2-9) Idiocracy

Hesitant, I inhaled deeply, then stuck my key into the lock and turned.
09-24-18_9-50-56 AM
A faint ‘click’ and the door was open. I walked straight into our bedroom, on my way there through the glass of the patio door I saw the dogs so engulfed in play out in the backyard that they did not even notice me.
09-24-18_9-51-30 AM
Good. I did not feel like making this any harder on me or them. Pulled the big suitcase from the closet, placed it on the bed, unzipped the lid and then began carelessly throwing in my clothing. Luckily I did not own too much, so it would all fit nicely and only require one visit.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Liam appeared in the doorway.
“Liam, why are you home?” he had startled me, as I had assumed he’d be in school.
“No school today, whole downstairs is flooded. And don’t look at me, innocent this time, some waterline broke.” he quickly explained.
“Ah.” I resumed pulling clothing off the hangers.
“Are you leaving dad?” suspicion in his question along with disbelief.
09-24-18_10-02-06 AM
That question shot deep into my heart. Felt like a nightmare, but I didn’t need pinching to know it wasn’t.

“Vik!” Blaine exclaimed, sliding his son aside and entering the room now, heading towards me, so I quickly raised my hands, a clear signal for him to stop and took a few steps backwards to signal him I was not ready for any sort of physical encounters. He froze in his tracks.

“Where have you been? I was worried out of my mind about you!” his tone was accusatory, yet relieved.

I did not answer him, instead diverted my attention back to packing, opened drawers, tossing underwear into the suitcase. Blaine stood and stared in awe, then came over and began to pull clothing I had put into the suitcase back out, tossing it into random drawers.

“Stop it!” I barked, grabbed the same piles, tossing them back into the suitcase, which Blaine pulled back out. We did this a few times, before both the drawers and my suitcase were a mess.

Liam still stood in the doorway, mouth agape.

“No, YOU stop it. Now! I deserve at least the chance to explain myself.” Blaine sounded fed up.
09-24-18_10-11-50 AM
“You deserve a swift kick in the ass, you lying, cheating bastard!” I hissed.
“Cheating?” Liam echoed from the door, his eyes widened.
“I neither lied nor cheated!” Blaine’s voice was slightly raised.
“I saw that!” was my sarcastic reply.

Why did I not just teleport away when I had the ability and while I had the opportunity, you ask? Good question. I was beside myself and the brain only functioned partially. Plus, the thing with vampiric teleportation was that it did not work when someone was holding on to you.

He jumped forward and held on to me now, I was fighting with him and my tears and lost both battles simultaneously.
09-24-18_10-48-21 AM
“Liam, go to your room!” I ordered, while trying to suppress my sobbing now.
“Mom, what the hell is going on here?” Liam sounded very concerned.
“Liam, go to your room NOW!” Blaine barked.

When Liam still did not budge, Blaine shut the door with a backwards kick, while never letting go of me.

Blaine stood there, stiffly, looking at me sadly, his eyes begging to be heard.
“How could you do this to me?” my question was genuine.
“I didn’t. Not that time and never before. I swear, I did nothing but sit there to restring ‘the Beast’. Suddenly she was in her panties and on top of me, then you were there. I didn’t ask for nor encourage it. I swear it.”

“You were aroused!” I hissed at him the fact that had been the insult to my injury. He closed his eyes, releasing his grip on me.
09-24-18_10-11-05 AM
“I cannot control that, you know how that works! That is completely out of my hands. I do not want that woman, or any woman other than you, regardless if my body agrees with me or not. Vik, I missed you so. Please let’s not have another fight about nothing. This is nothing. Just like that last time. It all looked bad then, but turned out to be only smoke and mirrors. This time is the very same. I was so worried about you. Please babygirl …” he stepped towards me again, and I stepped backwards again, like before.

“Hold it right there! You think that’s it? You expect me to see you with that hoe on top of you, both in your underwear – and why the hell were you in your underwear anyway? – then you just say ‘it was nothing’ and expect me to just swallow that and resume daily life as usual?! How naïve and stupid do you think I am?” I was very upset now.
“I do not think you are either, which is why I cannot understand why this spiraled out of control the way it has.”

I felt like this was going nowhere, just stood there shaking my head, when Blaine pulled me into a kiss. I fought him off, and he looked like I mortally wounded him.
09-24-18_10-48-35 AM
Yes, I felt sorry somehow, but I was hurt. Even IF he did not want it, he also did not NOT want it by the looks of it.

“Babygirl, please ..” he pleaded.
09-24-18_10-50-04 AM
“Please what?! How would YOU feel if you walked into my office and I was in my underwear atop a near-naked Ezio?! And then have the forehead to tell you, he just jumped atop me out of the blue?!”
09-24-18_10-08-19 AM
“Technically in that scenario, wouldn’t he be underneath you?” a slight smirk ended his response.
“Interesting to see you find that funny.” I was not amused.
“Vik, this is ridiculous. One day we will sit and laugh about this. As soon as you realize it is all one big misunderstanding. Besides, there have been rumors about you and Ezio all over the place ever since you started working for him. You did not see me getting my panties in a bunch over that, did you?”
“You are so sure of yourself, aren’t you?”
“I am. Because I know I did not do what I am accused of. We belong together. We both know that. The entire world knows it. And I know that you know I do not want another woman. If I did, I would have had much better opportunities than a dingy locker room.”
“Oh, do tell. Helps pass the time until I am done packing and out of here!”
09-24-18_10-49-16 AM
“You do not really think I would let you go?” Blaine said calmly, but sincere.
“I think you have no choice.”
“Fuck choice. I went through hell these past days. No more. This idiocracy stops here and now. You are not going. You will not go anywhere until you calmed down and are ready to listen to me.”
“Challenge accepted. And the word is ‘idiocy’, idiocracy is a movie, Blaine.”
“It’s not a fucking challenge. I am dead serious. You will not go. But good to know that through all this you still worry about teaching me proper English.”

