3-10) Dreams of Reality

From his desk Everett watched the trees moving gently in the breeze, the last rays of the evening sun dipping everything in a soft and warm light until suddenly it gave way to a comforting darkness, the city lights sparkling like luminaries, the rustling of the trees the theme song to the scene.
His mind was a million miles away and many years in the past. Memories of a time long gone now popped into his head and made him smile, then filled his heart with melancholy and the longing for simpler times.

The shrill sound of his desk phone ringing pulled him back to the task at hand. A pile of resumes of candidates for the opening for his new assistant in front of him.

He had been dragging his feet on choosing, Corbin and Donna had handed the business back over to him and gone back to their lives and family, yet he still had not hired someone new.

Mrs. Walken, his HR manager, and Donna had pre-screened dozens of candidates and boiled it down to 6 finalists for him. Yet, they all melted into a blob of all the same to him. They were highly skilled women, but they had one fatal flaw: they were not Katie Wilson.

He watched the voicemail alert light turn on and flash red like an index finger being waved in his face to finally get his act together.

Tomorrow!, he promised himself. It was 6 PM and he was tired.

Sitting in the living room at his home now, TV babbling away more as background noise. He had moved back in here on his own weeks ago as soon as his parents had been comfortable enough with his recovery progress.

He was glad of it, as much as he loved being around them, he needed to be able to withdraw.

Plus he was a grown man, a business owner and really did not want to be living with mommy and daddy forever.
Besides, they lived close enough. If only he weren’t living here alone. If only … Katie.

He startled himself with his own sigh.

Right into his pondering there was now a knock on the door. He moaned and labored up, more like an old man, which was what he felt like most of the time, instead of a young man in the prime of his life.
As he reached the front door he could already see the visitor through the glass and swallowed hard. Was this real or imagination?

“Katie?” he said as he opened it without even thinking about it twice, his tone between a question and an exclamation.

“Hey Rett. Is there any way we could talk for a moment?”

Everett stood stiffly.
It was like his memory of her had willed her into existence. He stepped aside and waved her into the hallway, where they stood after he shut the door, both apparently nervous and uncomfortable. He felt sadness, anger, loss and back to sadness. He had lived with her for so long and their break up was for no real reason at all. They had never even officially broken up. What a messed up situation.

“Thank you Rett.” she said.
“Uh huh.”
“I miss you.”

“I miss you too.” Why did those words roll of his lips so easily?
“Rett…” her words sounded desperate as she leaned into him, he almost automatically folded his arms around her, while she quietly sobbed into his shoulder.

He wanted to be strong, stick to his guns, keep her at a distance, but his limbs would just not listen. Lies! he thought. Truth was he wanted this. This exact moment in time. All of it.
“Rett, I still love you, just like I always have, if not more now.” she mumbled from against his shoulder.

“I love you too, Katie. Still.” Inside of him he was fighting a battle, of how he knew he should react and what he really wanted.

“Rett!” she looked up at him, her eyes so sad, tears still running down her face.  His heart felt like it was about to explode, the next thing he knew was he was kissing her.

God this felt so good. He felt alive for the first time in many months. His extremities tingling, his heart pounding and his body awakening to the realization that he was a man who wanted this woman. She noticed too when she shifted in his embrace and her thigh moved against his very obvious need for her, causing her to let out the sweetest, most innocent little moan.
That did it.

His kisses became longing and he picked her up, carrying her into the bedroom, placing her on the bed while they tore away at each other’s clothing, before he practically launched himself atop her, greedily kissing every inch of her while she arched her back and moved beneath him, moaning, digging her fingers into his back.
“Don’t … stop … please  … don’t stop, Rett. I need you!”

He said nothing but began to do what they both seemed to be longing for so much, while letting out moans acknowledging the unexpected but welcome pleasure, as they found their rhythm, his thrusts increasing in speed, their kisses becoming rougher and their moans louder.
So good, he thought, I needed her – this – so badly.

He wasn’t even really sure if this was some avid daydream or real, nor did he really care. She was here, in his arms, in his bed and they were making love, like they used to. Just like that last time they …. his body stiffened and locked up, her eyes had been shut, and now opened in surprise, as he stopped and pulled away from her, his facial expression that of a man who just realized he had been played.
“Rett, why did you stop?”
“You need to leave!” he said in a deep, cold voice that sounded strange even to himself, as he picked up his boxers and left the room.
“Rett wait …” he heard before he shut the door behind himself.
He fell into the couch cushions heavily when Katie entered the room.
“Rett, what happened? Did I … hurt you?” she inquired as she sat down next to him.

Her words made him laugh, loudly, so loud that it echoed of the walls, making her jump at the unexpected reaction, but he seized as quickly as he started.
“Rett?” her words insecure as she tried to read in his face for answers.
He now turned his head, his eyes finding hers, but his gaze distant.
“You must think I am the biggest idiot on the planet! And maybe I am, cos I fell for it .. well, almost.”

“I really do not know what you mean…”
“Nah, of course not. Just like you didn’t plan to tug on my heartstrings and play on the fact that you know how to get my juices flowing till I loose control. How odd that you didn’t even mutter anything about condoms and birth control this time, like all the other times where it seemed to be more important than your own heartbeat. So, THAT is why you suddenly are trying to weasel your way back into my life. You miss the nest here and are trying to get me back by tying me to yourself with a baby, all under the cover of ‘accident’ and some lie of a ‘love child’, huh? Sorry, mission failed!” he had talked himself into a rage and now looked at her like you would look at a common cockroach.
“Rett, that is not true. I told you, I am better … and I came to the realization that I do want you … and to be a family WITH you.”

