2-2) Out Of Control

Issues with Liam kept coming up. Whether it was the school calling about him skipping classes, playing pranks, getting into fights or him simply ignoring and breaking our rules.

09-19-18_5-59-04 AM.png
His grades were mediocre and even that was a struggle and an ongoing fight.

And through it all, unless we were in the middle of verbal ‘whoopings’ with him again, he was sweet, charming, funny, clever.

And we loved him. He is our son. But sometimes, I have to admit, it was hard.
09-19-18_6-06-33 AM.png
At first Blaine seemed to find it funny, but that would soon change.

The constant arguments. I thought the bickering between Blaine and Ezio was bad. But a teen son and Blaine was ten times worse. He was alone with him a lot during the day, since I worked at the office, and often, I was glad to get out. Blaine got Liam before and after school.
09-19-18_6-04-54 AM.png
09-19-18_6-04-01 AM09-19-18_6-04-14 AM
By the time he would leave for his gigs at night, Liam had plans or just snuck out.
Sometimes I caught him, sometimes he made it, and endured the tongue lashing and punishment. There was something every day.

And then there was that day he brought home the first girl.
09-19-18_6-31-14 AM.png
Oh, Blaine and I were well aware that he had been collecting experience as he went, but never brought anyone home. Just his friends. Corbin, his old BFF was still in the picture and some other boys. But never a girl. She was nothing like what Blaine and I secretly had imagined, and that was a good thing. She was a really nice girl. Wholesome even, soft spoken. Not trashy at all. So, maybe things were looking up?
09-19-18_6-33-24 AM.png
It seemed that way. He brought her home one night, introduced her as his girlfriend, both were obviously flirty and silly, typical teens in love really.
09-19-18_6-34-22 AM.png
They were so cute together, and literally always together with just very few exceptions, just absolutely inseparable.
09-19-18_6-54-50 AM.png
Liam was definitely head over heels for that girl and judging by her constant blushing and smiling when he was around, she was too. Months and months of puppy love.
09-19-18_6-51-01 AM.png
09-19-18_6-47-56 AM.png
And then it happened. Suddenly we did not see Michelle anymore. Liam had gotten quiet and withdrawn too, barely ever smiled, spent most of his time in his room listening to his music at deafening volumes. His cell phone would ring, first few times he would answer, snap rudely at the caller, then hang up, later he’d just let it ring or click ignore the call.
09-19-18_6-13-23 AM.png
For the most part Liam would just keep the phone on silent or in his room. Which is where I found it once and why I know what I am telling you now.
Liam and Blaine were watching sports in the living room, I had done laundry and was putting it away in Liam’s room when his cell phone vibrated on his desk. I walked over and saw 7 missed calls and a new text message that just came in. Michelle. At least I assumed that, since Liam evidently had found it necessary to rename her contact entry to something unflattering.
michelle text.PNG
Hmm. I did not have to be a dating expert to know that something bad must have happened. So that was it. Liam had relationship issues. Maybe a broken heart? Should I talk to him? Just how?

Choice was made for me as the door opened and I was caught red-handed, staring at his phone. Liam looked at me, at the phone, grabbed it off the desk and looked at the incoming items, then at me.

“I’ll put that away, thanks.” he barked, pulling the basket with his washed and folded laundry from my arms.

“Liam, I …” I started talking.
“No, mom. Not now.” He was unamused and short.
“Honey, if you want to talk, dad and I…” I put my hand on his arm, he shook it off like you would a nasty bug.
“MOM, not NOW!”
“I just want you to know that…”
“Yes, I know. Everything will work out as it should, I will be fine, am so young, plenty fish in the sea … blah blah blah .. spare me, ok!?” he roared, slamming the laundry basket onto his bed.

He rushed out of the room and left me standing there. From the window in his room I could see him disappearing down towards the direction of the beach. Uh oh. Seemed to be a bit more than just an argument.
So I told Blaine about it. He brushed it off as puppy love gone wrong. But we were wrong. So, so wrong.

Liam did not just recover. On the contrary. He had been a piece of work before Michelle. During the relationship he was just the average teen. After the relationship, and yes, they were broken up, he now became a terror teen!
I cannot even begin to list what he got into. It seemed like he had given up and just did not care at all anymore. His grades were suffering too.

So first there was the issue with girls. Lots and lots of girls. From his school, from other schools, visiting … he came, saw and conquered. This alone caused a lot of issues as you can imagine. No, at least our son was good about contraception. Definitely better than his sister, but then again, he was only 15. I was not happy to be the proud mom of a manwhoring teen. But again, whatever I tried, nothing worked. If he was forbidden to do something, he found ways to do it anyway, just more covert. I tried to talk to him, but he slammed shut like an oyster every time. It got worse and worse and he was spiraling out of control fast.

