1-75) Wins & Losses

A few weeks have passed since the friendly get together that turned dramatic, where Blaine’s grandson Ben brought his new girlfriend to meet us and she was mistaken for the girl who tried to take advantage of poor Vittorio and his inexperience with girls by telling him she was pregnant by him.
Naturally Ezio had a fit, understandable this time, and even Melissa was very upset about it.
As it turned out, it was some case of mistaken identity, the girls were twins with very different ideas of how to live life.
We have since run into Fey and Alycia (the “evil” twin) together and if you see them next to one another, you can tell them apart, but alone it would be hard, although Ben claimed that they could be a quintuplets, he would always know his Fey.
09-11-18_4-56-28 PM09-11-18_4-58-38 PM
Oh yeah, he and Fey are a thing now. Ben found another job to avoid awkwardness and backlashes at work for him and Fey. He was now working with Blaine actually, doing what both excel at, performing.
09-12-18_5-17-35 PM
Where does that leave me?
09-12-18_5-45-07 PM
Well, I am working in business again. Yes, with Ezio and Addy.
09-12-18_5-55-01 PM
I must say, as fun as it was with Blaine, Ezio was right, this was where I belong. And would you just look at that view?!
09-12-18_5-58-29 PM
I always had a natural talent and interest for all things business management and administration, re-learned the other aspects of the financial business quickly, so just like Ezio had claimed, it took me little time to get back into the swing of things. That man did have a sixth sense for such things.
09-12-18_5-53-26 PM
Helpful also was that I could work during regular business hours – more on that in a minute – while Ezio would take over as soon as it was dark enough.
09-12-18_6-00-30 PM
Something big did happen. I made it to Grand Master vampire ranks and not only was I capable of teleporting now, no, much  better: Blaine and I found a way to become sun-resistant. What that meant was that we could be out and about at all hours of the day or night without burning up. Unfortunately can I not tell you how, as that is part of the strict vampire code, but let me tell you, life was pretty great again.
09-11-18_3-32-31 PM
We finally developed a routine again, even though Blaine has always been a night owl and his performances were late evening into the early hours of morning, we lived out lives like million of other people with a school aged child would.
09-11-18_10-50-24 AM
Liam was a vampire, just like his sister Vivian before him, he had no problems or issues with it and had friends. Was a very outgoing boy with good sense of humor. His grades were not as stellar as his sisters, he was just not that into learning as she had been. Some subjects were a struggle, but we tried to keep on it.
09-11-18_5-48-26 PM
At this point now, he looked exactly like Blaine when we first met. Both of us made sure that lil boy’s life was very different though.
09-11-18_5-46-21 PM
Since vampirism did not really show effects until the children reach puberty, he was now like any other boy, ate regular foods, did not mind the sun. Once he would reach his teens, we would see how it would be for him. Blaine and I worked with him on his vampire skills a lot, so maybe it was possible to get him the sun-immunity before he would become fully a vampire.
09-11-18_5-45-21 PM
Blaine and I went on many walks, during the day, simply because walking was something we had always done together and because we now could. Sometimes so long that it got dark around us anyway.

One of them lead us to Newcrest.
09-12-18_8-37-06 PM
There was not much to see here really, typical suburbia, homes of the middle class and the rich, along with three restaurants and a bowling alley, a dance club and a spa. The only place we could afford was a diner, but the service was always so slow that it was just not worth it.
2018-09-12 (5)
In case you may not know this, Newcrest is Ezio’s hometown and big time Auditore territory, although there were now so many of them that you could find one household in nearly every town. But Newcrest was where Ezio’s parents moved to from Italy and set up shop. Now it was crawling with Auditores and their relations.
We just walked towards the huge Auditore Manor, Ezio’s childhood home, which was across the small starter home Ezio and I moved to when we first got married, and where Adrianna was born and spent the first years of her life until I was expecting Marco.

09-12-18_7-58-42 PM
Ezio’s childhood home in Newcrest

I tried not to look at it too obviously but am sure Blaine noticed. He knew this house, had been to our parties with Olivia, his then-wife.

Blaine had just pulled me into a kiss, as we were almost past that house, walking super-slow and we heard someone calling.
09-12-18_7-55-45 PM
“Dad? Dad? Is that you?”

We both turned and saw Emmy, Blaine’s middle child, a little toddler girl on her hand.
09-11-18_5-20-08 PM
“Dad, aren’t you .. I mean .. can you be out, now?”
“Oh yeah, long story. Emmy you remember Viktoria, right?”
“Sure, hi. Dad, this little lady is your granddaughter, Robyn.”