“Have I really been that stupid before that bullshit like that worked? If I was, sorry not sorry, but I have changed! Get dressed and leave please.”
“I did not want to sleep with you tonight, I wanted to talk, but we both got carried away. Please Rett, think. I know I hurt you and said inexcusable things, but I would never just recklessly get pregnant like that. You KNOW me better than that.”

“Do I? I feel like I never knew you at all. I had always been under the impression we were on the same page with our future plans….”
“How often do I have to explain that I overreacted because of some unresolved issues? You of all people should understand that.”
He looked at her. He wanted to send her away, but felt like a hungry dog with a steak dangling before his face. Truth was, he still loved her. Just like he always had. All those years, every minute of every day.
Looking at her, she did not look like someone whose plans had just been foiled but every bit as hurt, confused, insecure as he was. And Katie had her issues, but she was not an evil, conniving person. He was imagining things, gun-shy, like she had been.
Everett Cameron, you damn hypocrite! he told himself.
And didn’t they say that you always hurt the ones you loved?

“Katie, I do not know what to do here. You hurt me so much, it almost killed me. The things you said. And then you just left. Up and gone. Not a care in the world.”
“Wrong. I cared. It tore me up. I knew I had hurt you bad. And I felt stuck, I knew I could not just come back and tell you sorry. Everything here reminded me of you, so I left, to get clarity. There wasn’t exactly a post office where I went, nor was there cell phone reception or payphones so that one card was all I could do. I missed you, Rett, every hour of every day. I even missed work …”

“I was just thinking about missing you at work too… man, do we suck or what? Work… pah.”
“Hey, we both build that place up together from day one. Nope, no guilt here.”
“Come back to work. Let’s start with that and see where we go from there…”
She smiled, held out her hand to him, which he shook.
“Thank you, Mr. Cameron. I will be sure to be the best assistant you could wish for.”
“Welcome aboard, Miss Wilson, and I believe you will.”


While the looks from the other employees, most of all Mrs. Wilkens in HR, were uncomfortable, at least at work things were soon back to normal and running smooth as a well oiled machine.

The talk with his parents went as expected. He went alone, to prevent it to turn into some sort of stand off with two opponents on each side. Liam and Leonie were shocked initially, then worried. They brought up the obvious problems with the situation, all valid points, but ultimately went along with their son’s decision.
He could easily read in their faces that they were already wondering how long it would be that they would get romantically involved again. Naturally, he had left that part of her visit at the beachhouse out of his story for them.
Rett could not blame them, he was wondering that himself.
Man, he wanted to. And what was keeping him? The fear that she were to get pregnant thinking he would marry her? So? Wasn’t that what he had wanted anyway?


He grinned to himself, as he activated the button on his desk phone that connected to hers.
“Yes, Rett?”
“I have something I need you for. Could you lock the door to your office and come in here real quick?”
“Be right there.”
When she entered not long after his call, she came over to his side of the desk, smiling as she hopped up on it, after briefly touching her he could tell they were on the same page.

She did not even attempt to fight him instead answered his affections in kind. Both had felt this was going to happen, it had been brewing all day. Quickly, his fingers shaking with anticipation, he began trailing kisses up and down her neck, till she moaned again, while he pushed up her skirt and pulled her into his lap.

When she reached into her bra and pulled out a condom pack, handing it to him, he took it from her and carelessly tossed it across the room before thrusting forward making her moan, until she pressed her hand on her mouth. They didn’t last long as both had been more than ready for this.
Afterwards they lay in each other’s embrace, breathless, relaxed, happy.
“Rett? Where exactly did that condom go?”
“I don’t know, somewhere over there.” his words implied he did not care one bit.
“We need to find it. Tomorrow you have that meeting in here … probably a bit awkward if the customers were to find it. Unless you think it may help you close the deal…” she giggled, as did he.
“Are you offering your special services to help the company?”
“I was thinking about you …. since you’ll already be in here.”
“Maybe I should make sure my brother is present, just in case…”
“Seriously, let’s find that thing …” she had gotten up and straightened her clothing, as had he.

They spend the next 20 minutes crawling around on hands and feet, laughing so hard that they could not even see anything.
When they ended up butting their heads together searching behind furniture, they ended up on the floor kissing.

They did not stop there…

It was just as intense as the first time, but lasted significantly longer.
Breathless afterwards again, she giggled.
“Hey Rett, is now a good time to tell you I am off the pill?”
“I am not joking. The doctor took me off to see if the hormones had anything to do with my mood swings … I wasn’t really prepared for nor planning on … this.”
“So you always stuff your bra with a condom these days?”
“No, but when you called me into your office, I thought it may come in handy … hope dies last, right? Didn’t think you would use it for a Frisbee.”
“So … what are the chances that we just created a human being?”
“I have no idea .. but there is a chance…”
“Well, guess we’ll find out how well you have recovered from that trauma … move back in with me, Katie.” he was still atop her, looking at her with a very different look.
She looked up at him, her reply almost a whisper
“I love you Rett.”


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