So there was this one night, one of many. I was asleep in my coffin through it all, Blaine told me about it later.
Blaine walked into our living room after getting home from one of his performances, maybe it was around 2 or 3 AM, to grab a few things off the table, when he realized he wasn’t alone. He sensed that a mortal was present, not a vampire. At that very moment, the form on the couch moved and let out a high-pitched scream. Blaine jumped to the light switch and flipped it on. On the couch, under the blanket a dark haired girl, unknown to Blaine, but judging by her age someone Liam would know.

“Who are you?!” she asked, frightened, clenching the blanket pulled up to high under her chin.

“I am Blaine, I live here.” he answered calmly.
“Where is Liam? He said he lives here.” she sounded impaired. Drunk?
“He does. I am his father. I’ll get him.”

Blaine rushed into Liam’s room and shook him awake. Except, that did not feel like Liam, and then there was another scream, different pitch this time, but still female. Blaine turned on the light and a girl with platinum blonde hair looked at him, scared.
“OMG – am I being raped?!” she asked, also far from sober.
“Uh – no .. not right now. Who are you?”
“Lacey. Where is Liam?”
“I’ll find that out next. Get dressed, get your friend from the living room, you are going home!”

Blaine muttered colorful curse words to himself on his way down to the basement, where he ripped open Liam’s coffin, then pulled him up by the shoulder.
“Dad .. owwww!” he protested.
“Have you been drinking?!” Blaine thought he was gonna lose it when he smelled a cloud of alcohol, but tried to keep calm and quiet, as to not wake me.
Liam giggled “Mayyyybee…. just like a teeny sip.” he was slurring his words.
“A sip?! You smell like a refinery! Get out of the coffin now!” Blaine ordered.
“Dad, tired … and not so loud please.” Liam whined.
“A hangover. Perfect. GET UP NOW!” Blaine pulled Liam out and dragged him up the stairs with him.
“Where are your clothes?!” Blaine pointed at his son’s boxers.
Liam shrugged.
“Well, get dressed now!”  he shoved him towards his room.
“Why? And not so loud!”
Within minutes Blaine had collected his now dressed son, and the two teen girls and ushered them to the car.
“Dad, what the hell? Where are we going at this hour? I am tired…”
“We are taking the girls home now.”
“I want to go back to sleep.” Liam whined.
“NOPE, you are going with.” Blaine said with stern determination.

Blaine asked the addresses and drove. Liam was starting to really feel a hangover now. When they arrived at the first girl’s house, Blaine insisted Liam walk her to the front door. Same with the second.

Once back home, Liam sat hunched over at the kitchen table, black coffee in front of him. This is where I entered the drama this time.
09-19-18_8-03-34 AM.png
“Liam, are you sick?” I asked, concerned.
“Oh, he is sick all right!” Blaine laughed loudly, making Liam cringe and moan in pain.
“Please don’t tell me…”
“Oh yeah. Are you as proud as me? Well, here watch this.”
09-19-18_8-06-35 AM.png
Blaine went to the fridge and held a plasma fruit right under Liam’s nose. Those things reeked to high heavens, even to vampires that stench was not pleasant. Especially not when you were hungover. Liam convulsed, jumped up and ran, we heard the bathroom door slam shut.
“I am torn, whether to feel sorry or not.” I told Blaine.
“Go with not. I’ll explain why in a second. First there he is again. Lookin’ good, son.” Blaine mocked. Liam looked pale with a greenish tint, eyes rimmed red.
“Hey, Liam, want another whiff?” Blaine cruelly held the fruit up to his son again, who ran for the toilet bowl once more.
“Blaine…” I complained. He just shrugged.
Liam came back a third time. “No more dad. I got it now. I am going to lay down now.”
09-19-18_8-06-46 AM.png
“Like hell you are! Your butt goes into the shower, and then off to school. And so you do not miss the way, I will hand-deliver you, my precious lil baby boy.” Blaine was pinching Liam’s cheeks with the last words.

All complaints and begging was in vain. Blaine did as he said he would, moreover, he sat outside the school all day long to assure Liam would stay in class.

But this was only the beginning. A week later Blaine could not find his motorcycle keys. Oh yeah, Liam.

Then Blaine caught him driving the car with 5 other kids in it. We will ignore the amazing feat of fitting so many people into a standard sized Golf, and go straight to appalled for him driving without a license and under intoxication. Yes, it was a big fight and we literally piled on the punishment and chores for Liam.

Then he had the ultimate melt down. We were over at the Auditore’s for just a get-together. All their kids were there. At some point somebody must have said something to trigger the beast. Liam had just been sitting next to Blaine all evening, quiet, barely said three words. Then, during one of Ezio’s monologues he just interjected and the hurricane started.

