1-67) The Garlic Oversight

This chapter directly follows Un-titled by Lissa’s Chapter “The Devil Wears Brioni”

“So what happened to daddy’s paw?” Vivian asked concerned, leaning in the doorway to the bathroom where I was wrapping Blaine’s hand in bandages.
“Ever heard of gloves?”
“Did I raise you to be such a smartass?” Blaine gave Vivian a look.
“Yes, you did!” she grinned at him.
“I did an excellent job.” he smirked back.
“I thought we don’t get hurt.”
“Sleeping in class, kid? Garlic will do it. Especially if you eat it, huh, Vik?”
“Urgh, don’t remind me. I could have gone all my ‘life’ without seeing THAT!” I was referring to a very disturbing demise of a deranged vampire woman who had threatened my friends Melissa and Ezio. We had just returned from putting an end to her harassment and threats for good. In a very unconventional way. Vivian had gotten a quick rundown without telling her too much, as this action had not been sanctioned by the Elders and it was going to be hell to pay for all involved if they found out.

Once I was done with Blaine, Vivian kissed us, grabbed her sleeping son and drove home.

“You know Blaine, that was pretty badass what you did there. Stupid, but still pretty badass.”
“Yeah, touching and HOLDING garlic?”
“Hey, I don’t think Angela would have just stood there if I told her to hang on while I quickly run to the store for a pair of gloves before I send her into the eternal hunting grounds for vampires.”
“True.” I kissed him, he wrapped his arms around me and I laid my head against his shoulder.
“Never thought I’d see you save Ezio like this.”
“I didn’t. I did it for Melissa.”
“You know, it is about time that your beloved Ezio pays back the favors. Looks like I – or you – have been saving his ass from all sorts of shit. When will it be his turn? Or am I still paying for taking you from him?”
“Blaine – shut up.” I mumbled into his shoulder.
“Make me!” he challenged, grinning.
“All right … come you fiend, I will offer delights aplenty.” I pushed away from him, pulling his hand with me, as I was going backwards ‘luring’ Blaine direction bedroom.

Until it made poof and I walked backwards into a hurdle, Blaine quickly pulled me towards him and went into a defense stance, me partially behind him, but then relaxed.

09-05-18_12-15-36 PMband.png

“Caleb! Da hell, man!?” Blaine complained.
“Apologies for my hurried entrance, and yes, this is still forbidden, but I know this household is not always above breaking rules and I have some news which I thought you would like to hear hot off the presses.”
“Sure, want a coffee?”
“Blaine, I am not here for a tea party, but for a few words, I should not be here at all, and will not be long. Look at this as a courtesy call from me as an old friend, not your Elder. There has been an – unfortunate accident – among our peers. Not a local vampire from my chapter, but a vampire nonetheless. Evidently, somebody who has lived as a vampire for nearly 200 years has forgotten that we do not ingest garlic. Or eat ANYTHING for that matter and judging solely by appearances, she supposedly has had some Italian takeout. She perished in a most gruesome manner in some upscale hotel room. The scene is being cleaned up by my people as we speak, to not attract any human attention.”

Oops, we missed that part during our hasty plan. Vampires did not eat anymore. Ever.

“Oh, how – sad.”
“Blaine, cut the crap. I am not an idiot. I will not speak about this ever again and your secret is safe with me. But you went against my orders. You – and your co-conspirators –  knew better and all of you know that transgressions like this one are punishable by death. I really thought you, Viktoria, would keep them from doing anything rash, evidently I was wrong.”
“Vik had nothing to do with this.” Blaine tried.
Caleb walked up to him, stopping just few inches before Blaine. He looked angry and dangerous. I had never seen him like this.

09-05-18_12-19-31 PM.png
“Do not try my patience Blaine. I am not some random floozy you can impress with your smirk. Do not forget who I am. And never, absolutely NEVER do anything like this again!”

He stepped back, Blaine remained silent.

“Please tell Auditore that I am aware and will keep an eye on him, too. I know you did this as a favor to him and to protect him. He would have gone alone and that would have ended badly for him, and truth be told, I personally rather deal with him than that horrid Angela Brighton. There is no love lost here. But as the Elder I have rules to enforce. If I let this slide with you, where do I draw the line? Oh, and give this back to Auditore for me, please.”

Out of seemingly nowhere he now pulled a man’s suit jacket, Viktoria accepted it from Caleb and felt fine Italian wool and a scent of a very familiar aftershave. Ezio’s jacket! Angela had been wearing this to further taunt Melissa and Ezio. Oh boy!

“If you guys plan illegal things like this, do make it a point to remove all evidence from the scene. Especially that with your names on it!”
“Caleb, this could be anybody’s…” I tried.
“Oh.” he gave me a dangerous smile, and pulled something from one of the pockets of the jacket I was holding. A golden business card holder, skillfully engraved with Ezio’s full name.

“Oh yikes.” I stuttered, defeated.

“Exactly. I have to leave now, I was never even here, not a word to anybody. For the time being, at all the next vampire society meetings I advice you to shield your thoughts and teach Ezio how to do that as well. Just know, if you still get yourselves caught, I will be forced to enforce the rules and know nothing about this little conversation. I am doing this as a one time favor to you two and Ezio. Are we clear?!”
“Like crystal! Thank you Caleb.”
“Thank me by never putting me in a position like this one again!”

*poof* black cloud, gone.

“Honestly, if this were a TV show I would have changed the channel a long time ago.”
“Should we call Ezio?” I asked.
“Yeah, probably.”

So I did. He was frazzled to begin with, at this point I did not know that his night had taken another turn while we were dealing with Caleb. Needless to say that I could tell by Ezio’s voice that he would be having a few Bourbons tonight.

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