4-24) The Vacation

It was still dark out when the alarm started buzzing, still way too early for the couple, now moaning unwillingly.
“Hey baby, we need to get up …”
“Five … more … minutes …”
“Fine, I’ll fly to Europe alone then. Guess I’ll have to find me a new girlfriend in each country to pass the …. whoa!”

A bit of a play fight ensued, both giggling now, he planted a big kiss on her full lips then jumped up. She followed, then stopped at the window, where he joined her.
“Now that you are up, you can make us some coffee. Gives me some more time in the shower.” KC smirked, purposely teasing Evey, but his words completely pearled off of her, while she stared out the window at a torrential downpour hammering against the large windows.

“Yikes! Have you seen the weather, KC?”
“Who cares about the rain? It will be sunny and warm where we are going!”

KC worked hard on keeping Evey’s mood up, joking and forcing himself to be extra upbeat. Nope, the weather god’s bad mood would NOT ruin this day, nor the rest of the vacation. Just no.

She called the airport to make sure they were still leaving as scheduled. After the confirmation, her mood lifted significantly.

Eventually they decided to get ready and just hope for the best.


Arriving at the airport was tense, most other travelers were less than thrilled by the downpour, there had already been a few delays furthering the bad mood of some, traffic was an ungodly mess.

Unruly children, grumpy fellow travelers, displeased airport ground personnel, …

What was intended to be a relaxing trip was not off to a good start.

KC tried hard to keep upbeat enough for the both of them.

The rain was relentless and only ever got worse, to the point that all aircraft ended up grounded for hours.

Severely discouraged Evey and KC had little choice but to sit tight. Eventually and mercifully the rain lightened and flights began to resume as scheduled.

Both said a prayer when finally seated and the aircraft shut the doors and pushed back to finally carry them away into their adventure.


First stop: France

The Eiffel Tower was as interesting as standing in line in vain could be. Their very first stop at the very first attraction tanked badly and became a big disappointment.

After taking all the due pictures and Selfies, they learned after standing in line for hours that no more people would be let up for the rest of the day due to some issue.

Disgruntled both stomped off, ended up eating a lovely meal at a lovely place, then got lost and ended up at the Louvre, which strangely, was not overrun with people. They paid, toured and stood in awe of the architecture. Especially Everleigh, given that architecture was her bread and butter.

It was getting dark and the fountains were now colorfully illuminated, making the young couple giddy and silly, forgetting the upset from earlier.

Second stop: The Netherlands

A small country with rolling hillsides they enjoyed touring the “Grachten”, the Dutch canals, viewing old architecture yet again and fun, friendly new people as they decided to go walking.

Third stop: Scandinavia

Beautiful scenery in the Nordic countries, summer had fully arrived here, no sign of grey skies or rain, but fields of flowers.
They walked, a lot, before finally resting up on a small bench by a small village.

“Reminds me of home, Brindleton Bay, I mean, where I was born. Small, scenic and by the water. I miss the Bay …”
“Hey baby?”
KC gestured her to come closer, she brought her ear to his lips where he whispered ‘Vacation!”

She giggled.
“Sorry! How about a Selfie?”

Once rested up enough, they began hiking back to the small Bed & Breakfast, where Evey disappeared starry eyed in some field of wildflowers.

KC shook his head, mumbled to himself
“Well, her middle name is ‘Rose’ …” before taking pictures of his flower child wife.

Forth stop: Germany

For the most part, the cities looked like home, until they reached a castle. Both felt transported into a time long past and amazed by the pomp and glamour, the sheer size and attention to detail.

“Oooh maybe a beautiful prince will come by and whisk me up onto his white stallion to rush me off into a sunset.” Everleigh swooned, teasing KC.

“He better put that lame old nag of his into overdrive, so he can catch you when I throw you off this bridge, you ungrateful wife, you!” he threw her over his shoulder twirling with her.

Fifth Stop: Scotland

They skipped the hustle and bustle of the big cities and decided to go straight for more castles. Both chose Scotland since both had Scottish heritage, albeit not recent and very diluted in their gene pool, but still in name.

The day at a castle by the coast was wonderful, again, much like the last castle they visited.

They stayed an extra day to explore, their trip was not strictly planned to allow lots of time if they liked one spot better than another.  They found a picturesque old chapel.

It was awe-inspiring.

While wondering where to go to next, walking through some park, they ran into two men in kilts.
“OH MY GOD! YES, please!! KC, you NEED one of those!”