“Oh my gawd, are you never tired of hearing yourself speak, you old sack?!” Liam barked.
“I beg your pardon!?” Ezio exclaimed at the same time Blaine and I said “LIAM!”
Ezio stood up, staring at our son, while Blaine let him have it.
09-19-18_8-31-44 AM.png
“I don’t know how you all stand it day by day, listening to his bullshit.” Liam barked, pointing at Ezio.
“Liam enough.” I yelled at him.
“Why, cos I am not afraid to open my mouth, unlike the rest of you whimps?” Liam retorted.
09-19-18_8-33-41 AM.png
“LIAM CAMERON, NOW!” Blaine ripped the kid out of his chair and dragged him with him into Ezio’s office, slamming the door shut.
09-19-18_8-37-33 AM.png
I went after, but could not get in. Door would not budge.
09-19-18_8-38-23 AM.png
Blaine must have been leaning against it or had locked it, but I heard him yelling at Liam inside. As I turned around back at the dining table, I had blushed into deep pink, everybody was just staring, stiffly.
“Hormones..” I tried to downplay the awkwardness.

The door opened and Liam came tumbling out, barely catching himself before falling, evidently Blaine had shoved him, now grabbed him by the back collar of his shirt and pulled him back to the dining table.
“Liam wanted to say something. Speak.” Blaine ordered.
“Woof woof” Liam made, causing the two younger Auditore kids to giggle, which was quickly muffled by the looks they got from their parents.
Blaine gave Liam a nudge.
“Fine, sorry. Didn’t mean it. One big happy family. We all love each other and I love every single one of you so very very VERY much. MUAH.” Liam looked defiant as he blew a kiss towards Ezio.
“Umm, well. Fine. Let’s just forget about this … incident and how about we all go watch a movie? We have several to choose from.” Ezio said, struggling for his usual calm composure, while everybody else just sat there, eyes big as saucers.
“Oh yay, a movie. Since we are not rich moneybags, we cannot afford anything but puppet theater…” Liam was stopped by Blaine with another, hard nudge.
“Wanna go back in the office, kid?!” Blaine warned.
“Then behave accordingly.”
Liam saluted in mockery, and I nearly could see Blaine’s blood starting to boil, but he kept calm.
I was still bright red, but as everybody was walking over Melissa had hung back and hugged me.
“Just a kid being a brat. Don’t worry about it.” she smiled at me, understanding and encouraging. I had the best friends.

The movie went semi ok. Everybody got up at some point, some to use the restroom, some to get a snack, other to get something to drink. Then suddenly Liam sat down with a glass of what looked like Ezio’s Bourbon in a glass. I nudged Blaine and pointed. He went over, grabbed the glass and sniffed it. Then pulled Liam back up.
“That’s it now, kid! I have had it with you!”
09-19-18_8-39-57 AM.png
“Let go of me you hypocrite! You are not one to talk. You’ve done all this and worse, fucked your way through life, then stole that old man’s wife and now we all sit here holding hands acting like life is grand, while that one is clearly still after mom and who knows what they do in the office together?!”
09-19-18_8-44-52 AM.png
The next thing happened very fast. With a loud sound of skin on skin Blaine had slapped Liam in the face, who fell over backwards.
09-19-18_8-46-58 AM.png
Everybody held their breath, eyes wide, including Blaine. Liam scrambled up, shoved his father aside and ran out the front door, where Vitto was just coming up.
“Hi Liam.. heyyy..”
Liam just shoved him aside into the snow as he ran into the night.
09-19-18_8-52-57 AM.png
After that incident, Blaine was a mess. He blamed himself for becoming like his parents. He had never ever hit any child – or animal – before.
And I was deeply embarrassed, regretting my job – considering quitting actually, as this rumor seemed to keep coming back and sticking like a boomerang lathered in honey. I felt for Blaine and worried about Liam. And about my friendship with the Auditores.
To think once upon a time we thought a teen pregnancy was almost the end of the world. Ha! We had been taught by life, that it can always get worse.

Liam stayed gone. For days. I have mentioned that before but the police was never too impressed or too ambitious about missing vampires. They had their hands full with mortals and since we were a lot more durable under most circumstances, vampires went on the back burner. So instead we informed the local vampire community to keep an eye out. I was worried out of my mind. Blaine was hating on himself, no matter how much I kept trying to tell him he was a good dad and his reaction was understandable.

And then the cops called, citing us to the station. Liam had been picked up. Are you ready for this? He had stolen and crashed, as in totaled, Ezio’s black Lamborghini. I thought I would faint.

We looked at the impressively long list of violations Liam had managed to rake up in this short period of time, then were presented a gigantic bill, and allowed to bail out our son. You’d think he’d be kissing our feet, but you’d be wrong. He was as defiant as before. The car ride home was enjoyable, and I am being more than sarcastic.

At home Liam went to his room, while Blaine and I sat in the living room, when my phone rang. Ezio. I wanted to cry and run away. I ignore the call. No thanks. Not now. I could not stand him yelling at me on top of all, probably to tell me that I would be working for him for free until the end of eternity to pay off that dang car.
A text message came in. Ezio. I read it and started bawling like a baby. I really did have the best friends! And man, could we use them right about now. ezio text.PNG


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