3-11) Masquerade

NSFW Warning. Nothing too demonstrative, but very much implied.

Fall came and went, turned into Winter, the holidays passed, both Thanksgiving and Christmas were celebrated as one big family at Liam and Leonie’s home in Brindleton Bay, all the siblings came with their partners and it was the same loving, comforting and warm circus as always.

New Year’s eve was different. Everybody had separate plans.

Liam and Leonie met with the Clique at Corbin’s home on Windenburg island where all of them would spend the night, Natalie and Rhys went to some celebrity function in Del Sol Valley, Brianna and Deacon were invited to one of their friends homes, Jake and Marty celebrated with the local LGBTQ community at some closed to public event and Everett and Katie had a celebration at work.

One of the architects working for Everett loved to plan theme parties and had suggested this at one of the last staff meetings, Rett gave his blessing. A New Year’s eve masquerade ball, everyone was to attend wearing one of the masks handed out the day before the event, to make sure that everybody felt equal and nobody sucked up to any of the superiors. There would be games, raffles, dancing and alcohol – LOTS of alcohol, Rett being Rett had scheduled a free shuttle service for everyone, including having them all picked up at home so there were not even any cars to tempt anybody.

And then the evening of the party arrived.

The party at EC Architects was already in full swing at about 10 PM, just like during all social events Rett tried his best to enjoy it, while remaining mostly invisible on the sidelines. He had never liked parties, crowds or social gatherings. Standing near a corner, waiting for midnight so he could finally disappear.

With Katie. Wherever she was.

He had not seen her since they arrived 20 minutes ago. She wanted to go get ready in his office upstairs, as she wanted to surprise him with her outfit.

Now he felt someone next to him, gently toughing his arm, smiling up at him as he turned his head. A sexy knee-length red dress, a mask, grayish eyes peeking from beneath it, buttery blond hair … Katie! Red was her favorite color and a fair amount of her wardrobe was some shade of red.

He smiled back, she took him by the hand and pulled him along, putting her finger on her lips signaling him not to speak, and he went along without asking questions while emptying his champagne glass in one gulp before leaving it on some table they passed.
As soon as they were in a quiet hallway, away from the hustle and bustle, he stopped her and nuzzled her neck. She looked way too tempting not too.

She let him for a few seconds, then pulled away, took him by the hand again and off they went.

She pulled him along one of the hallways and he followed willingly.

She stopped by a door, to give him a little taste of what may be on the menu for him.

Breaking away from him, who wanted more – much, much more now – she opened the door, pulling him in with her.

The sign outside the office read ‘Personnel’ – HR – of all places –  and Katie locked the door, before turning to him to give him an enticing smile filled with promise.

‘Oh. That! All right!!!’ Rett thought grinning.

He gasped as things started to get hot and heavy right away when she pushed him onto a couch and started teasing him, slapping away his greedy hands.

She came so close to him again and again, but pulled away from him every time, even kept him at a distance with her leg. Everett thought he HAD to be dreaming this.

At last she sat down on his lap and allowed him to touch her. He would not even have been able to describe his feelings right now.

Suddenly, she jumped up, pulled him up too, with much force, him crashing up against her.

They kissed him unlike they usually did, so much more demanding, she did not let him remove her clothing – or mask and when he started talking to her, she placed her finger on his lips, briefly shaking her head while demonstratively slipping off her panties, before kissing him in a manner that left no question about her intend.

Ooooh, kinky. OK, I’m in! His smile broadened, his cheeks already reddened with anxious anticipation of pleasures to be had.

He kept his clothing on as well with the exception of unbuttoning his pants just before sliding up her skirt and within seconds they were in the midst of one of the most heated intimate moments he had ever experienced, sensory overload.

It was different.
It was amazing!

The amount of alcohol he already had consumed, mostly just to have something to hold on to and not feel so lost and idiotic standing there alone, was making his brain fuzzy and sluggish, giving this scene something surreal.

Something that would be burnt into his memory for all times.

The climax was deafening, blinding – amazing.

He stepped backwards, letting himself drop into a chair, exhausted and exhilarated at the same time, while Katie kissed him, then left in a hurry.

He remained in the chair for a while waiting for her return.

Minutes passed, until he got up and straightened his clothing.

‘Guess she’s not coming back,’ he thought slightly disappointed, after wondering if maybe she had left to get them something to drink, then be interested in round two. He felt parched now.

