4-06) The Price of Friendship

Slowly waking from slumber Evey smiled when she felt his hand on her back, carefully petting her ever so slightly. Amazing that such a tall and strong young man with a well known explosive temper could be so gentle with her. KC had never once been rough with her.

Drowsily moaning she rolled onto her stomach, and turned her head to face him,  blinking a little to adjust to the dark room, his hand still caressing her back.

Suddenly her smile faded. This was her bedding, in her room, at her parents’ home, not KC’s room or hers at her grandparents’ place and this was NOT KC’s tan face and baby blue eyes.

She shot up, her eyes wide when she exclaimed
“Hello Little Leigh, I did not mean to wake you. Or startle you.” he said smiling gently.
“Wake me!? What the fuck are you doing in my room?!”
“I have been in your room before …” he seemed genuinely confused.
“Yes, after I invited you in! How did you even get in the house?!”
“I told you to be careful about offering entry to a vampire. I assumed you knew what that meant …”
She had jumped out of bed, he had gotten up as well, walking around the foot of the bed. Now he had reached her, and pulled her down on the bed next to him, she sat, discombobulated, before continuing to lay into him.

“I did not know that inviting you ONCE meant that you would practically move in!”

“You are upset.”
“Are you NEW? Heath you must know that this is not okay!”
“For starters, I have a boyfriend! If KC knew about this, he would turn you into confetti! And be super-pissed at me, even though I didn’t do anything, but sure looks shady AF when I am lounging in bed with another man who is petting my back!”
“Evey I have touched you many times …”
“OMG – seriously Heath I have no idea how to explain ‘life’ to you right now!”

“Lower your voice or you will wake your parents.”
“They sleep like dead people.”
“Amusing .. all things considered.”
“Heath, quit the creepy shit, okay?”

Heath lowered his gaze, looking like a child that had been punished for something he did not know was wrong.
“Look Heath, sorry for yelling at you, but you cannot just come to my room like that. I could have been naked … wait .. you have not hung out when I showered before, right?”
“No. What do you take me for?”
“Right now, I am not sure I would put it past you.”
She jumped up and paced, when she turned around to look at him she saw him sitting there, he looked hurt and it pulled on Everleigh’s heartstrings.

“Oh for heaven’s sake!”
She walked over to him, pulled him up and hugged him, he was now clinging on to her like a drowning person to a lifesaver. She relaxed and spoke softly and urgently to him.

“Do you remembered that one time you lost your mind when we were alone in a room? I thought you swore to never be alone in a bedroom with me ever again?”
“You have come to my room at your grandparents’ home plenty times since then … ”
“You don’t have a bed. Just a coffin. That’s different.”
“You only do those things in beds then?”
“Ummm … yikes, awkward.”
“I can control it now.”
“What? Your lame sense of humor?”
“My … urges.”
Without warning, he pulled her into an embrace and kissed her.

Evey was too surprised to react at all and still only manage to stare when he released her, while he looked at her, trying to read her expression.
“What the … Heath, why did you do that?”
“Why does any man kiss a woman?”
“No. No, no no no no. Heath. You KNOW I am with KC. You KNOW KC. I …don’t even know what to say…” Evey was truly horrified.
“KC can find another woman … I cannot … I love you. Always have. And I sense you feel the same way … you care so very deeply about me. You have risked so much for me. You never gave up on me. Everleigh Rose, we are destined to be. I can control myself now, you see. I can be normal … almost. For you. With you.” while speaking he had pushed her against the wall, his arms blocking her from leaving.

“Heath, stop! I really do not know how to properly handle this or what to say that does not cause my entire life to tumble like a house of cards, so I am just going to leave this room. THIS right here, whatever the heck it even is, cannot happen. Not now, and not ever. Heath, we have tried this before and it failed miserably. I am with KC now, I love him, he loves me. I will be your friend and I do love you … as a friend … but this …. no Heath….” she pushed him away from her, he did not resist, then she hurried to the door, now opened it, shut it and ran out onto the upstairs balcony.

Standing in the cool night trying to calm herself down waiting for her entire body to stop shaking, she sensed him behind her.

“I came to tell you goodbye. Even though you may be upset, it seemed rude to just go.”
“Heath … you KNOW what I said is right, don’t you?”
“I will respect your wishes. What I know is that there will never be another for me, Little Leigh. So I will wait for you. A lifetime if I must. Fear not, I will not visit you unsolicited again in your room.”
“Heath, you know I do not mean to hurt you, don’t you?”
“I know you are the only one who has the power to hurt me.”
“Please stop. Can we not just be like before?”
“We have not changed. I have merely been honest with you, like you always told me you wanted me to be.”
“You got me there.”
“I must leave. Your mother is awake. Good night, Little Leigh.”
He smiled, turned and suddenly was gone.
Everleigh rolled her eyes, shook her head, then went inside, arriving at the bathroom door right as her mother came out of it.

She looked surprised.
“Evey, honey, what are you doing up?”
“Needed air. Had a weird dream.”
“Try to go back to sleep now, baby.” Katie kissed her daughter.
Why was her life not normal and boring?


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  1. Oh wow…… so Heath. I knew she was really his soulmate. Even though he didn’t use those words. If he really is ‘different’ he may well have a soulmate. So sad. I still don’t know who I want her to be with! Ouch.

    Liked by 1 person

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