1-65) Neighborly Advice

This story precedes the last chapter time-wise. The reason I went back in time once more is to give a bit more depth to things that will happen very quickly soon.

Let me set the picture for you. Once more we are at the Auditore Mansion. Their twin’s birthday party. At this point I am still not on terms with Ezio, but Blaine and I went anyway, as this tiff is not Melissa’s or the children’s fault. But let’s get into the story now.

I shut the door behind me. Screaming kids everywhere. My ears were ringing. I really needed a break. Why did I go to a children’s birthday party? Especially now, that my mood had been pretty low for a while, thanks to Ezio. Stupid Mafioso Meatball! I evil-grinned to myself thinking about Blaine’s usual ‘terms of endearment’ for him.

A knock on the bathroom door. Darn it. I had snuck into my hosts’ master bedroom bathroom hoping nobody would bother me here.

“This one’s busy!” I yelled through the door.
“Better not be! I saw Blaine run after James, so if it is really busy in there, I need an explanation!” it was Melissa calling back.
I unlocked the door and let her in.
“Sorry to disappoint. Nothing juicy, just me. Pondering.”
“You know we have more comfortable places to ponder in. I know you like our bathrooms a lot, wink wink, but really Vik.” She nudged me. I knew what she was trying to get across. It was Mel’s nice way to tell me to hurry up and get the eff over it all. Sorry, not ready for that yet. I told her. Yeah, blunt is my brand.
“Mel, I just needed to not have to look or listen to that man for a few. And I am nowhere near done with that. Still happily simmering here.”
“Just ok?”
“Yeah. You do you.”
“Wow. Thanks, bestie.” We hugged, then sat next to each other on the side of the bathtub. Yeah. We were in the gigantic mansion with a perceived hundreds of rooms, one more luxurious than the next, and we sat in the bathroom.
After minutes of pondering, I was the one to break the silence first.
“To speak in the words of the great Blaine Cameron the first of his name, ‘penny for your thoughts, Melly’?”
She giggled
“He calls you Melly?”
“Did once…” I quipped back “…lost a few teeth and a limb and never has again.” We laughed loud.

Knocking on the door.

“BUSY!” we called back simultaneously, then giggled.

“Ooh, Mama used to say ‘another year together’ when people would say the same thing at the same time.” I smiled at Mel.
“I’ll take it!” she smiled back.
“Why are there people going in and out of you guys’ bedroom all the time? Does this not bother you?”
“Only when I am in it. Or when it’s a certain couple and they’re headed to the bathroom. Together.” Melissa grinned. Hint taken.
“How long are you going to keep bringing that up to me? I swear it’s frayed at the edges already!”
“I am nowhere near done letting you off the hook for that. But speaking off hooks … can I ask you something?”
“Curiosity piqued. Shoot.”
“Being a vampire … how difficult is it? The adjustment, daily life. I mean, I know the basics. From the outside looking in. But not how it really feels, especially from a woman’s point of view. I mean, would you do it again if given the choice?”
“Oh Melly, I knew we would eventually have that talk. But I never pictured it in your bathroom during a children’s party.” I smiled.
“Hey, I don’t like being predictable!” she grinned.

Another knock on the door. We looked at each other and I just put my finger on my lips, Mel nodded. We were trying so hard to suppress a giggle. Suddenly it made poof, a black cloud and Blaine was there.09-04-18_1-27-55 PM09-04-18_1-27-29 PM09-04-18_1-26-16 PM09-04-18_1-25-15 PM

“Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! There are girls in here! OUT! NOW!” I scolded.
Naturally none of that impressed Blaine. Instead he batted his eyelashes at us, making both of us giggle and said in a different voice
“I wanna girl talk too. Cute dresses, boys … oooooooh”.
We burst into laughter as we playfully hit him. Simultaneously.
“Hey, Mel, another one!” she knew I was talking about this ‘another year together’ thing and high-fived me.

“Umm… now I am worried. Another one? I really hope you do not mean ‘man’! Cos then we would have words. With both of you!”
“Ah, we got bored so we have been doing dudes in here all night, then tossing them out the window!” I laughed.
“Hmm… must have been bite-sizes ones, that’s a pretty small window.”
“Seriously Blaine, mind if we just talk?” I got serious now.
He stood between us, turned around and wiggled himself comically in between the two of us sitting on the tub in his typical Blaine ways, then placed one arm around each of us.
“I meant WITHOUT you!”
“It’s ok Vik, let him stay.” Mel said. Oh, you pushover. Blaine grinned at me victoriously.
“Fine, you tell him.” I said.
Blaine looked at her seriously, smirked and whispered into her ear, she giggled, play-hit him shook her head while repeating “No no no no NO!”
“Care to fill me in here? Are you making my best friend indecent proposals here?” I joked. Blaine just grinned. Later I found out he had asked her “Boy, girl or both?”.
“Well Blaine, I was asking Vik about what being a vampire was like for a girl.”
“Oh jeeze, I am leaving.”
“That’s was easy.”
“Actually, can I answer that one for Vik?”
“Knock yourself out. But make it good or I will.”
“Mel, here is the truth. I was worried at first when Vik came to me with this. Yes, I had been carefully planting hints and all, but when it came down to it, I was scared. Shittin’ bricks kinda scared. What if I messed it up, what if she didn’t like it. And then there is that thing where vampires change from the way they were as humans sometimes. Not anything ground breaking, but different. As you know I had known Vik all my life and I loved the way she was. Not knowing what about her would change, I felt it was a risk. Also, the soulmate aspect. What if she turned and no longer was my soulmate? I was still pretty new at this myself, so I didn’t know. In retrospect, none of this came to play and I am glad she did this. She only changed a little bit.” he looked at me, an evil grin and then he ‘whispered’ at Mel purposely loud enough that I could hear “she snores like an elk!”
“Asshole! You wouldn’t be able to hear me over the rainforests you take down each night!”
I knew what he was doing. He was trying to make this pretty solid subject light enough for her to not fear it. Even if I had to be thrown in there as the butt to his joke.
“I can deal with snoring. No one is worse than Ezio, especially if he had more than one glass of Bourbon. Sexy, huh?” she smiled.
“Oh, he will always be the sexiest to me.” Blaine grinned.
“Oh, do tell…” I smiled.
“I do not know how to tell my children why their mother lies dead in the basement. Or where I suddenly went. Or why I suddenly cannot play outside anymore. Or why I won’t eat with them anymore.”
“…or why you have no mirror image anymore. Why they cannot feel your heartbeat anymore, why you are so cold all the time … I mean, who COULD learn to deal with that in a person they love, right?” leave it to Blaine to administer the cure by whacking you in the head with a shovel. But it worked on Mel. Her eyes lit up.
“Thanks Blaine. You are right. They are still young enough to just learn to live with it…and I do not even really notice this about Ezio anymore .. I actually thought last night that his fangs were a real .. umm …” she stopped herself, but naturally Blaine was grinning at her and she blushed.
“Does it hurt?”
“Yes, it does a little. It burns more than being painful. Us women have dealt with much worse pains. And that is the selling point here, you know all THOSE pains. Yeah, they are no more. And childbirth is a breeze.”
“Sold! Turn me now!” we all laughed.

Knocking on the door.

“Melissa, are you in there mia cara?” Ezio called through the door now.

We all laughed till we could barely see for tears anymore, leaving a puzzled Ezio outside locked doors to wonder about our mental state.

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