3-19) Back Home

*purposely no pictures as this is an in-between chapter from Evey as a child and becoming a teen. Since there is no way to make the pictures look the right age, I am omitting them for this post.*

Everett gently lowered himself atop Katie, engaged in another heated kiss, when both of them winced at the sudden loud metallic sounds of a stereo up way too loud.

“What the ..?!” Katie complained as she slid out from beneath him, reaching for her clothes, while Everett frowned
“There goes the mood…” as he was trying to find his clothing while his wife opened the door to the hallway, disappeared until he heard her yelling over the music which abruptly stopped.

“Miss Everleigh Rose Cameron! Remember me? Yeah, your mom, I live here too. Oh, don’t give me that and yes it WAS that loud!”

Katie came back and grinned too when she looked at Everett grinning at her from the bed. They had moved back from Europe three months ago, just in time to enroll Katie for high school here.  There had been dozens of ‘Welcome Back’ celebrations. Almost three years were a long time for children and while Everleigh and her cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents Skyped almost daily, and visited each other while they were still abroad, this was different. The cousins were still close.

“That girl! Goes straight from sweet innocent angel to monster from the abyss of hell without warning and then back again! She is not even a real teen yet. Ugh. If this is a taste of things to look forward to, I want a refund!” Katie quipped.
“I don’t want to hear that T-word. My baby girl is a baby. A child.”
“Rett, she is twelve, almost 13. Her birthday is in a few weeks. Yeah, girl is almost out the window. Enter Monstera, the teen daughter. I would know, I was one.”
“Stop it woman! I am not ready for my baby to be a teen. I want to preserve her right where she is now and stop her from ever growing up. Besides, I was delightful as a teen. Ask my parents.”
“You were a nerd. Still are.”
“Maybe Evey will be too. She looks like me, might as well. She still wants to be an architect. If she were to be, and spent as much time studying as I did, at least I would not have to deal with boys. She’d be too busy. URGH! The thought … for the first time ever I wished we had a boy instead.”
“Oh come on… they come with their own set of problems.”
“You know what just occurred to me, Katie? We could have another. Now is the time. We are both young enough, as are my parents, we have aunts and uncles encore to help out and the first one is pretty self sufficient now. And that whole vampire problem is mostly under control now, so it would be save to bring a child into this word again.”
“What?! Rett we always agreed on one. No more. And I believe that was YOUR idea, too.”
“A man can change his mind.”
“Not THIS man right here. And yeah, I bet Evey would just love that idea.”
“We could ask her.”
“You are crazy! Leave our family planning in the hands of a pre-hormonal pre-teen pre-monster-child? No thanks. I rather ask a Magic 8 Ball.”
“I think my dad still has one of those…”

A knock on the door.
“Parents, are you doing censored stuff or can I come in?”
“Everleigh! Where did you learn such stuff?” Everett cringed.
The door opened and she entered, smiling.
“School. I mean, I am here, so obviously you two .. you know. Did stuff. At least once. Just using logic, daddy.”
“You know, someone once told me they could see my grandpa Blaine in you. I am beginning to see they had a point.” Everett grinned.
“Whatever daddy. Listen, can I go out for a bit?”
“I am sure there is more to that question, as there should be? Like location, time, whom with….”
“Yeah, Windenburg. Few hours and with Nate.”
“Who is Nate? Alone? Where in Windenburg, it’s a big town? Come on now Evey, are you new around here?”
“Man, daddy. When did you become so micro-managy?”
“Your mother and I have always been this way and I think the term you were looking for should be ‘good parents’, Evey.” Everett told his daughter.
“Nate? That blonde boy from last weekend?” Katie asked.
“Uh huh. We are friends. Well, he’s Jordan and Massimo’s friend but I think he likes me better.” Evey seemed gleeful.
“Are either of them going to be there too?”
“Jordan, maybe. Massimo is grounded. Probably until the dawn of next century.”
“I don’t even want to know.”
“Let us call Uncle Jake and ask if Jordan is going. If he is, you may too.”
“Fiiiiiine. Do you want to handcuff me to a plow and send me into the back forty while you make the call or can I just be a normal human being in my room?”
She left.
Both parents looked at each other, then burst into laughter.
“What the hell was THAT? And ummm .. Everett, this should answer your question about more kids. If not, then insert all curse words known to man kind right here and end with NO!”
“Yeah. Sounded good before kidzilla happened just now. Has she always been so snarky? And – are we letting her go?”
“Didn’t we just get off the phone with Jake who said no? Wink wink”
“You devil woman! I like it!”


A week later.
“Finally home!” Katie moaned as they unlocked the door, both tired from a long day at work. As soon as they entered, they heard an argument in progress. Loud children’s voices in a verbal duel.

“Welcome home to us. I’ll sacrifice myself and go check it out.”
Everett found the source on the balcony, Everleigh and Jordan yelling at each other.

