2-4) Can’t Always Get What You Want

Time passed, and while Liam was never exactly an angel, things seemed to find an equilibrium. He got into a decent amount of trouble still, but at a level that Blaine and I could deal with.

But Liam and the girls. After the sore break up with his first love, Michelle, he went through girls at a mind numbing rate, basically at the friends with benefits and one-night-stand level, rather than any steady girlfriends.

And then came the big surprise. He brought home a girl and introduced her as his new girlfriend. 09-19-18_2-46-28 PM.png
Her name was Tara and once again, she was not what he usually went for. How did we know? We had seen pictures, group photos when he and his friends went out, on Simstagram. The one sitting on his lap was most likely the flavor of the week. And usually those girls looked like the stereotype of an easy girl, few exceptions. His new girlfriend was the nerdy type, cute, with glasses, a sweet smile and good grades.
09-19-18_2-30-23 PM.png
We had high hopes she would be a good influence on him, but no such luck. He seemed happy and didn’t not go berserk anymore so we were perfectly fine.
09-19-18_2-56-37 PM.png
09-19-18_4-24-23 PM.png
He had his clique of boys, four of them counting Liam, which included Corbin, his best friend since childhood.
09-19-18_7-17-33 PM.png
09-19-18_7-12-27 PM
They would go and do typical teen things swimming, play darts, bowling, clubbing, concerts.
09-19-18_7-19-27 PM.png
And then came that day where things would change again. He went out bowling with the boys, but when he came home, he was all sorts of weirdly excited and showed us pictures of a certain girl. Her name was Leonie, as he told us excitedly.
09-19-18_6-08-12 PM09-19-18_6-07-41 PM
Evidently she just moved here and went to his school now. She had been at the bowling alley when he and his friends went, and naturally she had caught Liam’s attention.
09-19-18_6-02-14 PM.png
According to what Corbin told us later on, Liam was absolutely enamored with the girl from the minute he saw her, and while she seemed approachable, none of his pick up lines had worked on her, no matter how hard he tried. She had clear lines she did not let him cross without reprimanding him immediately.
09-19-18_6-08-36 PM.png
It appeared that she liked him too, but was not in the least bit interested in dating him, which bothered Liam tremendously, completely ignoring the fact that he already had a girlfriend. I had the feeling that poor Tara was on her way out and didn’t even know it yet.
Eventually he invited the girl home, so Blaine and I got to meet her, too. He introduced her, like he normally only would his girlfriends. We liked her, a lot. Well mannered, well spoken, smart, witty, courteous. Really pretty, but not arrogant. We even got to witness her keeping him in line, when he tried to put his arm around her watching a movie on the couch. It was obvious that this was driving Liam crazy.


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  1. Yeah, that went sideways somehow. I had other plans too, but life. The current girlfriend is lovely, but just somehow not right. So we ran into lil Miss Thang here. I think that definitely has some staying power, but maybe not as one expects. We shall see.

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