2-1) Fast Forward

So the big day came for us too. Liam turned 13. Just days after his sister Vivian had her and Silas’ twins. Adorable babies. With Finn’s adoption and all the adjustments with the name change etc. they asked not to make too much of a fuss. So we didn’t. But her birth was smooth and both parents and all three kids are happy and healthy. Finn LOVES being a big brother.
09-18-18_5-47-15 PM09-18-18_5-48-18 PM09-18-18_5-48-42 PM09-18-18_5-49-15 PM09-18-18_5-49-28 PM09-18-18_5-49-45 PM

Then of a sudden Liam was 14. It seemed as if I just blinked and this year it was going to be Liam’s 15th birthday. Time really flew by.

Addy and Casey’s son Greyson, now a toddler, had recovered and caught up with other children growth wise, but had a more delicate constitution. He got sick a lot and suffered various allergies. But he was a sweet and adorable boy!

09-18-18_6-15-49 PM.png
Addy’s oldest daughter, Lauren, playing with little brother Greyson

Silas and Vivian turned out to be dedicated parents, and Finn was still happy as a clam and an easy kid to both parents. The twins, Leon and Zoey were inseparable. 09-18-18_6-36-28 PM09-18-18_6-36-38 PM


Today was the day. Liam’s 15th birthday was here. Man, had he changed. Still a carbon copy of his dad, but already looked so grown up. I was not ready for that. Not yet.

I was listing the potential invitees for his birthday party out loud, while pouring coffee, when Liam interrupted me.
09-18-18_5-13-09 PM.png
“Umm, mom, you can stop. I can celebrate with you guys and admire that cake you always insist on making, which I probably won’t eat, since even last year I got sick from it already. I have plans after. Some friends and I are going to the club to celebrate!”09-18-18_5-14-09 PM.png“What? But … what about the Auditores? And Vivian, Silas, Finn .. and …”

“Vik, let it go. The kid is too grown up now and wants to chase pu… umm … tunes on the dancefloor instead.”
09-18-18_5-12-41 PM
“Yup, dad’s got it. Don’t take it personal, mom, still love ya. Just need some more real life in my life right now .. and I need to get rid of some of the stress at school.”

“Stress? You got..”
Blaine pulled me into his arms and kissed me, before I could finish.

“Yeah, dad, get on in there!” Liam cheered him on. Oh, yeah, having a boy, and a son of Blaine’s at that, was interesting. I mean, I had come to terms with the fact that our family was unconventional in every aspect, but the past months or so leading up to this had been … testing. And that was putting it mildly.

“Son, I have not needed your fangirling, nor permission so far, and don’t think that will change. So go and do whatever. Oh, hey, kid, take those … things with you. You know, the ‘snacks’.”
“Yup, got them right here in my pocket dad! You guys have fun too.” Liam winked and smirked that Blaine-smile as he was walking out of the kitchen, while I wanted to go hang myself.
09-18-18_5-11-30 PM
“Blaine, I know that those ‘snacks’ are not actual ‘snacks’. No need to talk code around me.” I told Blaine while on our way to the living room, as  he and I passed Liam putting on his jacket in the hallway.
“Ok. HEY SON, DON’T FORGET THEM CONDOMS!” he said extra-loud. I cringed, while sitting on the couch. URGH!
“Copy that dad, over and out! Don’t wait up!” he chuckled from the hallway.
“Are you trying to kill me?” I whined at Blaine.
“Hey babygirl …” Blaine smirked his crooked smirk while plopping down next to me and putting his arm around me, pulling me in close “…he is a teen boy. You should remember that from Marco.”
“Marco was never like that!” I protested. He wasn’t. Really.
“Nah, I believe it. With that Mafioso around, all his boys will probably enjoy needlework and long walks on the beach, after reading a Harlequin novel.” Blaine grinned.
“Oh Blaine. Ezio is a good dad. And he does raise them well. As does Melissa. But can our son not be a little bit less … Blaine-esque? Just a little?”
Blaine just laughed.
“I think that kid is fine. Grades are okay, not the best, but ok, and he is not getting into too much trouble.”
“Umm, hello? Last week?” I rubbed my temples at the memory.
“Oh come on. So he TP’ed the principal’s office and got caught. Big deal. It’s just toilet paper, not landmines.”
“I know. That is what you told the principal too. You two are making me cringe, daily. And those off-color jokes. All. The. Time. Think you could dial it back a bit? He is only 15, quit encouraging it.”
“Oh, babygirl. 15 is only the beginning. I didn’t hit full on terror-mode until I was 16, 17 and worst 18, granted my situation was a bit different. But that’s cool, if he goes to jail, it’s his own problem, not ours.”
“Blaine Cameron! Seriously!”
“Just teasing. He’s a good kid. Just roll with it.”

There were more days like that. Helping Liam with homework .. urgh. You thought Blaine was bad with off color jokes and wandering minds. That kid! Don’t get me wrong, he was sweet, and funny, a wonderful kid. But so mischievous. And hunting after every single skirt! Even if he went grocery shopping with me! Did not even have to be around his age group. He’d hit on the check out clerk, the bag girl, the girl walking in with her parents .. even the mother, if need be. And I was constantly hoping for holes to sink into.

No matter what I said to him, he’d smirk, kiss my cheek, hug me – and go do it anyway.

Yeah, sound familiar? Blaine seemed to find it amusing, even when I brought up possible diseases and unwanted pregnancies, but he just kissed me, hugged me and told me to remember those ‘snacks’ and that our son was a vampire.


09-18-18_5-24-20 PM.png
“OK kid, so your restaurant bill is 60 dollar and you want to leave 20% tip on the untaxed amount. How much is that?” “Dunno mom, but what did the lepper tell the hooker? Keep the tip!” HAHAHAHAHA
09-18-18_5-24-43 PM.png
09-18-18_5-32-52 PM.png
“Did you take out the trash?” “No, did it insult you? I’ll take it out so hard, it will never wake up again!” “OMG, I’ll do it!”

09-18-18_5-21-46 PM.png

Oh yeah, this WAS only the beginning. That boy … I do not even know what all to write first. And Blaine was right. I thought 15 was bad. But little did I know …

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