1-61) Damage Control

Something or someone was at the door, scraping and stirring. I told Melissa to stay in the living room while I went to check it out, which of course she didn’t. I opened the front door and saw Blaine carrying Ezio and Caleb behind him carrying Silas. Before I could shield it from her, Melissa let out a startled scream.

I ushered the men into the master bedroom, where Blaine placed Ezio on one side of the bed, Melissa next to him, petting his face.
“He’s ok, just needs to recover. He will be ok.” Blaine gently patted Melissa’s shoulder, until I pulled him into an embrace and kissed him.

“Umm guys, where shall I put Silas?” Caleb interrupted.

09-01-18_12-47-40 PM.png

Blaine and I parted.
“Just there on the bed is fine.”
“Sure, but he will need something a little more permanent.” Caleb replied.
“Permanent? Is he ..?”
“No, Vik, he is just out cold. He’ll be fine, just like Ezio. Eventually.” Blaine told me.
“Let’s load him in the car then, I can drive.”
“Umm, babygirl, he will kinda stay with us for now. He’s in a coma.”
“He what?!”
“Come on, he’s not a bother. Especially not now.”
“Exactly my point. How can you even tell he is in a coma. He is just like always, except his eyes are shut.”
“Vik, please, I’ll just keep an eye on him while he recovers. He has nobody else.”
“What did you do to my husband!?” Melissa was standing before Caleb now, sobbing, desperately beating against his chest. He let her. I pulled her away from him and held her, gently talking to her, looking at Blaine over her shoulder. I was relieved Blaine was apparently fine, but was worried about Ezio. And maybe even Silas. I was not exactly Silas Blackbourne’s greatest fan. Many times I had attempted to make conversation, even before I myself had been turned, but he was very one syllable, if he answered at all. More often than not, he’d just stand there like a statue and eventually walk off, leaving me standing there. Rude. Sure, I could see that he was really good looking, his voice, if you ever heard it, sounded masculine and deep. But he was just aloof and nobody knew why. Because, surprise, he did not talk about it. And now that rude sucker would live with us. Dreamy. And what the hell was with Ezio anyway?

‘He will recover, in time.’ I heard Caleb’s voice in my head and inadvertenly sighed aloud, before looking over at him thinking back ‘you better tell his wife’.

“Melissa, dear, your husband will be fine” he actually did as I requested, gently touching Melissa’s arm. She looked at him through a curtain of tears.
“How do you know? What happened? What is wrong with him?” she demanded.
“He is just unconscious. He’ll come to. It will take about a week for his powers to heal his body, maybe a little more. And during that time he will be very weak. Now I could shorten it a bit by …”
“Caleb, no.” Blaine interfered.
“By what? Let him talk Blaine, I want to hear this. I want to be the one to choose!”
“I could put him in a state of vampiric hibernation. It is not pretty, he will lose all natural color and seem like a corpse for a while, will not be able to respond or even hear you and once he is in it, nobody can wake him from it until his body decides he is ready. But this is usually a lot faster than a state of alertness.”
“I would not call what we are looking at ‘alert’!” Melissa was upset.
“Does he have a coffin at his home?”
“Yes, we do.”
“That would be needed for such a hibernation slumber.”
“But he would wake up, right?”
“Most likely, yes.”
Melissa looked at me, searching for help or advice. I shook my head. She sighed, looking at Caleb she asked
“But like he is now, he will recover for sure?”
“Most likely.”
“Most likely? I need something better than that! You just about killed my husband, the father of my children and didn’t even consider us! And now all you give me is wishy washy answers?!” Melissa laid into Caleb until Blaine spoke up
“Melissa …”
“You are next, Cameron! What the hell were you thinking? Getting Ezio involved in this?!”
“Lissa, it wasn’t my choice …”
“You are an idiot. All of you are idiots!”
“Thanks.” I mumbled.
“Yes, you too Vik! You knew about this and let them go anyway. If anything happens to Ezio or that one there, whatever his name was again, it’s on you too!” she gestured wildly, pointing at Silas on the bed and then me.
“Lissa …”
“Shut up Blaine. Get my husband home now, one or all of you and give me instructions, proper ones! I am not in the mood for any more surprises. And you all better hope that he makes a full recovery or you will get to know me when I am angry! And I promise you all this, it will not be pretty!” Melissa had talked herself into a rage, her cheeks were glowing red, her eyes just about to shoot sparks at all of us.
“Umm..” I started
“NOW! Let’s go!”


Ezio had awoken once he was at his home, in their marital bed not the coffin downstairs, Melissa had changed him into his sleepwear with Blaine’s help, who afterwards would not stop complaining about it. While Ezio was very weak, barely able to lift his hands, he was lucid and made as much sense as a tired Ezio Auditore would make while being upset about his beloved wife being so worried that she kept flip-flopping between angry spells, kissing gently on him and sobbing.