Blaine was initially speechless but then talked to the lil girl, making her giggle, hugged her, but when he had her up on his arm, she did look a little worried. Maybe it was the tattoos, the crazy hair or his very pale skin that did it for her.
09-11-18_5-21-39 PM
We were asked inside and yes, they lived right there in Ezio and my old home. Go figure. Not too much had changed, even most of the furniture was still there, so this was pretty odd.
09-11-18_5-27-25 PM
Blaine was excited to reconnect. Emmy was still the same quiet, shy girl she had always been. Back when she was dating my son Marco, long before Blaine and I got together, she had long pink hair, but that was as rebellious as she would get. Now it was red. I think her natural color was the same coppery red Olivia had, she had been the spitting image of her mother, and like her sister was very attached to her.

We had met her husband a long time ago, I was not even a vampire yet, but they were still together. He wasn’t there, still at work, but we would get together eventually. Since they were struggling to pay the rent, I offered my childhood home in Windenburg, it had been sitting empty since Vivian moved in with Silas.

Went to lunch with some of my old friends and some family, also in Newcrest, but that turned into a dinner, because of the super slow service I mentioned earlier.
09-11-18_4-13-35 PM
The colorful group consisted of Addy and her hubby Casey, Ben, this time without Fey, even though we invited her, Eric, Ezio’s sister Claudia and my former sister in law Jennifer. Yeah, those two and I always got along and just because things had changed, our friendship didn’t.
09-11-18_4-23-25 PM
Jennifer was the nicest woman, but had been married to and birthed five kids to that horrible Frederico, Ezio’s oldest brother. After he died and her kids were out of the house, she remarried and blossomed. Still, now at an advanced age, she was radiant and seemed happy. The deep red locks had a greyish cast now, but she was still beautiful. Claudia, Ezio’s younger sister, had her own battles with her strict parents but was always nice to me. Seeing her so old now, did make me feel funny.
09-11-18_4-25-16 PM
Obviously everybody present knew that Blaine and I were vampires and were ok with it. Of course they would all eat, we would just have coffee or drinks. Claudia mentioned that she had not seen or spoken to Ezio in ages, only met Melissa a few times. I’d definitely bring that up to him. Not sure if she knew about them being vampires yet, I was certainly not the one to tell. Especially since I accidentally turned him and then he almost got himself in serious trouble for turning her while pregnant. No thanks.

We threw a little party at our home and despite it being very crowded very fast, due to the small size of the house, it was a fun night. Everybody hugged one another, except Blaine and Ezio, but at least they did not fight.
09-12-18_2-51-27 PM09-12-18_2-52-40 PM09-12-18_2-45-21 PM09-12-18_2-54-13 PM

09-12-18_3-34-59 PM (2)
Is that a GIRL with Vitto?! Madelaine, Addy and Casey’s French au pair girl.

09-12-18_4-09-24 PM09-12-18_4-11-45 PM
09-12-18_3-56-06 PM.png
Blaine had a very rough day not long after. Spunky, now a VERY old dog – Blaine had brought him home one day when we first moved into our current home in Brindleton Bay and I was in my last trimester of pregnancy with Vivian – kept getting sick. So he took both dogs to the vet for a check up. Everything came back ok, but on the way home, still right in front of the vet clinic, Spunky suddenly laid down and just died.
09-12-18_4-35-38 PM09-12-18_4-37-19 PM09-12-18_4-38-29 PM

As soon as I got home and we all had a good cry – I was so attached to that puppy and still cannot believe he is gone – Bay started acting weird. Now she is an elder dog as well and we were scared, but instead she gave birth to a small litter of puppies, Spunky’s puppies,  a little pudge black male we called Vader, as he has some attitude already, and a little cream colored girl who looks like a coconut macaroon, so we named her Coco. We had no idea Bay was even pregnant, especially at her age!

09-12-18_4-42-11 PM09-12-18_4-47-00 PM09-12-18_4-46-03 PM

During one of our evening briefs I arrived first at Ezio’s office and purposefully sat down at his desk. He was pouring himself Bourbon and just smiled, when Addy finally arrived, asked her dad to sit too, then told us she and Casey were expecting again. Another surprise, I didn’t even think they wanted another kid, but now the au pair girl made a lot more sense.
I did ask her once if the baby could have possibly anything to do why her and Casey’s odd behavior at the end of our get-together, but she just smiled and kissed my cheek. So, in my books, my new grandson was conceived in our bathroom. Hilarious.
09-12-18_6-13-41 PM

Rest in peace, Spunky, you sweet mutt, you will be sorely missed.
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