1-70) Busted

“Ooooph” Blaine exclaimed, plopping down on the couch next to me, wrapping his arm around me before asking “You know what I was thinking, babygirl?”

09-08-18_12-43-04 PM.png

“That I am glad we only have two kids! Man, after the past few weeks I have to say, I cannot wait till that one there moves out too. Hopefully no relationship and other drama with him. Just grow up, find a girl – or boy, not judging – and move the heck our of our house!”
Blaine pointed at Liam, who was playing with his cars on the living room floor, while his parents watched TV.
I just laughed.
“Told ya.”

09-08-18_12-36-45 PM

My phone buzzed with a text. Melissa.

Mel text.JPG

I convinced Blaine and Liam to go, because I remembered I had something to talk to Ezio about.

We arrived, Liam went to play with the Auditore kids, I was set up with Moscato, Melissa drooled over it while sipping her tea, and Ezio and Blaine, evidently today was one of their seize-fire-buddy days, were about to go off to watch some car show on TV with a bottle of Bourbon, when I told Ezio I needed to see him alone for just a second.

We went to his home office. I closed the door.

09-08-18_12-08-48 PM.png“Oh dear, am I already in trouble with you again?” he asked.
“Tom Harrison, I could not put my finger on it all day, but then it came to me. Isn’t that YOUR attorney?”
“Maybe, I have several. Why?”09-08-18_12-07-36 PM.png
“There was a Tom Harrison who helped Vivian’s custody case tremendously. You would not know anything about that.”
“Does not ring any bells.” he grinned suspiciously.09-08-18_12-09-59 PM.png
“Are you lying to me?” I  gave him a look.09-08-18_12-08-05 PM.png
“Oh Viktoria I really do not know what to … HEY!”09-08-18_12-06-18 PM.png
I had enough, lunged forward and just reached into the pocket of his sports coat and fished out the cell phone, then kept pulling it out of his reach as I was scrolling through his contacts.09-08-18_12-04-55 PM09-08-18_12-04-49 PM09-08-18_12-04-33 PM09-08-18_12-04-19 PM
“A ha!” I held the phone with Tom Harrison’s info pulled up before Ezio face.
“I guess I do know him then.” he grinned like the cat that ate the canary.09-08-18_12-07-26 PM.png
“I guess so. Shows here that the last call with him was today. Getting senile?” I teased.
“Probably.” he smiled.
I stepped forward and gave him a big bear hug.09-08-18_12-06-06 PM.png“Thank you!” I told him sincerely.
“Glad I could help.”
“You really are the bestest ex-hubby a girl could want for.”
“Thanks – I think…”
“Ok, how about best bestie’s husband ever?”
“Getting there.”
“Fine, how about your are just the best?”
“I can definitely go with that.”09-08-18_12-07-03 PM.pngI released him and opened the door when he held me back, pointing at my other hand.
“I am going to need that back, though.” he grinned.
Still had his phone.

The rest of the night was just what the doctor had ordered for all of us, a nice, relaxing, fun evening with friends. No fights, not bickering, no drama.

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