As he stepped back into the actual party and emptied a glass of champagne in two sips, he heard a giggle behind him, then felt a slap on his behind.

Grinning he turned, but his smiled faded fast.

“Excuse me?!” he protested.
“There is no excuse for you, boss.” the female now said, giggling.

Katie’s voice!
Rett felt dizzy again and got pale.
Definitely Katie. No doubt.
But she was in a LONG green dress ….
Everett’s heart nearly stopped, he felt instantly sober. And sick.

What had he done!? Did he just … with … someone who was NOT Katie? His eyes immediately scanned the party-goes for a match of the woman he had been in the HR office with. All colors imaginable were present, but not that red dress. Maybe she had left? Who was she? Rett went through all employees in his head who could possibly match the description. The hair could have been a wig, he had not paid attention, too intoxicated and too distracted by other things.

The rest of the evening was a blur, by midnight he grabbed Katie and nearly fled the party. His nerves were frayed, his hands were shaking. She talked the entire car ride home, very much intoxicated herself now, never noticing how mentally absent Everett was.

He had to confess to her. Right away, not let this fester.


He could NOT confess to her. Her issues with trust and cheating … oh gawd, if he told her, she would leave him. She’d feel confirmed in her fears and suspicions and never trust him again. She’d leave him. He would lose her for sure and for good. No.


With the excuse of not feeling well he went straight to bed. When he felt her slip in next to him, felt her touch, soft like a butterfly against his back, he shed silent tears of guilt and fear. No. NO!


“I am sorry Sir, we do not accept returns of engraved items. You may have better luck trying to sell it outright … or sell it for the metal ….” the sales clerk at the jewelers told Rett.

“But …”

“Sorry, really, I am heartbroken for you that she said no, but we still cannot accept this. You can keep it and if the next lucky lady comes around, you may be able to have someone change the engraving….”

Everett shook his head, stuck the ring back into its box and slipped it into his pocket, then left wordlessly.

Nobody had said no.

Because nobody had asked anybody that question.

How could he? After what he had done.


As he arrived home he heard Katie throwing up in the bathroom. Immediately his mind painted the picture of morning sickness. Oh holy hell!

When she appeared, flushed and pale at the same time, she attempted a smile.

“Forth time this morning…. ugh … five! Goddamn binge drinking …. urgh …” she said before running back into the bathroom.

Everett closed his eyes.


Why had this all happened?

All at once.

And what was the right thing to do?

He wanted to go ask his parents but was way too embarrassed by it all. Likewise with his sisters. If only his grandpa .. no, not that again.

Whatever he did, he could not risk losing her. Not again! This time would kill him for sure.

But at the same time he could not continue hiding the truth from her. Lying. No.


Over the next days Everett fell into a deep depression, pondering his life choices, his decisions, his options. She had still not taken a pregnancy test but in his mind, Everett was certain of it.

She was pregnant. Had to be. Oh gawd.

By a dirty, cheating, scumbag.


His self-hatred knew no bounds.

What should be heaven had turned into his own personal hell, while keeping up appearances for his family and Katie.

Except sex.

He was about to run out of excuses to avoid it. And yes, Katie had taken notice and while she seemed to try to be patient with him, assuming it was stress at work or his depression acting up, it was not making her happy.

Katie was a very sensual woman, and much more outgoing about it than he was. Every man’s dream, especially those who are not very proactive and more on the shy side themselves like Everett was.

But tempting as she was, and she WAS, how could he engage in it with her … now?

He had been raised in a home where there were no lies, no secrets, and carrying this around with him was crippling.


Then one day he head reached his breaking point.

“Katie. I need you to take a pregnancy test. Now.” he handed her a pregnancy test box he had picked up earlier, which she looked at then, placed on the table.

“What?!” she giggled, confused.

“Please. Or have you had … you know .. certainty that you are not pregnant? Or, do you know for sure that you ARE?” Everett rattled down.

“Where the hell is THAT coming from now?” she still seemed more amused and surprised than suspicious.

“Just do it. Please.” he begged.

“Are you really THAT eager to be a daddy? I thought we agreed to wait until AFTER the wedding. And as far as I recall, nobody has even proposed to me. Hint, hint.” she grinned and winked at him.

“I cannot propose to you, because … I …. just take the damn test Katie, so I know how to proceed.” he went with honesty as he had run out of lies.

