2-10) Secrets

Spring was turning the world around us into a lush colorful paradise, birds were singing, people were in a great mood, our dogs were excited to go outside each chance they got. Life was grand. At least so I assumed, as I was here, in our bathroom, hugging the toilet bowl – again. 09-25-18_1-59-23 PM
I do not even know how many times I had gotten sick so far, all I knew was that despite my efforts to keep hydrated, I was damn near empty now.
09-25-18_1-59-40 PM.png
09-25-18_2-00-20 PM
When the violent sick feeling had finally passed, I just wanted to sit upright on something firm, so I went into the kitchen to sit on one of the chairs. Blaine was there, at the coffeemaker, which always seemed to be one of our favorite hang out spots. He turned around, giving me the once over.

“Dang, babygirl! You look like you picked a fight with a cow plant and lost!”
“Thanks. NOW I feel much better.”
“Why not? Either it stays down or comes back out, but at least I get to enjoy the taste for a while.”
09-25-18_2-12-57 PM
Blaine poured and placed the cup in front of me, which I greedily drank when he sat with me and asked
“So when are you due?”
09-25-18_2-07-13 PM
I nearly spit the coffee at him.
“The baby.”
“What baby? I am not pregnant!”
“You sure?”
“Yes, I am sure.”
“Well, if you say so.” Blaine sipped his coffee, evidently not convinced.
“Not even funny!”
“Wasn’t meant to be. I have never known you to be on the pukey side, so when you do, it means one of two things: either you snuck some food for mortals or you are preggers. So which one is it then, hand in cookie jar or a bun in the oven?”
09-25-18_2-11-22 PM
“Neither. There must be another explanation. Besides, with you constantly on tour with your band, I could not be pregnant unless immaculate conception is suddenly one of your secret powers.”
“Not that I know of, and no need for it. I remember a certain night at your office, when the world’s most awesomest husband surprised his beautiful, sexy wife instead of heading back home to rest after two weeks of straight performances all over the West Coast.”

I blushed deeply at the memory. Oh yeah, that he had. I was working late that night, Blaine and I had texted back and forth when I told him, he was on his way back home from two long weeks away on tour. What he did not tell me was how close they already were to home, and that he was getting dropped off in San Myshuno. Evidently he was walking up to the main entrance of the Auditore Business Park when Addy – ever the romantic – was about to leave so she let him up with her key card without which you did not get far in this highly secured building. I was brooding over some contracts when the door opened.
Not looking up I said “Sorry Maria, would you come back later, I still need another hour or so?” thinking it was the cleaning crew.
“Oh – room service Miiiiiiss. Me love you looooooong time.” Blaine said in some weird accent and I looked up.
09-24-18_4-48-38 PM
09-24-18_5-07-56 PM
I was so surprised and stunned, so we greeted each other, kissed, spoke briefly and then ended up showing one another how much we missed each other.
09-24-18_4-49-43 PM
09-24-18_4-59-40 PM
09-24-18_4-58-00 PM
09-24-18_5-00-55 PM
09-24-18_4-55-54 PM
09-24-18_5-08-53 PM
Yes, my office has 4 walls, one of them concrete the rest of them all glass. Nope, never once even remotely thought about it. Hope if anybody was watching they at least learned some new moves. Once we were done with the main event and were dressed again, I wanted to go home with Blaine, but he wasn’t done yet, pulled me onto his lap on the guest chair where he had been putting his shoes back on, and seemed to want to go for round two.
09-24-18_5-29-31 PM
We were just about to get hot and heavy when the door opened and Marcus, our security guard poked his head in.
09-24-18_5-27-58 PM
I see Marcus every single day. We like each other, joke a lot. Not sure what he thinks of me now, even though mercifully he never once brought it up.
09-24-18_5-24-51 PM
His skin is a lovely shade of coffee brown, so I could not tell you if he was blushing or not. I sure was, while Blaine was completely unfazed and just continued on.
09-24-18_5-29-14 PM
“Hey, babygirl. Once you are done dwelling in fond memories, at least I’m guessing judging by that smile, I do want you to get ready. Now. Please.” Blaine’s words and him gently kissing my hand pulled me from my brooding.
“Get ready?” I was lost.
2018-09-25 (4)
“For bed. Cos that is where that adorable butt of yours is going now. Don’t even try fight me. Once I got you all tucked in, my adorable butt is going to the store. We’re going to start drilling down on the issue now.”

Blaine drove to the 24 hour store to buy a pregnancy test. I wished I could have been a fly on the wall when THAT man went up to the cash register with a multipack of pregnancy tests, the visual alone gave me a good giggle.
When he returned home he told me that there was some dowdy middle aged woman in line behind him who made some derogatory remark after seeing his purchase and looking him up and down, to which Blaine turned to her and told her he just got out of prison tonight, had not been feeling right and gained weight ever since the threesome with Big Bill and Tank. Shut her right up, her chin hitting her kneecaps, he claimed, grinning. Yeah, crudeness was his brand.

I took both tests from the package and both were negative. Hurray, but still left us to wonder why I was so ill. Blaine texted Caleb, who called him back.