“Not into dudes…”
“Not the men! The kilt!”
“I am NOT wearing a skirt!!! Not that closely in touch with my feminine side, thanks.” KC was not amused in the slightest.

“It’s a kilt. Those are for men! REAL men! And soooo sexy!” Evey swooned, eyes glazed over, aggravating KC.
“If you are Scottish, bred and raised, maybe. If not, all you are is a dude in a skirt. So NO!”
“We both ARE Scottish … kinda. I was born a Cameron and you are a McCoy! Doesn’t get more Scottish! We should go talk to them.”

“We do not know them. They look .. busy. And talk about what?”
“About where to get you one of those sexy kilts!”
“Fine, you chicken. If you won’t, I will!”

Everleigh started strutting towards the men, and before KC could keep her from doing anything, she cleared her throat and loudly said

“Howdy fellers!”
“Good lord, kill me now!” KC said to himself. She had been in some Southern drawl phase, donning a fashion cowboy hat and boots, probably to honor his Southern heritage. It was pitiful at best.

“Hello young lass? ‘nything we can help ye with?” one of the men said in a Scottish accent.
“As a matter of fact, yes!” Everleigh’s eyes lit up.
“My wife and I were wondering how to get back into town.” KC quickly interrupted.
“No, actually, I was wondering where to …” Evey started, but was cut off again by KC.
“… EAT something good around here!” KC interrupted.

“Listen, you look like a fine young lad. If you want to stay married, which I ken ye do, might want to let yer wifey finish her sentences.” the other man said before both chuckled.
“Oh my god, you sound sooooooooo cool!” Everleigh fangirled.
“Thank ye, pretty lass. You two are Yanks?” the first one addressed Evey.
“Evey, we need to get back, NOW!”
He grabbed Evey’s hand and pulled her along.
“Did you hear him? He called me ‘pretty’!” Everleigh was still on cloud nine about her encounter while stumbling after KC.
“I call you pretty and beautiful all the time. Guess my accent is not good enough.” he grumbled.
She put on the brakes, smiled at him, melting his jealousy, then kissed him.

Immediately all was forgiven and forgotten, especially after he heard what she whispered into his ear. They made it back to their room at the small Bed & Breakfast in record time.

Sixth Stop: Italy

It was warm, it was sunny, it was VENICE!

KC and Everleigh were over the moon. The sights, the sounds, the food.

They walked, took Selfies, all the touristy stuff.

Still, Everleigh always found time to admire the architectural details for times long gone.
“Look at the Rialto bridge, how amazing it is build!”
“I rather look at my wife, how amazingly she is build!”

They only stayed two days, then on to Sicily.

They walked up to an impressive theater building.
“Almost as wow as this…”

“Shall we go in?” Everleigh beamed.

They toured the place, holding hands.

Seventh Stop: Leaving Europe for Egypt

“OMG – it is sooooooooooo hot!”

“Let’s get into the pyramids. Should be much cooler in there!”

It was significantly cooler inside the large, impressive, ancient buildings.

The inside had partially been turned into a small exhibition of the arts and artifacts discovered when the pyramids were found.

Last stop: Spain

The large town with the international airport had old buildings from the time of the invasion of the Moors. The palace KC and Everleigh visited was stunning.

“… thinking the next home I design will be like this one …”
KC chuckled.
“Better start sweet-talking the old Auditore into a remodel. He is the only one I can think of with THAT much cash laying around.”


“… still cannot believe it’s over and we are already back here.” Everleigh finished her waterfall of words, attempting to paint a proper picture of the exciting trip for Heath, who had stopped by with Abby the evening after the day they returned.
“I am just glad I made it back without her dressing me up in skirts and frilly dresses.” KC said.

Chuckling Heath said
“Now that sounds like a story I definitely want to hear!”
“No story! KC is just being a big baby. We were in Scotland and I wanted to get him a kilt.”
Heath burst into laughter, when he noticed Evey did not even break a smile, he stopped.
“Yeah, you are lucky that I got her to bring you back a small Eiffel tower as a gift and not a petticoat, dude! You are WELCOME!”
“KC, Heath is not Scottish. WE are!”
“Barbie, we are about as genuinely Scottish as buttered grits!”
“Actually, grits are not too far off from porridge, which originated … never mind.” Heath started, but stopped talking when he saw KC’s face.
“Oh my, look at the time! I better get myself and that baby home!” Heath said.
“Already? Fine, let me at least say bye to my sweet angel … better get all my practice in, since KC and I have been talking about EVENTUALLY having a baby too …”

“You two are DEFINITELY in for the ride of your lifetimes…” Heath said smiling.




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