He was in front of me before the last words echoed into the room and had me in an embrace, gentle but firm. I tried to struggle free, but he was strong. When I felt him bury his face into my hair, I quit fighting him. So we just stood there. I was not upset about this, and it felt good. Gawd I missed him. What the hell was I to do? The worst thing was, that I actually believed him now. I had known him all my life and could tell when he was truthful and when he was trying to hide something.
Blaine pulled his face from my hair, facing me. His eyes were sad and sincere, never leaving mine as he spoke, quietly and calmly.

“I love you, babygirl, and only you, always have and always will. I do not WANT another woman. I admit that I probably messed up, should have jumped up right away and told her off. I was somewhere else with my mind when it all happened and by the time I was back in reality, she had done what she did and you were there and then gone. I have done nothing but try to find you since. I missed you so much already, and now even more. If I deserved punishment for my lack of proper action, I know I have been punished plenty. I know deep in your heart you know I am telling you no lies.” his eyes searching in mine, petitioning me to believe him.

I felt tears running down my face now. His eyes, those beautiful light green eyes, were still focused on me. They looked deep and sad, full of regret. Considering his words, I just felt he was not lying to me. I felt exhausted and tired and by the looks of it, Blaine felt the same way. I put my forehead against Blaine’s.
09-24-18_10-20-57 AM
He leaned in and kissed me, gently. Man, I had missed him.
09-24-18_10-21-20 AM
“Forgive me.” he said “I messed up again, like I always do, but not as bad as you thought. I’ll do better in future. This won’t happen again, just like I have not signed a single boob ever since you asked me not to.”

Somehow this sounded so ridiculous that I could not help but laugh, I laid my head against his shoulder. I felt exhausted.
09-24-18_10-21-33 AM

He picked me up into his arms and carried me into the living room, where Liam sat.

09-24-18_10-25-50 AM
“You two seriously are the weirdest parents ever. And you have a LOT of explaining to do! Since you both are grinning I just assume we are all good again. I must say, you had me worried big time!”

Blaine sat down on the couch with me sort of in his lap, kissing relentlessly.
09-24-18_10-30-32 AM

“Yep, definitely all good again.” Liam commented into our make out session, averting his eyes to the TV again.
09-24-18_10-29-30 AM (2)Once we had our reunion celebration – part 1 of course – out of our system, we asked Liam to sit with us, so we could talk about everything. He deserved to be part of this discussion.
09-24-18_10-33-20 AM
Aside from the obvious story, I learned that Kat had pretty loose morals and was actually dating both other band members, the drummer and the keyboarder, simultaneously. They all lived together too. She was also not above going out with random strangers in every city they performed in, returning the next day just in time for the show.
According to Blaine he had deflected her advances before, and knowing him, I had seen that he could get pretty snarky if tested too much. He told me that she was never too bothered by rejection, if one guy told her no, she just went on to the next.
Needless to mention I was not pleased knowing that she was around him all the time. Blaine seemed to read my facial expression and suddenly said
“It still bothers you, doesn’t it?”
“I’d lie if I said no. Can you not just find another singer?” I suggested.
“Vik, I cannot just fire her for being herself. She has not done anything to sabotage the band. If I tried to fire her now, I would probably lose the other two as well, since they are all in cahoots. We have a fanbase now, meaning I cannot just replace band members at will. That kinda stuff never goes over too well and we worked too hard to get our name on the maps. But there is one thing I can do, which would cause a lesser impact overall and may be easier to fix. I could leave the band.” he said plainly.

Liam had been following some show on TV, while still listening to us, but now his head jerked around staring at his father, just like I was.

“Blaine …” I started, but was immediately interrupted by him.
“It’s the only way I see, if this bothers you that much. I enjoy the band, but it’s just not worth it to me. I never want to go through what we just all went through, that includes you Liam. You should not see your parents fight. Not ever. ” Blaine was still thinking about his childhood and the scars his terrible parents left on his soul.
“Oh, it’s all good, dad. You two weren’t too bad, if have seen worse at my friend’s houses, and I always knew you would never break up. But seriously, you’d leave the band for mom? For real? You’d do that?” he was shocked.
“Without hesitation, if that is what would make her happy.” Blaine was dead serious.
“No, Blaine, you know I would never ask you to do that. It’s your dream. No, don’t leave. We’ll figure this out. Maybe get you a chastity belt.” I smiled.
“We could get his and her chastity belts, just to avoid anything like this for good. Joking aside, I know you would not ask me to do it, which is why it’s my idea, meaning all blame on Blaine again. Starting to think maybe my mother stuttered when she had me and meant to name me “Blame” anyway.” he smirked and pulled me into his lap again.
09-24-18_10-29-30 AMb
Unlike Vivian, who used to give us a hard time for exchanging affections, calling it ‘parent porn’, Liam had never once been bothered by it. He still got up, smiling, explaining he had homework to do, which probably meant he wanted to Skype with Leonie.

After that, things went back to normal, using the term loosely, I don’t think anything was ever normal about any of us.

I called Melissa later that night, who had really been on the back burner unfortunately, but our friendship was strong enough to be able to pick up where we left off even after not having spoken to each other in a while. I explained everything to her, asking her to apologize to Ezio for me. We agreed that we should plan a double date night again soon.

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