5-9) Coming of Age

NSFW Warning – right at the beginning. All implied, but still, use caution

Months passed with Forrest and Esmée successfully hiding their relationship.

One afternoon Ezzy was over at his place, in his room, when things got romantic again.

Forrest was very serious about their relationship and while it was hard, especially for a boy like him, he never even brought up sex with her. Just like with the kiss, he wanted her to be ready for it and knowing her, whenever that was, she would let him know.
He adored her spirited ways, feisty, brave. While he used to have nothing but laughs and pity for people who supposedly met in high school and then stayed together for life, now he could understand how that could happen.
He would never say it out loud, but he just knew this girl was the one he wanted. The ONLY one he wanted.
All other girls just paled in comparison to her fierceness. None had managed to ever capture his interest like Esmée had.
There was no other like her for him.

They began kissing, making out, touching like they had many times, but this time she seemed hell-bound to get him all hot and bothered.

It was starting to become uncomfortable.
“Ez, hey, we need to slow it down … ”
“Why?” when she halted and looked at him with those bright green eyes he regretted every word.
“My pants are getting too tight…” he said, hoping she’d get the hint.
“Take them off!” she shrugged.
“What?” he asked as he watched her pull her shirt over her head, which was her answer.
So there it was!
This was her way of telling him she was ready.
He had never taken off his clothes faster and when he looked up, there she stood, naked, the sunlight falling in through his window painting patterns on her skin.
It was just about too much for him.

He beckoned her over to him, nervous like never before, pulled her close and they kissed, a new sensation of their bare bodies touching nearly sent him over the edge.

He swallowed the question of whether she was sure she was ready for this.
This girl was sure or this wouldn’t be happening, THAT fact she had proven that many times.

With shaky hands he pulled a condom from his drawer, while this wasn’t the first time for him he was so nervous putting it on, dropping it twice, when they finally were ready to continue he carefully began to move atop her.

Watching her facial expressions he knew there was no uncertainty. When she opened her eyes and smiled up at him he felt something he had never felt before. A sense of complete belonging.
She moaned, quietly, then louder, their movements became more hectic and then …

… the door opened!

“Forrest Nicholas Gray! What in God’s name! Get off that promiscuous Lolita this instant!” his mother shouted into his room.

She yelled the words in horror, Esmée had scrambled aside covering up with the blanket, while Mrs. Gray dragged her shocked and surprised son up off the floor where he had cowered trying to hide his nakedness from his mother and then out of his room with her.
What followed was a worse than humiliating family meeting between the Grays and the Camerons, as they were called to pick up their ‘promiscuous’ daughter, according to Mrs. Gray. The parents had words with each other, the kids had words with the adults and at the end of it all – despite begging and pleading – Forrest was shipped off to a military school, after his father, who was in the military, mobilized some connections.


Two years later
Esmée, Ethan, Cole and Benny 18
Forrest, 19
Everleigh, 42 & KC, 45

Scene: An apartment building downtown San Myshuno near the arts and university district

The knocking on the door was relentless.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am comin’, keep your panties on!”
He had scrambled out of bed, and waddled half-awake to unlock the door.

“Oh hey Ez … you’re up early, baby….” he said drowsily, yawning and rubbing his eyes while she entered.

“Hey, brought coff… OMG – BWAHAHAHAH!” she quickly sat down the coffee tray before laughing hard.

“You look amazing.” she told him trying to not laugh as she carefully kissed him.

“Huh?” he was still not fully present in the moment.

“Mirror.” she told him still laughing.

He went over and his eyes grew wide.

“What the … ?!”

“Guess we know who passed out first last night.” Ezzy giggled.

“This is not coming off!” he moaned after rubbing on it harshly.

“I have nail polish remover in my stash in your room. Let me try. But first, say cheese!”

She snapped a picture with her cell, then looked through a bag in his room, where she kept some essentials of hers for when she stayed over.

Once he was cleaned up he sat down with coffee, Ezzy made breakfast, while the other two boys joined, looking just as worse for the wear as Forrest, but excited to find coffee and breakfast waiting.

“Ez, you are the bestest sister ever. I love you! Right now more than ever!”
“Bestest cousin for sure.” Cole added.
“I know…” she smiled.
“That dudes-only party last night was crazy.” Cole said in between sips

“Yeah, I could tell. This place is more of a mess than usual, and so are you guys.” she giggled, with a side-glance at Forrest.

They all went to San Myshuno University, Forrest, Cole and Ethan shared an off-campus apartment, Esmée, Amy and Cole’s girlfriend Lucy another in the same building. That way the parents all were appeased and the kids could stick together.
The six of them – while friendly with many other students – were a tight knit group.
“Where are the other girls?” Cole asked.

