2-26) And Baby Makes Four

Liam’s Point of View

We were lounging at Leonie’s apartment, mom had picked up Everett around noon to take him to the zoo and was due back soon.
Leonie had gotten up to pee, as she did all the time these days, I was still watching the comedy we had rented, when she finally made an odd sound then said with some urgency,

“Liam, we have to go!”
“No, Leo, she’s going to drop him off.” I responded, thinking she was talking about Everett.
“Liam!” she said with urgency, her voice sounded whiney, I looked up and saw she was in apparent distress, looking down on the floor where I noticed a puddle.
I shot up into a standing position, ran into the bedroom to grab her go-bag and off we went.
We made it in record time, got signed in and put into a room. I had been calm and functional up until now, but Leonie’s contractions were getting bad and I was nervous.
10-21-18_3-20-50 PM.png
The doctor came in, she was all calm, explaining everything to us, checking a few things and commending us on a picturebook pregnancy. Unless something unexpected would happen, we were going to be able to do it here at her medical office, rather than needing to go to a hospital, where I would be denied entry.
Here, I would be able to stay throughout. And I wanted to. Badly.
Leonie had gone through this alone with Everett, even though through no fault of mine, but not this time.
I had heard of women being in labor for hours on end. Not us. Suddenly everything happened very quickly.
10-21-18_3-24-04 PM.png
Poor Leo was screaming and nearly broke my hand.
10-21-18_3-24-48 PM.png
The doctor told us the next push would be the last one needed.
10-21-18_3-25-18 PM.png
Leo gave her all, her face reddened, she screamed. It was torture for me as well.10-21-18_3-25-32 PM.pngAnd then there she was, our baby girl.10-21-18_4-28-12 PM.png
It was emotional for all.
2018-10-21 (4).png
Leo rested while I sat in awe. My dad had been present for both, my sister Vivian’s and my birth. I never understood how life changing that experience can be to a man, until now.10-21-18_5-42-36 PM.png
My two beautiful girls.
10-21-18_5-43-31 PM.png
Still in awe…2018-10-21-8.pngAs was Leo when she was able to get up. She recovered fast.10-21-18_5-58-16 PM.png
My mom and sister came by right away. My dad was on promo tour with the band and Silas was away at an art show, since he was a collector.
10-21-18_5-58-57 PM.png
Against our original plans, we flew back to Del Sol Valley and would spend the time until the wedding at my loft. Leonie’s neighbors were just impossible and it was just too small a place for four people.
2018-10-21 (2).png
Little Natalie had a good set of lungs on her if needed, but was a very sweet and content baby who smiled a lot.10-21-18_5-17-58 PM.png
Snuggle time.10-21-18_5-19-50 PM.png
And feeding time.10-21-18_5-20-26 PM.png
And resting time.10-21-18_5-10-08 PM.png
Welcome to our family, Natalie Cameron.

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