1-73) Seeing Double

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“WOW, this is where you family lives? That’s some HUGE crib!”
“No, they are friends and neighbors of my grandparents. Super-cool people.”
They had now reached the front door, Ben rang the bell. The butler opened. Fey’s eyes grew big and she could not stop looking around. They were pointed to the living room, where they heard the typical dull roar of multiple conversations, often interrupted by laughter here and there. When they entered the room almost everybody looked up and stopped talking, stared instead.

Fey thought, ah, here we go.

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Vitto had been laughing at something Vivian was saying, now his face showed surprise, then confused anger at Ben

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“You are dating her, too?!”
“What?” Ben was confused.
“How dare you set foot in this house again!?” Ezio roared walking towards Fey, but Ben stood in front of her before he could reach her so Ezio yelled around Ben
“You little floozy! But if you think you can take my boy for money and then have fun with that one, you are WRONG!”
“Excuse me!? I do not even know you!” Fey now yelled back.
“Is that some kind of game you are playing?” Ezio screamed.

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Eventually Melissa pulled him aside, trying to calm him, more or less successfully.

“I cannot believe you? So you screw me and him? Did he not get you pregnant fast enough or did you realize that he had no money?” Vitto sounded hurt.
“Are you deranged?” Fey hissed back.
“Come on, Fey, I think we better leave.” Ben was upset now.
“Fey? So now you have a new name too? That’s just so cheesy!” Vitto barked at her.
“Hey Vitto, get your shit together and do not talk to my girlfriend like that or I swear I will clean your clock!” Ben warned.
“I had that name since birth and I would like to see YOUR scrawny ass try to take Ben out, whoever you are!” Fey yelled at Vitto.

So here I sat, mouth open, could not believe it myself. That girl had some nerve, which is basically what I said to Blaine, who just shrugged. I think he was way to amused at Ezio’s outburst again, to really care.

“Umm, Blaine, now would be a good moment to interfere. Ben is your grandson. Help him.”
“With what? Screwing that girl? Looks like there is a line already.”
“Fine, I’ll do it!” I sighed and got up, but Blaine pulled me back down on the sofa by my arm and got up instead.

He walked up to the four key players and just stood there, slurping his drink loudly till they all were distracted and looking at him.

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“Do you MIND!?” Ezio was more than irritated.
“Nah, not at all.” Blaine slurped more.
“I am about to slap that drink out of your hand.” Ezio was less than amused.
“Why? Cos it irritates you? You irritate me too, don’t see me slapping you around, do you?”
“What is your problem, Cameron? Do you not see that we have something bigger to deal with than your lacking table manners?” Ezio was livid and annoyed.
“Like what? Yelling at my grandson and his girlfriend? Think I am not going to have a problem with that?”
“Your grandson is screwing the same girl that says she is pregnant by my son!”
“WHAT? I am not pregnant by that pinhead! I am not pregnant period! OMG – gross. Uh, no offense, you are just REALLY not my type.” Fey grimaced at Vitto.
“Your voice … is … different.” Vitto was still utterly confused.
“What is everybody trippin’ on here? My voice is my voice. Same as it always was. Ben, you said they were cool people. If THAT is cool in your books, you would think my folks are awesome! You all cray-cray with cream on top!” Fey was near a panic.
“Fey, let’s just go.” Ben suggested. Man that went to hell in a hand basket.
“So you say your name is Fey? Can you proof that? Like a form of picture ID?”
“Are you serious, old man? I am gettin’ carded in someone’s home now too? Ben, really I am out. This is BULLSHIT!”
“Fey, wait!” Ben regretted ever coming here.
“You look like Alycia but you do not sound like her at all.” Vitto stuttered confused.

Fey was on her way out, then halted, Ben nearly ran into her.
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“Did you just say Alycia?”
“Oh my lawd. You know what? You all are idiots. And so am I. I should have put two and two together. You are filthy rich and obviously a virgin, again, no offense, but typical ‘Lysh’. You creep were with my dumb ass hoe of a twin sister!” And yes, before the old dude gets a coronary, THAT I can and will proof. Hang on.”
She dug out her wallet, looked up at Ezio and slapped her driver license against his chest, which he took, confused. Then she pulled out a folded photo of two black teen girls. It was evident that she was telling the truth. The photo made the rounds. Everybody was speechless, even Ezio when he handed the ID back to her.

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Twin sisters Fey (Felicia) and Alycia Brantley at about 17

Yes, so the light hearted party with friends became another war council. Fey looked at all of us like we were some Brady Bunch from hell, but patiently answered questions about her sister, as far as she could. She did not know where she lived, they were not close.
Evidently did Alycia have a history of messing with men for money, while Fey was always trying to work hard and make her way honestly. The mistaken identity was not a new issue to her and understandably tiresome. To get away from it all Fey had moved to San Myshuno, but by the sounds of it, so had her twin sister.

There were more good news, though. Through Fey it was discovered that Alycia, because of her promiscuous ways, had her tubes tied years ago so she would not get stuck with a child – or several. Vitto could not wipe that smile off his face the rest of the night.

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