So, the short of it is that Caleb explained vampires could get sick. Especially if they drank from a sick person or ate a plasma fruit that was contaminated. Since I had not drank from any human in a long time, it must have been a spoiled fruit. Odd still. I had consumed plasma fruit from our own crop, just like Blaine and Liam, plus we had given some excess to Vivian, Silas, Ezio and Melissa. None of them were sick. Hm.


“Leonie, it’s me, where are you?” Liam asked once she finally answered her phone.
“I can’t come. Dad decided last minute to stay home after all. Sorry, I wanted to let you know but he was here next to me until just minutes ago, wanting to see homework and all.” her voice was low, just more than a whisper.
“Shit! I was looking forward to seeing you – finally. It’s been almost a week!”
“I know, I miss you too, but I cannot do anything about it. Don’t be mad ok?”
“Of course not. At least not at you.”
“Gotta go, he’s coming back. Bye!” the call was disconnected.

Liam sighed, he was very disappointed. Her stupid father. And that annoying older brother. He was 19 and some arrogant jock, so he surprised Liam in the bathroom one day, threatening him to remember to keep his hands of his sister.

09-25-18_4-16-52 PM Evidently he had seen them getting a bit too chummy in the hallway.
09-25-18_4-00-11 PM
They really did need to be careful. And it sucked. But it was so nice to see her – so close. And they both thought nobody was around.
09-25-18_4-00-58 PM
“Oh fuck it!” Liam said and started his car.

He picked up a handful of pebbles from one of the flower beds and started throwing them at her bedroom window. Finally the light went on and a face appeared, then the window was opened.

“Liam!” she whispered.
“I had to see you. Hey step back for a sec.” he whispered back.

At the second try he was climbing in through the window.
2018-09-25 (5)
“OMG Liam, are you crazy? If he finds you here…”

“Why would your father be in your room at midnight?”
“Because he may have heard something.”
“Then we just have to be quiet, right?”
“Fine. This is insane – still.”
“I missed you.”

He pulled her into a kiss.
09-25-18_3-35-43 PM
“I am so glad you are here. My father is so aggravating, and Steven too. Won’t listen to reason. I feel like a prisoner. And mom says nothing at all.”
09-25-18_3-35-22 PM
“I am sorry, baby. I am here now. Wanna do study together for history tomorrow?”
“Liam, it’s past midnight on a school night. I already studied, as you should have!”
“Sorry mom.” Liam smirked, winking.
“You can use my books. And come here. Just for God’s sakes be quiet.”
09-25-18_3-22-46 PM
09-25-18_3-20-23 PM

“How are you feeling?” Blaine looked at me, concerned. It was now the next morning and I still had issues.
“Ok. Maybe more like okayish.” I admitted.
“You are not seriously planning on going into work like that?” Blaine sounded suspicious.
“Absolutely. Ezio would have my hide if I stayed home because of a little stomach bug. We need to prepare a big presentation. He’s counting on me.”
“Wouldn’t want to disappoint the ol’ Mafioso, heaven forbid. But if you must go, I am driving you. And don’t even bother Blaine-ing me, I am going.”
“You are unbeliev…” I didn’t get to finish, as my curtain closed, and all went black.
“VIKTORIA!” Blaine yelled.
“Dad, what is … MOM!?”
09-25-18_2-19-18 PM
“Liam, call Caleb, right now.”
2018-09-25 (2)
Blaine was trying to wake me up when Liam spoke
09-25-18_2-21-51 PM
“Wants to know what all you have checked so far.”
“CALEB VATORE – GET YOU SCRAWNY PALE ASS OVER HERE NOW!” Blaine screamed towards the cell phone.
Within seconds, Caleb materialized.
“This better be good, if you dare to speak to your Elder .. what the hell happened here?”
“You tell me!”
09-25-18_2-30-25 PM
Soon they had me on the bed, all of them standing around me, and even the all knowing Caleb seemed puzzled.
“Viktoria, have you drank or eaten or inhaled anything out of the ordinary that the others may not have.”
“No…” I stated weakly, slowly sitting up.
09-25-18_2-30-06 PM
“Think! There must be something, I cannot find anything else wrong with you.”
“Believe me, he tried.” Blaine grumbled.
“What is THAT supposed to mean.” Caleb asked sharply towards Blaine.
“Means you had your hands all over my wife, even in places where she is not even sick!”
“Grow up, Cameron. I had to inspect her.” Caleb replied, shaking his head.
“I should go inspect YOUR wife like that and see how YOU like it.” Blaine growled.
“Blaine, you called ME to figure out what is wrong with her. I am not fondling her, I am trying to find why she is too sick to stand!”
09-25-18_2-31-23 PM
“Guys …” I tried weakly.
“Get her something to drink, Blaine.” Caleb ordered, his eyebrows drawn together.

Blaine eyed the situation distrustful, but left. He still had the hardest time controlling his jealousy.

“Caleb – there may be something different, just thought of it, not sure if that could have anything to do with it …” I said faintly.


2018-09-24 (3)

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