Caleb and Blaine left to get Silas set up in our third coffin, which was once Vivian’s and was going to be Liam’s one day. Caleb had to put Silas in that slumber and would give Blaine details on what do look for and what to do when he woke up. IF he woke up again. There was a chance that we had us some human-shaped decoration hibernating in our basement for all eternity.

After watching Melissa and Ezio for a while I wanted to leave, but my goodbye was interrupted.
“You are not thinking about leaving now!” Melissa hissed.
“Umm… I am. I need to get home too. Liam …”
“Blaine can handle Liam. I cannot be alone here now. What if Ezio needs something vampire-ish that I do not know about.”
“What? Melissa, you heard Caleb, all Ezio needs is rest. That and plasma fruit. You have enough for a few days, but I will bring you more tomorrow. The rest is all him.”
“No. Just no. I am not staying alone with him. He looks like he could ..” Melissa looked back at Ezio, who had his eyes shut and appeared asleep, before turning to me and in a lowered voice whispered “die.”
I couldn’t help but laugh, which was punished by a very unamused glare by Melissa.
“Oh Mel, he is already dead. He’ll be fine. He is tough as Florentine leather. Soon he’ll be back to be his arrogant self, taunting my husband.”
“I can hear you, you know.” Ezio was smirking, his eyes still closed.
“Good! Nothing I wouldn’t tell you to your face, old ya.”
“Cara mia, would you mind getting me one of those plasma fruit please, sweetheart?”
“Oh course!” Melissa nearly ran for the kitchen.
“Come here Viktoria.” Ezio patted on the outer edge of bed next to him, gesturing me to sit. His amber-brown eyes were now open. I did as requested and he took my hand into his, then squeeze it gently.
“I didn’t want to worry Melissa any more than she is, but I needed to get this off my chest. Your husband, he is good people. Did you know he saved my life tonight?”
“I didn’t.”
“Yes, he did. Bravely and foolishly risking his own life to save mine. I will never forget that. I have never understood why you would have traded what we had in for all the insecurity, the chaos with him. Just a few months ago I have begun to see that his – pardon me – homeless-person-like exterior is really a shell. And he had told me that before, but it never sunk in. He did not take you from me, as you were never mine to have. You and I, we had good times, we built something together, had a beautiful family. But seeing you with him, and seeing what is really beneath his ruggedness made me realize that I am a very lucky man.”
“Ezio darling, you are not making much sense anymore. But I appreciate the kind words.” I winked at him, chuckling. Poor brain of his probably had gotten shaken up and was now playing scrabble with what he really wanted to say.
“No, I am making perfect sense. I live now because you left me then.”
Huh? Yeah, me neither. Aside from the fact that I never left him, per se, this was just some vampiric mental hopscotch. Whatever he was trying to say, it was positive, so that was good enough for me.
Thankfully now Melissa came in with the plasma fruit. Those things were not everybody’s cup of tea, they reeked of, well, stale blood really, and occasionally seemed to pulsate in a purplish glow. She held it like you would a cockroach covered in dung. Oh, the things we do for love. She looked a little taken aback when seeing me sitting on the bed next to her husband, holding his hand.
“Here you are, lover.”
We both lifted Ezio up and added pillows so he could drink comfortably.
Ezio looked worse for the wear and had a hard time thinking straight. Maybe the vampire equivalent to a light concussion.
After finishing the fruit, he became more and more drowsy, as did Mel, so I was finally able to pry away. As I was waving from the door Ezio, his eye lids too heavy to open now, called out, his voice slurring “I love your husband!”
Melissa and I giggled as I waved goodbye to her.
“Ok Ezio, I’ll be sure to tell him. Get some rest now.”


“That took a long time.”
“Only because I had to listen to love poems from Ezio about you. I am to tell you that he loves you.” I grinned at Blaine as he embraced me.
“Jealous?” he grinned.
“No, already tapped that. My second hands are all yours.” I teased back.
“Ouch.” Blaine still grinned.
“I am very proud of you though. He told me you saved his life.”
“He’s just delirious.” Blaine tried to downplay.
“I don’t think so. My husband the hero.”
“Ah, life would have been so boring without that grumpy old canneloni going bump in our nights all the time.”
“You know, heroes are incredibly sexy!”
“I love to hear more about that.”
“Not the bed though, needs to be washed first. Can’t do it here, just in case Liam wakes up. And not downstairs either. We do not know if Silas can hear us.”
“I could not care less. Maybe we’ll inspire him to get a girlfriend who’ll teach him to talk.”

He lifted me into his arms and carried me to his coffin, like so many times before, and hopefully many more nights from now.

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