3-12) Everett and Katie’s Wedding


“Hey, sweet girl, you look like you have seen a ghost.” Leonie found Katie hiding in a corner at the wedding venue, pale and nervously shaking.
“I am so nervous and don’t know why! I feel like I won’t be able to walk …”

“Every bride goes through that. Once you see Rett, you won’t be able to get down that aisle fast enough…”

“…or I’ll fall flat on my face and ruin everything!”

“No, you won’t. You are so graceful, like I always wished I were …”

“I don’t want to disappoint you, mom. You have been a better mom to me than any biological mom could have been, and you did not have to be …”
“I once was in a very similar predicament as you are, and my mother-in-law showed me great kindness when she didn’t have to, especially since she and Blaine had so much other stuff to worry about.”

And then the music started. One more hug and things started to go fast.

Everett stole a quick kiss, and Liam leaned over to Leonie complaining about it jokingly.
“Well, at least our son did not get into trouble with the minister, like someone else we both know who did the same at our wedding, Mr. Cameron senior!” Leonie chuckled, remembering how Liam once had done the very same thing when they got married almost 30 years ago now. She and Liam were in their early 50s now.

And then it was over. They were pronounced husband and wife. Just like that. Katie felt her heart skip a beat the way Rett looked at her.

Rett surprised all with some very un-Rett-like things…

Some silly shots…

The obligatory couple picture

One just with the original Camerons and Katie (L to R Jake, Liam, Everett, Katie, Leonie, Natalie, Brianna, Vivian)

Everett being congratulated by the men … and teased. (L to R Liam, Marty, Rhys, Everett, Deacon and Jake)

And then the entire wedding party … sorta

Last picture L to R: Vittorio Auditore, Deacon (Brianna’s husband), Rhys (Natty’s husband), Liam (Everett, Natalie, Jake and Brianna’s father), partially hidden Vincenzo (Vittorio and Vivian’s son), Everett, Katie, Leonie (mother of Everett, Natalie, Jake and Brianna), Natalie, Brianna and Vivian (Liam’s sister).

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