4-21) The Honeymooners

The flight was EARLY.

The airport was nearly abandoned, unlike normally, where you felt like sardines in a can half the time, especially when going through security and even the gate was sparsly populated.

Watching the sunrise from the gate, barely able to stifle their yawns after a night of little – if any – sleep.
It had been their wedding night after all, it would have been wasteful not to celebrate in style, officially as a married couple now.

Once on board, the excitement set in.

It was a smaller sized plane and most of the other passengers were equally as tired. KC tried to keep himself entertained with one of the free newspapers.

Evey had a better idea.

Much better.

They were awoken just 15 minutes before landing.
After checking in at the hotel they didn’t waste much time and headed to the beach.
This was where they spent most of their days for the coming week.
Time was spent playing…
…resting …
…more playing…
…and more resting…
… playing again…
…resting again …
…more resting …
…back to playing…
..well, you get the picture.
Some days and especially evenings were spend exploring…

…taking selfies…

tasting the local cuisine.

…and sometimes more familiar foods … yes, that is a donut. But a tropical one. At least that will be the official story.

Neither of them had a single worry in the world for this week.

But even good things come to an end. The last day came, and before they knew it, it was time to go to the airport again.


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