“Shopping and getting their nails done. I wanted to come take care of my boys .. and maybe get me a little sugar too.” she smiled at Forrest, who grinned back.
“You can have all you want from me, especially after getting that inspirational quote off my face. Which one of you ballsacks was that anyway?!”
“Not us, bro. Must have been one of the other guys. We were all a bit hammered.” Ethan mumbled in between bites.
“I could tell, my face wasn’t going to make it into any Gallery anytime soon. If you excuse me now, I have some very urgent private business with this beautiful creature over there.” Forrest went over and kissed Ezzy’s fingertips, smiling at her.

“You sure you are up for this after your rough night?” Ezzy winked at him.
“Oh, I am up all right!”
“Duuuuuuuuuude! That’s my sister, man!” Ethan groaned.
“Well, I am going to bang your sister now, at least once, so if you excuse us.”
“Seriously man!? Shut the eff up!? I don’t need to hear that!! Nobody does! Bad enough that it is happening at all. Urgh! Just nasty – the thought!” Ethan grumbled.

“Jeeze, Forrest! Do you have to rub his face in it all the time?” Ezzy nudged him.
“What?! I am sure he figured out we are well beyond holding hands! If not, SURPRISE, muddafucka!!”
The door slammed shut.
“I am going to kill him one day. Either that or just rip his tool off. Blech.” said Ethan.
“Ah – let them. He’s your best friend, who could be better to date your sister? And they are happy. I am sure you and Amy can relate to wanting to make that physical … I know Lucy and I can.” Cole told him shrugging.


After almost one and a half years of separation, after his parents had sent him off to military school for the rest of his high school time, Forrest had shown up at Ezzy’s senior prom, she had gone to it with Benny as her ‘date’, after her mom’s urging to not miss senior prom or she’d regret it all her life.

Months before prom Benny and she had put aside their differences and she first forgave him, and by now they had become friends.
Prom had been boring for Ezzy initially, until Forrest showed up out of nowhere. Benny had seen him while he went to get some air and had given him his ticket so he could find Ezzy. Forrest did and the rest of prom was magical for her.

Graduation and the twins’ birthdays followed and were one big celebration after another since the dates were so close, along with Cole’s birthday only two months later. Forrest was there for all of that too.

Graduation Day at school.

KC was emotional and proud. His two children did not continue the McCoy curse of achieving absolutely nothing. Both children graduated with honors and had been accepted to San Myshuno University.

Yes, Forrest was there again, even though he had graduated months ago from military school.

And Amy, who graduated as well.

There was a family dinner celebrating graduation and the birthdays at the twins’ home with all family and friends. And Forrest plus his parents.

And another, a joint celebration put on by all the young people from school, part post graduation bash, part beginning of a new era.
That one took place at Everett Heights.

That was the day Forrest and Esmée had their first time together. Esmée didn’t even bother with much of the party, she wanted him and she wanted him now. They had waited long enough in her book.
This time nobody tried to interfere or tear them apart.

Esmée hadn’t even bothered bringing her own tent.
They were together and she was flaunting it.
This time they were one of the couples making out publicly and were not ashamed of being unable to keep their hands off one another.


By August, all of them had gone off to San Myshuno University.

While San Myshuno technically was in driving distance to the Bay, it was a long trip and the university campus was well on the other side of the huge city, so it was about 4 hours one way with light traffic, but traffic rarely was light.
So they shared affordable off-campus student apartments near campus.

Ethan, Forrest and Cole lived in Number 3.

Esmée, Amy and Lucy just a few floors up in number 9.

That way they were close to each other but not too close to make the parents uncomfortable.
Ethan continued the family legacy and studied Architecture and would one day work at EC Architects with his uncle Josh, which appeased Cole’s father and the rest of the Camerons as much to Josh’s dismay, Cole had zero interest in Architecture and wanted to study medicine, his girlfriend Lucy wanted to be a school teacher, while Esmée went with Business.
Forrest studied Law. Amy studied engineering.

Benny attended San Myshuno as well, but had a private dorm room. One of Ezzy’s classmates was from the wealthy and esteemed Bjergsen family and also a bit on the odd side, she introduced them and it clicked. Neither would have to worry that the other was only after money. And they had a lot of weird interests in common. So Benny had a girlfriend, too. Sometimes they would join the group.

Forrest and Esmée

Ethan and Amy

Cole and Lucy




Thank you  to Melissa for making Cole’s beautiful half-Japanese girlfriend Lucy Takao.

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  1. Awwww….that was hysterical. And that face was great! It took me only a minute to realize that Ezzy wasn’t surprising Forrest! That they were together after Forrest getting shipped off. Graduation from college will be soonish I guess. Ethan….he went from straight arrow to rebellious college dude. Looks good on him, but unexpected!

    And they are a big time couple now! ❤️❤️❤️ Even rubbing it in Ethan’s face. Of course you know a I love this!

    And your apartments are amazing! Great job and so fast!

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          1. Mrs. Gray has no idea Forrest dated all those girls before. He may not have been under the sheet with them all, but he is no innocent angel. Works for Ezzy now, temptation to cheat should be low … hahaha…
            We’ll see Mrs. Gray again soon.

            Liked by 1 person

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