1-63) Awakenings

Blaine was restringing his guitar, I had just put Liam down for a nap and sat down in the living room with coffee, when Vivian burst into the room.

“Mom, there is a man in my coffin!”
“Oh, right.” Yikes! This was not going to be an easy convo.

Blaine looked up alarmed. Silas was not a pretty sight in the state he had been in for the past 4 weeks.

“WHY is there a strange man in my coffin?”
“Oh, he is a friend of your dad’s and he had an accident.”
“OK… and why is he in MY coffin?”
“Blaine!?” I urged my husband to handle this one. He did.
“Because he lives alone, he has nobody. He is in a coma, and what you saw in there is not what he really looks like.”
“Looked pretty good to me.”
“Silas looked fine to me. REALLY fine actually.” she smirked in THAT kinda way.
“How do you know his name?”
“Because I have a mouth and am not afraid to use it. I asked him.”
“He’s awake?!”
“Oh shoot.” Blaine put down the guitar and simultaneously he and I rushed downstairs, followed by Vivian.

The coffin lid was open and when we bent over it, Silas had his eyes open.
“Welcome back, buddy.”
“Can you sit up?”
“With help.”

He was still pretty incapacitated for the most part, but was able to get up and out of the coffin with just some help by Blaine, we got him up the stairs and settled in the living room with several plasma fruit he drank one by one, slowly.

09-03-18_5-55-08 PM09-03-18_5-56-40 PM

I grabbed Blaine and we went to the kitchen to hold war council about what to do with Silas. I was for moving him out, Blaine wanted to keep him around for a while longer. We agreed on letting him stay until he was able to fend for himself comfortably. Blaine was making coffee and I headed to the living room, when I heard laughter and voices. I stood outside the doors, which were double doors with glass insets and saw my daughter and the man whom I probably heard say two entire sentences in the many years I had known him now laugh and talk like old friends. Shaking my head to myself I entered and sat down.

“Mom, Silas was just telling me about when he first started hunting. I swear it was like what I did. Do you remember when I was trying to cast a daze spell and accidently made them pee their pants.” she and Silas laughed.

“Yeah, honey that was unforgettable. Umm, Silas, how are you feeling?” I just poked into the dark, and could not believe it when I actually got an answer.

“Much better, thanks. I feel rejuvenated and alive, it’s just my body seems to not have gotten the memo just yet but it will get there. Few more days and some more plasma juice and I am good as new.”

Holy hell, a full response out of that man. Now I really had seen it all.

Blaine came in with the coffee. We updated Silas – and Vivian – on the recent events and the Count’s hasty departure courtesy Caleb. Eventually Vivian bid farewell.

09-03-18_5-57-03 PM

Once she left Silas said

“She is as beautiful as she is smart. And witty. The total package. You must be so proud! Is she seeing anyone?”

“Oh no. You do not need to worry about that, buddy. That is my little girl we are talking about.” Blaine said sternly.

“Doesn’t look like a little girl to me. Looks like a grown young woman.”

“Again, not something you need to concern yourself with.”

“We’ll leave that up to her to decide, shall we?” Silas challenged. I saw Blaine’s light green eyes nearly glow with anger.

Fantastic. So the mute finally speaks and THIS is what comes out. As if on cue I got a text. From Vivian.

“Mom, forgot to ask: the hunk in your basement, is he single?!”


Kill me now!

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