me.”
“Easy. I went to Caleb.”
“You what? And he … told you?”
“Didn’t have to. He babbled and I figured it out.”
“Who are you? I think I should be scared of you.”
“You should! Your turn.”
“Look I cannot go into details, and you have to – HAVE TO – promise me three things. First: do not tell ANYBODY else about this, as tempting as it may be. Promise me that.”
“You know I can keep a secret. No problem. Next?”
“Secondly, do not try to stop me. I know you could work up some plan, but it would only endanger the others if I skipped out, so I cannot do that to them, understood?”
“Ok. Yes, you got it. I don’t like it, but you know that.”
“Thirdly, and most importantly: stay out of it. I can already see you trying to help or whatever, please don’t. Just stay home.”
“OK. Don’t like that much either, because I DO think I could help with whatever that is, and I think I already know what it is anyway, but sure.”
“Of course you do. But please do not say anything aloud. Merely talking about the fact, saying the words, could be considered treason and be punishable by death. Real death. The eternal kind.”
“So how are you gonna do it?”

Blaine told me a few bits and pieces, carefully leaving out exact details. It was worrisome. I was worried. Mortified. Now I kinda wish he hadn’t. No, what I wished was that he would not be involved. All the things that could happen.

09-01-18_9-36-53 AM.png

“Penny for your thoughts, babygirl.”
“Take a guess.”
“Hmm, you are thinking you want to seize the moment and make incredibly intense love to your husband RIGHT NOW.”

I had to laugh. It was so Blaine to even in moments like this, not forget about THAT.

“Actually, that was literally the LAST thing on my mind right now.” I chuckled.

“Really? Let’s make it number one then …” he did what Blaine does. And I let him. Constantly trying to remind me that this was enjoyable, pushing the thought of, ‘hopefully this is not the last time’ out of my worrying mind.

09-01-18_9-36-00 AM.png


Blaine had just left. I had been dreading this day and I nearly made him late being all clingy and trying to hold on to what little time we had left as the minutes melted away from us before he had to go. I was frightened, tense, horrified and many more emotions, all bad.

“Mamamamamaam .. UP!” Liam demanded. I pulled him up in my arms and snuggled him. Looking at this mini-Blaine did not help my mood at all and I was trying so hard to fight back tears.

09-01-18_10-04-13 AM.png

Naturally Liam picked up on that and clumsily pet my cheeks while asking
“Mommy ouwie?”
“Oh no my little sunshine, Mommy is just so happy she has you and your daddy, that sometimes she has to cry for joy.” I told him.

09-01-18_10-04-33 AM.png
My answer seemed to make sense to him and in his typical toddler ways he was already distracted by the dogs and demanded down.


About one hour later, I had just tucked the baby in when my phone rang. Melissa.

I answered.

“Hey bestie! Ezio is at some meeting again. You and Blaine wanna come over with Liam? Got Moscato, a full case of it, and Bourbon for your Blaine-y.” she giggled when using my sometimes-nickname for my husband. Normally I would have laughed, but now it just made me more tense. She was blissfully unaware that our husbands were risking their lives tonight. I did not feel like celebrating.

“No, not feeling so good. I’ll pass.”
“You ok? Need me to bring over some chicken noodle .. oh, right, honestly, I still do not know what vampires would eat when sick. Do vampires even get sick?” Melissa happily chattered away, while my mind was heavy and kept drifting until I heard her call for me on the phone.
“Sorry, umm yeah, no I’ll just stay here tonight. Gotta go. Bye.” *click* I just hung up. Yes, I felt bad, but I just could not deal. Soon she’d probably figure out why.

The phone rang again. Melissa again. I clicked her away. Just leave me alone, world!

I went to the living room and turned on the TV, trying to get my mind occupied, flipping through the channels my mind still just circling all possible outcomes like a tornado in my head, when a loud knocking on the glass window nearly made me jump out of my skin. WTH?! Melissa. Oh goodie, that now too.

I opened the door and she let me have it right away.

“I do not know what is going on, but what I DO know is that for a solid two weeks you are ditching me with honestly really lame excuses. If you are upset with me, if I pissed you off, then tell me. I really cannot stand being treated like this …” she went on and on until I pulled her into the house by her sleeve, slammed the door shut to prevent the dogs from running out, then I just hugged Melissa and cried into her shoulder. She got quiet, eventually gently patted my back.
I was the first to break the hug, looking at her sadly.
“Oh no. What happened? Did you and Blaine have a fight?” she looked worried now, no longer angry.


“Something like that. Sorry Mel, I just could not talk to anybody and I really did not want company.” During the conversation Melissa had taken off her coat and  we had gone to sit on the couch in the living room.
“The hermit thing again, huh? Yeah, I do that too. I am sure whatever happened, Blaine didn’t really mean it. That man loves you so …”

09-01-18_10-53-38 AM.png

Her last words were too much for me to handle, I burst into uncontrollable tears, Melissa tried her best to comfort me. Spunky and Bay had been sound asleep on their backs before my outburst, now shot up, looking puzzled and guilty, then snuck out of the room, just in case whatever was going on with me had to do with them.
Melissa hugged me again, gently rocking me back and forth like you would a toddler. Maybe she could not turn off the mommy mode anymore, but it did help. My life spirit finally came back to me.
“Oh Vik, I really wish you would trust me and tell me what is weighing on you, maybe I can help. I’d at least like to try …”
Damn it, she was right. Screw vampire secrets and all this junk. This concerned her too, it was about our husbands. I was not one to break secrets, but I was one who was loyal to my friends.
“Where did Ezio tell you he was tonight?”
“Some investor thing, they had to take them out to swing the vote and …”

09-01-18_10-53-50 AM.png
“He lied. He is not working. He is with Blaine, Caleb and Silas trying to wage war against the Elder.”

09-01-18_10-53-58 AM.png
“Yes, it is very dangerous, there is a chance that one or both of us end the night as widows.” Yes, I know, I could have delivered that better, but I was beside myself and this is what came out.

09-01-18_10-54-05 AM.png
“Are you sure?”
“Of course I am sure. Do you think I am practicing my drama queen here?”
“Did he tell you where they were going?”
“Blaine told me jack-shit. I figured most of it out by myself, he eventually filled in a few blanks because I had the proverbial gun to his head, but I still know little more than you do.”
“Ezio will get an earful from me! Since when do we keep secrets?! Especially something like that. And he lied to me. Downright lied to my face! How long do you think they knew about this?”
“Since some time before your trip …”
“That explains a LOT! Ezio had been so … absent-minded. And then that one night … man .. he was like … someone else. Possessed almost. Freaked me out!”
“Please Mel, no details.” I attempted a smile, she returned it.
“Awww, I was just about to give you a few pointers …”
“Try and I will bite you.”
“No chance, I am wearing my garlic-scented perfume …”
“Did you get that in Italy?”
“Might as well have …”

09-01-18_10-53-38 AM.png

We laughed and laughed. Not because it was so funny, but to release the tension and worry weighing on both of us.


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