4-09) The Crescendo

Slowly she came to. Her mind still cloudy from slumber, it took only moments to realize that something was not right.
The smell. Different.
It was cool. Almost chilly.
Hard. The bed used to feel softer.

Her eyed fluttered open and were only met by more darkness, just lightly interrupted by a faint warm orange sheen in the distance.

She tried to move, it worked but she realized quickly that she was not in a bed. She was on the ground.

In an instant she shot up to a seated position, and from there to standing. Her back pressed against a wall, rough and unstable … dirt! A cave. She was in a cave. How did she get here?

“Hello?” her voice sounded raspy, her mouth felt dry and her words echoed eerily before being absorbed into the muffled walls.

“KC? Where are you?”

She stumbled forward, feeling for obstacles, trying to use the wall of the cave to guide her.

“KC? Can you hear me? Are you here?”

She walked a little further.

“KC? HELLO!? Can ANYBODY hear me?”

Fear enveloped her now along with the cold. Tears of frustration began to fall.


My phone! she thought, feeling for it. Thank goodness it was there, she pulled it from her pocket and tried to get a signal.

“It won’t work down here.” a soft, masculine voice now said from somewhere in the dark.

“Hello? Can you help me?”
“Of course I can, and will, Little Leigh.”
“Heath, oh thank goodness!” she stumbled towards him, now in view as he had lit more of the torches giving off the warm orange glow.
He caught her and held her tight, as she cried against his shoulder while he lifted her up into his arms. Safety! Thank god!

“Where the hell are we and how did we get here?”

“I brought you here.”
“What?!” she stiffened.
“You are safe here, Everleigh.”
“Safe from what? Did something happen?”
“From him. From those unrealistic rules. I will take care of you now. You will see, I told you only truth. I am better now, I can control myself. I can love you. You won’t have to worry anymore…”
“What are you talking about? Where are we?”

“My home.”
“Oh no. Not that again. Heath no! I need to go back home.”
She struggled away from him and he sat her down, she stepped away from him.
“I am afraid that won’t be possible.”

“Have you lost your mind? Take me back home. Right now!”
“No. Are you hungry? I have food.”
“What? No, I want to go. Take me home.”
“I will fetch you food and drink.”
“Heath!” she held on to his arm.
“I am sorry Evey. I have tried to give you freedom and set you free. I cannot bear it. You belong with me. You will see, this is not so bad at all. I thought I could wait for you, but I cannot. Seeing you with him … I … just can’t. You will see, this is not bad. You will like it.”

“Have you gone mad?!”
“No. I can see why you would think that, this must seem harsh to you, but I am clear as day. I have always told you, you are the one for me. KC can find another, I cannot. Please Little Leigh, try to understand. I had no choice. I am awfully sorry, truly, but there is no other way.”

“There is another way. Take me back. I won’t be mad at you if you do. We’ll forget all about this. Just please, please take me back.”
“I am very sorry, my beautiful angel, but that I cannot do.”
“Cannot or will not?!”
“Both. I will get your food now.”
“Screw the food, Heath I won’t be able to down a single bite now. My best friend has abducted me. That does not trigger my appetite.”
“Very well. Then I will just visit with you.”

“Why are you doing this to me? I have been nothing but nice to you and you go and do this? What about KC? You did not hurt him, did you?”
“No. He is alive and well. I am no monster. Even though you may disagree now.”
“So what do you even want with me? If you tell me stories about producing heirs and such BS you may well kill me now. That won’t happen.”
“I would never treat you like that. I told you I loved you. I truly wished there was another way for us to be together, but as you pointed out, there isn’t. If I let you free, and we are a pair, I would be putting you into harm’s way. The only way I can guarantee your safety, protect you properly, and be with you is like this. One day you will understand. I am certain of it. You care about me. Maybe you even still love me. Maybe you will love me again. All I need is a fair chance, Evey. I have no other way, no other option. Please, please try to understand me, I beg of you. I will treat you like a queen, my queen, but I cannot let you go. It breaks my heart, but I cannot bear it. Very sorry.”
“This is insane. You know what? Fine, you can play caveman all you like. I am LEAVING. With or without your help.”

Everleigh grabbed one of the torches and began to make her way Heath let her go a ways, when suddenly he was before her.
“You won’t find the way out unless I allow it. It’s a vampire lair. Sorry Little Leigh. Please try to understand me.”
“Get out of my way or I will singe your ass for all this!”
“I do not believe you would.”
Their eyes met, until she looked down.

“Fine, you got me there. I would NEVER hurt someone I care about like this. Unlike others present…”
“You are upset. Please calm down. Please.”
“Heath, you are treating me like a toy. A doll. You saw it, you liked it, so you take it with you. I am a human being. You do not do that to a person. That should be clear even to a vampire.”
“Of course it is. I tried to explain to you, there was no other way.”
“Bye Heath.”
“Why are you not listening to me. You will not get out on your own.”
“Then I’ll die trying. And that will be on YOUR conscience. Now out of my way or I will fry that behind of yours after all!”
With an almost unnoticeable movement he took the torch from her and placed it back into its holder on the wall.
He looked gently at her, an apology in his eyes.

No, he was telling the truth. He had not lost his mind, just run out of patience. He was doing all this in clear conscience. Everybody had been so right to tell her not to engage with a vampire. They are unlike humans, her grandfather had told her many times. While living at their house, her grandpa had been able to keep a close eye on Heath and reel him back in if he got carried away. Not anymore.

And the most annoying thing to Evey was that she still cared about that goddang Heath. She was very angry with him and felt desperate, but realized that to him, the vampire, this made perfect sense and was a logic action to a perceived problem. She knew he would never purposely harm her and she knew he really did care about her.
What a mess!
Her family was probably worried out of their minds by now. As was KC.


“Officer, for the hundredth time I do not know where she could be. Last I saw of her was in that very bed over there after we got busy and she fell asleep in my arms, smiling contently.” KC gestured desperatly at the detective who did not seem convinced.
“Could it be that maybe you misunderstood Miss Cameron’s willingness to engage in such an activity with you? A pretty young woman can make a man forget himself sometimes….” the detective poked with a calm voice, his eyes measuring KC up.
“Seriously?! I am her boyfriend for crying out loud! I did not misunderstand a thing, she was very happy to engage in that activity with me. Multiple times!”
“I could not help but notice that you seem to have a bit of a temper, Mr. McCoy. I have also found that you had several brushes with the law since you were old enough to be held accountable …”

– Editorial Note: this is where I will leave you guessing. This story will be continued in about 3 weeks after I return from a longer trip. Stay tuned. – 

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