2-33) Going, Going, Gone

Weeks later, finally good news.

The builders had finished the new home Liam and Leonie had purchased while it was still in the final stages of construction, after their original house had issued, forcing the expanding family to temporarily move from a gigantic home in Del Sol Valley into a tiny rental home in Brindleton Bay.

Between the move, the home issues, the impending birth of their forth child, emotions had been running high.

Today was moving day. The movers had just left, now it was just the little things they were going to take over in several cars, one borrowed from friends. Liam had to watch that Leonie wouldn’t try helping, she was due to have the baby within days now.

He had instructed her and made her promise that her job would be to watch the kids, he would carry the boxes and watch the dogs.

“Hey Shadow, I appreciate the help, buddy but you are in the way.” Liam moaned. Life as a vampire did have some advantages. Incredible strength and stamina was one of them. Unfortunately even for a vampire the reserves eventually were drained.

“I think the dog toys are in one of the boxes in the car.” Leonie called over, giggling.
“Well, buddy, you’ll have to wait then.”

“Hey Dakota, come here puppy, I cannot see you anymore!” Leonie called.

“I think that was the rest of it. The other stuff belongs to the rental. Now all we have to do is play moving-box-Tetris with all of this and both cars and we are good to go!” Liam evaluated.

“I really wished I could help…” Leonie moaned, rubbing her aching back.

“You ARE helping by giving me moral support.” Liam said, looking at his phone.
“My mom just texted, the movers dropped off all the other boxes at the new home already. Good thing we didn’t move furniture.”
Within an hour all was stowed away, kids and dogs loaded up and they were on their way to the new home.

A large estate right in the old town district by the harbor and incidentally, just down the hill from Liam’s sister Vivian and her husband Vitto’s home.

As the cars arrived at the parking lot, there was a long way to carry everything. No cars allowed further than that, making it a very safe place for children to play.

It took a few days to get most things put away. Not much décor had been put up yet. That would have to wait until after the baby was born.

“You have it made, Shadow. Everybody is running around like a chicken with their head cut off and you are chilling in the middle of the road.” Leonie laughed.

Soon a sense of routine had set in.

“Dinner! All come eat!” Leonie called from the kitchen.

“Liam, can you set the table in the dining room?”
“Already in the works!”
“Great. But not with the red and white plaid placemats, right?”
“Umph. No, honey, of course not.” he called back.

“Dang it, which other ones do we have?” Liam whispered to himself while removing the already placed red and white plaid setting and digging through other boxes. He only found another red and white set, but this one was not plaid.
“You gotta be kidding me…” he shook his head and placed it.

Soon everybody was seated. Including Jake, who decided he was too big a boy for the highchair now.

“Works better if we take the pacifier out, son.” Liam told him.
“Uh uh uh uh no.” he said. He did finally just spit it to the floor, much to Leonie’s dismay, who could barely bend down as is.
“You know what is the bestestest about this house?” Natalie asked.
“What, honey?”
“I can see uncle Vitto’s house from my room! Only a bit in between two red trees, but I can see a window! Maybe he can see me waving. Do you think he can?”

The parents’ laughed, Everett rolled his eyes.
“Big deal.”
After dinner the two younger kids were tucked in, Liam and Everett helped Leonie clean up, then Everett went to bed as well.
“I can do it myself. I am too old for bedtime stories. Good night, mom and dad!”

Liam and Leonie looked at each other and said at the same time
“Anyway, peace and quiet for us now!” Liam said.
“Finally! I am pooped! Race you to the bedroom?”
“Sure, baby.” Liam smiled. His wife could not even race a turtle at her stage.
“Uh, darn it. Need to go pee – again!”
“Didn’t you just get back?” Liam asked surprised.
“Exactly! Will be another long night!”

Liam was just up the stairs when he heard Leonie calling his name from the downstairs bathroom. He ran back down. When he entered she pointed to a large puddle in front of the toilet.

“Oh come on! We just moved in and already plumbing problems? In a new house?”
“Liam! Not plumbing. I am leaking.”
“Did you pee… oh my gawd. I’ll get the car!” Liam finally realized what had happened.
“Get the go bag – and a new outfit. I cannot go like this!”
Her water had broken.
The baby would come.

Liam drove as safe as he could muster with as worried as he was, still made it in record time to the small medical center of Leonie’s gyn, who allowed vampires to be present during birth, unlike true hospitals.

“Oh boy!” he kept repeating.

“I feel like I need to calm you, hubby, not the other way around.” Leonie teased in a calm moment.
“Oh yeah?” Liam trailed little kisses down her neck, making her giggle until the next contraction

When they checked in, they were told to wait a few minutes, as no staff was available.

“Come on, baby, let’s sit. It will be okay. They will have someone in no time.” Liam spoke to Leonie as calming as he could.

Then everything happened fast. They called them back, had her change into a hospital gown, took some measurements and checked her and then the baby was already coming, ready or not.

Liam wasn’t so sure anymore, if he really preferred this over not being allowed in, but was not going to leave the love of his life.
The delivery was very speedy.
When they brought the baby back in, Leonie cried tears of relief and joy.

A happy, healthy baby girl, they named Brianna.

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