2-33) Going, Going, Gone

Weeks later, finally good news. The builders had finished the new home Liam and Leonie had purchased while it was still in the final stages of construction, after their original house had issued, forcing the expanding family to temporarily move from a gigantic home in Del Sol Valley into a tiny rental home in Brindleton... Continue Reading →

2-32) Overwhelmed

"MOMMY!" Natalie's high pitched toddler voice sounded whiny. "In the kitchen honey!" Leonie called back. Seconds later the little girl came running, her pigtails bouncing. "Mommy, Rett is soooo mean!" she told her and started sobbing as if on cue. "Oh no honey no crying." Leonie bend down and tried to pick up her daughter,... Continue Reading →

2-31) The Pushover

Leonie ran after the little boy on his way out the front door. "No no no, young man, back inside with you!" She scooped Jake up into her arms blowing raspberries on his chubby little cheek, making him giggle. "When I do that to you, you get mad." Liam joked from a distance, near the... Continue Reading →

Special Chapter) The Big Scare

"Hey baby, you okay?" Liam asked, reaching for Leonie, who dodged his embrace. This was very unusual for her. He had only just arrived 2 hours ago after having been gone for 2 weeks in a row for filming in Iceland, and now was home for the weekend. "Not feeling well. Can you watch the... Continue Reading →

Special Chapter) Un-Turning

Seven people were present in the living room in our beach house. Ezio and Melissa had just arrived. Vivian, Vitto, Blaine and I were there, as was our son Liam, who called the meeting. He was one of two standing up, the other was Vitto. Liam was looking slightly tense, even though now he cleared... Continue Reading →

2-30) Decisions of Life

Leonie was still sobbing, looking expectantly back and forth between her mother, the doctor and the nurse, all of them looking uncomfortable but not yet speaking. Finally Leonie realized the weight of her stomach, in a reflex her hands reached there. Still large and taunt. Even a little kick. She closed her eyes and leaned... Continue Reading →

2-29) Decisions of Anger

Liam came into the living area, where Leonie was watching TV. "Hey baby! What are you watching?" he asked her. "Dora, the Explorer, apparently. Well, Natty and I were, but guess she had something better to do. I would change the channel, but the remote is over there and trying to get up out of... Continue Reading →


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