“Proceed?! With what?” she had stopped smiling now, looking utterly confused instead.

“I … ” Rett closed his eyes. No way he could face her, look into her eyes for this “I am the worst human being. I don’t even deserve the term human being I am scum….nasty. Terrible…”

“Rett what the hell are you talking about? Do I need to take you to the doctor? You have been so weird for a while now … initially I thought it was the flood of projects all at once at work, but that’s been dealt with a week ago, yet you are still only getting worse. Maybe the stress has triggered something … I think you may need some …. outside help, baby.”

“New Year’s eve.” he said.

“Huh? Rett, darling, you are not making ANY sense now… Baby, it’s January already.”

“I … had sex at that party.” There, it was out.

An awkward silence ensued for what felt like minutes – hours – to Everett.

She looked at him as if he had lost his marbles, than laughed heartily. Probably a shock reaction, so he tried to gets his very unsorted thoughts into some logical sequence to explain. And failed miserably when he said

“I was so drunk … she felt like you, smelled like you and … was like you … but she was not YOU…” listening to his own words he halted, realizing this made no sense, noticing her eyebrows drawn together, before she started talking

“Oh? So, when exactly did you slip her in, you stallion, before we did our little ’50 shades of architecture’ exercise in the old Wilkes’ office or after I had to go change, which took all but 5 minutes total round trip?” she looked and sounded highly amused, which threw Everett off track completely. She was in shock, had to be.

“I don’t know … wait .. what? Change?” nothing was making sense. Not her reaction and not her words. She got up, stifling more laughter.

“Yes, Rett, CHANGE, since someone who shall remain unnamed *cough cough YOU!!!* tore my dress during our … well … ‘private meeting’ in the HR office … I had to change or risk flashing everybody. The zipper was totally done for, courtesy of you klutz. Luckily I had brought that green dress to the office to return it the next business day. I meant to wear that originally, because it’s your favorite color, but just felt so much sexier wearing the red one, it was just perfect for my naughty little plan of seducing the boss in the middle of a big party. So now you love guru are telling me in those 5 minutes it took me to run up to your office, slip out of the red dress and into the green one and take the elevator back down, you managed to go find, convince and screw some other chick and return to the party before I got back? Sorry baby, maybe I seem gullible to you, but I think someone here is suffering from alcohol-induced delusions of grandeur, because while I think you’re awesome, in reality we both know you are painfully inept at hitting on women – period – and unless you popped little blue pills like peanuts that entire night, that was at best enviably positive wishful thinking. I know we have had our fair share of quickies, and back-to-back fun, some of that even at the office, but NEVER when you were as wasted as you were on New Year’s eve, babe. That would have been lightning speed male recovery by Superman standards and would mean you really should consider switching careers from architecture to adult films! And now I get it! You think you knocked me up that night and now have the daddy cold feet syndrome! THAT’s why you avoided intimacy, thinking it would do something to the baby you think I am carrying! That’s is hilarious!!!” Katie folded for laughing so hard, while Everett’s chin nearly hit the floor.

Once what she said registered and processed in his brain, and once he realized what that meant, he burst into uncontrollable laughter, until his face was bright red, unable to stop to even attempt to explain himself any further, Katie continued laughing too, after a moment of confused looks after which she evidently had come to the conclusion that he must have been trying to play some super-pitiful practical joke on her all along.

Everett just went along with it, better she thought he had a lame sense of humor than her knowing what he thought he had been hiding from her, thinking that you could not make this stuff up.

As soon as they calmed down again, Everett became very serious, pulling Katie with him out the front door.

Ignoring her complains about not being dressed right for a walk, as he pulled her with him down the sandy path to the beach and towards a small wooden overpass across a small stream.

Here he stopped her, stepping in front of her hitting one knee.

“Katie, I had all those wildly romantic ideas on how to propose to you in the most memorable way in the most amazing and special location, but screw it all! This will have to do. I love you, I want you, I need you, be mine. Now and forever. Marry me, Katie Wilson. Please say yes!”
“YES!” Katie said right away as he placed the ring on her finger and they ended the proposal in a kiss that seemed to last for hours.

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    1. Ha ha ha … right? And he does trust her, they just used to have all those issues because of her trust issues after watching her family break apart due to her mother’s infidelity, so he thought were he go to her and confess his presumed mistake, she’d put him in the same category and leave him for good. 🙂 Luckily, she never realized what his weirdness was all about. LOL

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