4-20) The Big Day – Everleigh & KC’s Wedding

Everleigh stood nervously in the bridal suite at “The White Room”, the wedding locale she and her mother and grandmother had chosen, while her mom was applying some finishing touches.

Having her mom there both calmed Everleigh and at the same time made her even more nervous.

At the same time in the groom’s chamber, KC was counting down the minutes till the anticipation would end and it would all finally begin.

He was nervous, uncomfortable and just wanted to see Evey.

And to get this over with. As much as he had been looking forward to the wedding, now he was just uber-nervous.
Evey’s mother had just left, when there was a knock on the door of the bridal suite.

He came to tell her that Samantha had gotten really sick with the flu last minute and that everybody was already working on changing the setup accordingly. Hugging and smiling he told her not to worry.
It calmed her, even though she regretted not being able to share her big day with him now.
He asked if it was still okay to have Abigail be the ring bearer, which Evey of course agreed to.
The friends hugged.
Longer than usual.

Evey wasn’t sure if it were just her nerves playing tricks on her perception or did Heath cling on to her like a drowning man to a lifesaver?

Once he finally did let go again, Evey realized that Heath looked dashing in his suit and when he smiled at her, told her she was beautiful and wished her good luck and perpetual happiness and that he’d insist on at least one dance with her it just melted her worry away.

“You got it, handsome! Sorry this isn’t working out the way it should, Heath ..”
“Shhhh, none of that tonight, Little Leigh. Only happiness. I better leave you to it now. See you in a little while.”

One more smile and he left.
What Evey did not see was that as soon as the door shut behind him, his smile faded to an expression of deep sorrow he was barely able to hide.
Just for tonight he had to pull himself together. For Little Leigh.
Nobody would know the truth.
Not tonight.

Everleigh started to worry about Heath, wished she had not given her mother her cell phone to hold on to until after the ceremony, so she could send Sam a get well text. Poor Sam, she had to be devastated! Which bride would want to miss her own wedding because of the flu?
Poor Heath too. He had seemed to very happy and excited to get married. Oh well. He didn’t like big events and crowds so now they got to plan their own wedding the way they really wanted it to be. And she’d help, if they wanted her too. After all, she had seen almost every single wedding location near or far.

A knock on the door.


“Hey baby, it’s me.” she heard KC’s voice.

“Don’t come in! That’s bad luck!” she called back, but was happy to know he was there.
“Relax, I am not gonna. Just had to hear your voice. I missed you last night. More than 24 hours without you. The house felt REALLY empty. Just wanted to tell you that I love you and that I cannot wait till you are my Mrs. McCoy.”

Leaning against the door from her side Evey’s heart jumped when she heard his voice and words.
“I love and missed you too, KC. Only another hour …”
“More like 30 mins.”
“Oh shit, really!”
“I better go. See you on the flipside, Barbie!” he chuckled.
“Bye KC.” Evey said smiling.

This little exchange had reaffirmed what Everleigh had known for a long time now. She loved KC more than anything. All the anxiety, the worry, the nervousness was gone, wiped out by a big smile.

Then it was time.
Her father, Everett, came to tell her it was time, they went to the assigned spot together, she felt his arm around her waist.

As the music began to play, they started down the aisle, on her beloved daddy’s arm as Everleigh nervously walked past all the familiar faces, looking at her in awe. She could not believe how beautiful and surreal it all was.

Everything aglow in the dark, sea of flowers and lanterns everywhere and at the very end of the red carpet stood KC, more handsome than ever, all alone as they had decided against bridesmaids and groomsmen, since most of the ones she would have wanted to be there were currently pregnant anyway.

He looked up at her, their eyes met, and she could see him mouth “WOW!” as Everett kissed her cheek and handed her over to KC, patting his shoulder, then sat next to Katie and Josh.

KC leaned forward, for a second Evey thought he was going to kiss her, but instead he whispered
“Bridal Barbie, Special Edition.”

Everleigh giggled, then looked up and her eyes met Heath’s, she swore he looked sad, but smiled big at her now. Imagination? Probably.

The ceremony began.

When it came to a certain point Heath got up and helped Abigail down the aisle with the rings. Awws and ooooohs sounded and camera flashes sparked for a brief moment.

Rings were exchanged. Then the kiss.

“Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you: Mr. and Mrs. McCoy!”

Next was the cake cutting.

Then the dinner. Everleigh felt relieved, excited, elated.

Then everybody got up to dance, even her great-grandfather, who hated weddings passionately, had stayed the entire time like a trooper and came to ask for his dance.

She danced with her daddy, her grandpa, Heath and of course KC.

When she apologized to him for having so many dance partners, he melted her heart when he said
“I don’t mind, I have our entire lives to dance with you whenever the hell we want.”

Heath came to tell her goodbye, it was well past Abby’s bedtime now. Still she could not help but feeling like something was off with him. Maybe he was just tired too. Or maybe he was about to get sick as well? Did vampires catch the flu?

No time to think about it much, as she was whisked away for the big speeches and toasts.

A lot of the guests had already left by now.

And then it was over. The limousine showed up and whisked the newlyweds away to the honeymoon suite where they would spent the night until their early morning flight to carry them off into their honeymoon.



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  1. Beautiful wedding! ❤️❤️❤️ I just hope when she finds out what is really wrong with Heath and tries to,help, it doesn’t cause problems between her and KC. Poor Heath though. 😢😢😢

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