“Hey kids.”
“Hi uncle Rett. At least someone reasonable here.”
“How would YOU know what reasonable even looks like?!”
“Everleigh! And yelling on the balcony to entertain the neighborhood is not what I would consider reasonable.”
“Tell that one, daddy, he is completely whack! He burst into MY home yelling like a cougar with his balls stuck in a fence….”
“EVEY!” Everett’s eyes almost fell out of his sockets.
“That’s rich, Evey! You steal people’s friends and then ditch them when they are trying to protect you? That just was not nice. I ran all over the stupid place looking for you, like some idiot! And all just to find you making out with MY best friend! You BOTH suck!”
“WHAT?!” Everett just about had fell over, as did Katie, who had joined them.
“Yeah, that is what YOUR daughter is up to now.” Jordan told them, obviously mad.
“Jealous that he didn’t want to kiss YOU?” Everleigh hissed.
“You bitch! I am not gay, just because my parents are! Prejudice much?!”
“Oh, I forgot, you are still sore because you struck out with Suzanne so badly it almost made the Guinness book of records! No need to take it out on me when you cannot score but I can.”
“KIDS! ENOUGH!” Everett felt like his head was going to implode if this did not stop.
“Jordan, come on honey, I will drive you home.” Katie offered.
“Great. He calls me a B-word and MY mom is all ‘wah honey, I’ll drive you wherever you want to go’ when all I ever get is like ‘walk or die, kid’.” Everleigh was mad too.
“Evey, NOBODY has ever told you that! Between your mom and me, your grandparents, aunts and uncles you have quite the fleet taking you everywhere.” Everett laid into her.
“Like I said, a BIATCH!” Jordan said, which started a tongue-sticking out match between the kids.
“JORDAN! Let’s go, young man or I will spank you.” Katie told him.
“Aunt Katie, do you not ..”

After they left, Everett looked at his little girl. All he saw was the baby he used to hold, the funny, darling toddler everybody loved and the bright, kind-hearted child who wanted to save everybody.
“Did you really kiss a boy?” this was still the worst offense in Rett’s book, more than any mean or curse words. Yikes. Too soon for kisses. Boys. Argh. How did other dads deal?!
“Yeah. No worries, I won’t do it again. It was gross. I really do not see the point. Yuck.”
“That’s my girl.” Everett was relieved, doing cart wheels in his mind.
“Daddy, I am sorry. Jordan just made me so mad. Can you text mom and tell her to tell him I said sorry?” Evey looked just like herself again, sweet, innocent, caring.
“First of all, I am your dad, not your secretary. And secondly, you are well capable of texting yourself, I receive volumes of pages as our phone bill confirming that each month. Besides, do you not think it would be better to hear coming from you?”
Everleigh nodded and ran.

He followed her and saw her in the driveway, hugging it out with her cousin. OK that wasn’t so bad. He smirked at Katie, who just shrugged, also smiling.

When she and Evey, who had decided to tag along for the drop off, now besties again with her cousin, came back from dropping Jordan off, he pulled Katie aside in the kitchen.
“You know that was not even THAT bad. We can do that. Again. In a few years.”
“Oh my god, Rett, I really do not think we need another kid.”
“Especially not one conceived here in our kitchen where we make our food – umm gross! – and not one I have to babysit. Unless you pay well of course. In that case, let’s talk.” Everleigh was carrying dishes into the kitchen.
“Evesdrop much, kid?” Katie grinned at their daughter.
“No walls and doors much, parents? Bad design to have secret convos.” she replied gesturing around at the modern open design.
“Oh, architectural criticism from my expert pre-teen daughter?” Everett chuckled.
“So are you having another kid?”
“No.” Katie said.
“Maybe.” Rett answered at the same time.
“Uh oh. I’ll be in my room while it is still all mine … and before you go into production down here. Juuuuuuust in case.” she playfully frowned.
“Drama queen, and we have an extra room.” Rett told her, grinning.
“Which we will not need. For anything new.” Katie smirked at her husband.
“Ok, I’ll be in my room picking out names then …” Evey high-fived her dad, as Katie shook her head.
“Wait. So, in case your mother and I were to decide..”
“…which we will not.” Katie added quickly.
“…would you have a problem with a little sister or brother?” Everett continued.
“Nope. The world could always use more of such delightful humans as my wonderful parents are. Just remember these exact words when you see my birthday wishlist. NOW may I go to my room?”
“Sure, you smart Alec. Keep this up and you will be lucky to get a birthday card.”
“Pah! Grandma and grandpa will hook me up. THEY enjoy spoiling their lovely, awesome granddaughter….” she winked at her parents and ran up the stairs when Katie threatened her with a dish cloth.

Everett victoriously grinned at Katie, who rolled her eyes, smiling, shaking her head.
“Just to make this absolutely clear, Rett. NO MORE BABIES.”
“Whatever you say, baby…” this was when the dishcloth hit him in the head.

Not even a month later they knew they were expecting another child …

It would be a boy they named Joshua, Josh for short.



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